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Wednesday 28 December 2011


now, You can send your Press sample To USA & Indonesia

Hi.. Let me Introduce my self. my name is Skolastika Catherine.Y
I am a founder of  Misskattie.com

I am a Beauty Blogger From Indonesia (Indonesian Beauty Blogger / you can call me lifestyle blogger), if you want send me press sample for review purpose and your location in USA, Good News! you can send your press sample to my brother (in USA), he can send it to me,so, you will save your company budget and sit down to read your product's review on my blog :)

 Actually, I'm not just reviewing about beauty alone, but I am very interested in female's thing. such as accessories, jewelry, bedding, recipes to Fashion. I am an independent Indonesian Blogger. Impartiality towards any brand (unless I become spokesperson for them) or collaborated / members of  any organization

You can chit chat with me via LINE : Misskattie

My stats' overview:(update on 2014)
I have +/- 350 - 700 pageviewer per day :)

Misskattie opens for any companies to put their advertisement in Misskattie.com based on campaign budget.

i am only accept any event at  Jakarta, Tanggerang & Bekasi, but I accept any sponsorship from other's country.
if your brand comes from USA, you can send your press sample to my brother in USA.
(he can send it for me ). 
  • If you are company / Individual store, who have products to review, Please contact me.                      
  • If you have a fabulous event, and you need covered by me. Send your invitation to me at catherine@misskattie.com
    [ free without charge for Jakarta- Tanggerang Location] 

Misskattie as Media can cover your event and products, Misskattie opens as a media partner. Just give me details of your inquiry by email catherine@misskattie.com 


Tempo.co 5/9/2013

interview with http://www.healthandbeautyinsider.co.uk
read more --> http://www.healthandbeautyinsider.co.uk/catherine-miss-kattie/

(All wordings on misskattie.com is mine, I never cooperate with any bloggers for wording of every single post / style I did, if you see and found, someone copycat my style. Just let me know.)

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