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Saturday 25 February 2012

How to clean your makeup brush with: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Saturday is a good day for me.
why?? because this is a holiday and i can do anything what i want.
i choose to clean all my makeup-kit ^^

maybe u already know how to clean your makeup brush, today will be gonna different ingredient for cleaning your makeup brush.
i am using EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL for cooking. LoL!
Really?? yeah!
Why?? because based on kattie's experiment that extra virgin olive oil has moisturizer can keep your brush moisture and soft (believe me) and this is recommended for your hair & body skin care.
How? let's begin

Extra virgin olive oil
baby shampoo
and sure THE BRUSH!

prepare your dirty makeup brush.
 and a bowl
 you can go to supermarket on your local city to choose any extra virgin olive oil.
i choose extra virgin olive oil From DOUGO, because this doesnt have smile or anything remain us with Food. the smile was plain. so i comfort to choose this brand.
and dont forget Baby shampoo:
 i choose cusson baby shapoo just because this  have a lower price than other =) . you always need this when u mixed with Extra virgin olive oil, because oil cannot be remove by water, and your brush cannot clean from oil. i suggest you to combine baby shampoo and extra virgin olive oil.
why baby shampoo? because the formula very gentle and light to use.

for the firstm put a couple cup of extra virgin olive oil into bowl.
and your baby shampoo
take your dirty brush and swap the brush into bowl contains baby shampoo & EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

see how the dirty of powder, foundation/brush lift on the brush. wth extra virgin olive oil. the dirty of makeup on the brush will be easy to take out than use baby shampoo only / makeup brushes cleanser.
dont forget to rinse with water. make sure no rest of oil left on brush.
to make sure your brush doesnt have rest of oil, you can squeeze the brush like this
after that rinse again with water,see how dirty will easy to take out from your brush.
after you clean all your brushes, you put all the brushes on clean towel, and make a couple buffer so the handle brush will on the top,to make a residual water and oil will flow down.

i recommended you to clean your brush once a week or anything you think they are dirty, because the healthy skin depend on your brush. if you are lazy to clean it all. all bacterial will nest on your makeup brush, this is a reason you got acne or maybe allergy.

you should've to clean your NEW BRUSH before you use, because we never know, the process of making your brush was hygiene or not.

i hope this tutorial will be helpful. Keep your brush always clean and you will happy to use it.



Ephong said...

aku pernah cuci brush pake evoo (+ johnson baby shampoo), dan cukup 1x itu aja, ga akan pernah ku ulang lagi.. Soalnya setelah dicuci dan kering, brushnya jadi licin dan berasa ada minyak yang nempel gitu say.. Sampe aku lap pake tissue n kain berkali2, aku cuci ulang, licinnya baru ilang setelah +/- 3x cuci.. huaaaa..

sejak saat itu ga mau lagi nyuci brush pake oil, mending baby shampoo n brush cleanser aja..

km ga ngalamin kaya gini kah?

Unknown said...

Pernah kok ngalamin gt,
Itu karena takaran oliv sama sampoo ga pas,
Aku coba sampoo banyak, oliv dikit,
Hulaa gampang kok dibersihin mana pengangkatan kotorannya lbh cpt drpd pakai shampoo saja loh
Boleh dibilang evoo ini deep cleansing buat brush,
Coba d takarannya 1:4 dimana banyakain di shampoo baby, mixing dl baru d pake buat nyuci brush

QIELA said...

it's a great tips, dear.. aku denger juga EVOO bisa menjaga kelembutan brush nya. jadi tetep terasa lembut dan ga gampang tercabut-cabut bulu brush nya.. :D

Unknown said...

Thanks QIela. iya EVOO membersihkan Brush makeup sangat cepat =) dan bkn brush still moist ^^

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