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Saturday 18 February 2012

How To Wash your organic silk sheets/Quilt cover?

Hi missreader ^^
Misskattie back! have u ever think how to wash /clean ur beautiful organic  silk sheets? laundry?ask your maid?
misskattie never want to suggest you for using laundry/dry clean (even many sheets' brand recommend it) why?
because misskattie has experience  used laundry. my silk organic sheets never clean, ( i have proof for it)
i do laundry from Indxxxlxxxy (which is the laundry on minimart) i was hope, i will take home my  clean organic silk sheets, after they process to clean my sheets around 5 days, i think the new sheets was clean.

But! i am a typical girl who never easy to believe. i try to clean by my self (after i laundry) GUESS!! what i got? SLOP!!!!!
i spend around Rp25,000 for dry clean at IndxxxLxxx .but they never clean my sheets, they only give perfume to deceive their customer,that seemed to have washed. (UPSET! :( )
and second reason i never want to laundry my sheets, i worry my beautiful sheets will lose during cleaning.

i think better wah by my self / ask the maid (sure, u should have training ur maid).

Misskattie quote : "You should have wash your new sheets, Quilt Cover/ Bedcover, etc after you buy from factory/ shop."

you never know how the worker made your sheets. whether the floor is clean or not? or many more reasons you shldve to wash.

this time, misskattie will give tutorial "how to wash your organic sheets/ quilt cover?
the firts time ,
  • Pail
  • Liquid gentle formula detergent
  • Softener
take a pail and combine the liquid detergent with the water around 2 cups.
i prefer use liquid detergent then powder detergent. because liquid detergent can be easy mix with water. 
sometimes powder detergent particle can't mix with water, so that's why i choose liquid detergent.
don't drop the detergent onto ur sheets directly, because the formula of detergent can change sheets texture, maybe colour.
fill ur pail with water after u drop liquid detergent, wait until frothy.
 put your sheets and leave in around 30-60 ninutes.

after 60minutes, misskattie rinse with clean water around 6times or until u see clean in the water).
prepare another pail and put the softener into the pail.
remember dont drop softener directly onto ur sheets.
after that you leave ur sheets around 30 minutes to make ur sheets soft . You can choose any softener with fragrance , remember: carefully to choose softener & fragrance clothes. many fragrance clothes don't have softener.

after 30 minutes. pls take out and put on washboard, for making residual water fall down.
(you never want hang in you sheets before u wait residual water fall down, it will make ur sheets heavy) 
after residual water fall down, you can hang it.  

see! the result after u wash your sheets! slop! because many dust onto ur sheets when the fabric in the factory. believe me WASH YOUR NEW SHEETS BEFORE U WEAR IT!

I hope u guys enjoy with my tutorial, 
and if u found any mistake in english/grammar. pls correct me. i am very happy to know that, because i am still learning :)


email: miskattie@gmail.com

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