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Saturday 25 February 2012

Sateen Japan Import @ toetik

Bedding time again ^^
what the good things for housewife to be LOL ( hope, can be good housewife, in case i dont really like to hold  a role "housewife" yeah i am prefer to take long relationship than married, because marriage's role so heavy for girl like me LOL) , maybe new role will be so much fun.

yes again sheets,
today i got package was send from 'toetik bedding sheets'
she was send me a beautiful sheets set,
the size :
160x200cm and height 30cm
and 2 pillows cover +2 bolsters cover 
they said the sheets was Rp 230.000 (plus minus i believe) 
Fabric i choose was japan sateen  import.

here are the gallery of my collections from toetik:
I like their beautiful  flowers and sweet if combine with white & red ( i believe ).
i looked they put beautiful cool blue yarn on the red  covers for my pillows & bolsters
this is a unique sewing.

many people asks me : how about the rubber on sheets? is it good? 
i dont know, because i never try it. and i just keep that for my new Life i mean. a second i looked. the rubber has same with others brand. for the rubber, pls i am so sorry, i can't give a testimonial for it.

i see changes from the neatness of seams. 
and this is the fabric looks like:
white = sheets
red= pillow & bolster covers
and the most questions i was got from my reader :
whether  sateen japan import toetik was same with mojokoe? my honest opinion : 
yes, i guess . i touch both of them. i look they have same quality.
i dont know how much you will spend if u buy a couple sheets set of mojokoe with Fabric Sateen japan import. 
but in toetik, you only spend Rp 230.000 for size 160x200x30 cm to have it.

i hope you guys enjoy with my new share. and next ---> mojokoe will send me a couple of sheets with beautiful silk jacquard in valentine edition. 
pls comeback to see, how beautiful motive mojokoe sends to me.

if you need questions & explanation, pls contact me on miskattie@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

misskattie kalo japan sateen importnya toetik lembutnya sebanding sama mojokoe yg bahan apa? bahannya kilap ga? thx u

Unknown said...

Sama saja ya
Ga kilap
Bahannya cotton ga sehalus organik

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