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Friday 25 May 2012

Axixi Bag From Scg De Glow

Hi ladies,
because i have "trauma" used Branded bag such as ZARA Like i told to u on my block in "HERE"
i think non-branded bag is good alternative for me.

i am so excited get a package from SCG De Glow, they send me a sample product for me to review, whether the product is good? i already told to them, that i am not typical who loves any "FREE" items for sponsor purpose.
Because  i want reader read my blog not such as commercial blog which always say " I'M so Happy to get this product bla bla bla" because they send me a product for free!

they make sure to me that the quality of this product is worth it to review, i think i will never know if i never give chance to try.

Oke back to TOPIC.
i got they package yesterday on Friday, and i got the Pretty Red Elegant bag yet simple.
i love colour Red & Black, so i wear black shirt mixed with red bag. 
Firts of all, i lok the bag seems like Doctor's bag. axixi bags was brand from china, and has good quality & value. material made from synthetic soft leather.
to open this bag, very easy. just press the gold button, and push upward.This bag has no zippers, but still safe to bring hand phone, wallet, anything inside it. 
The bag has no zippers remains me like Marc Jacob bags, i have one, i bought from MARC JACOB 
looks like this 

it has no zipper for main open, just open with the twin lock on top.
but the bags was hard to open, you need extra energy to pull it.

If you are looking for Great Quality bags with Great value [ not expensive] , i recommended you to choose axixi bag , you can contact SCG DE GLOW on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Scgpage
they have website too, on www.deglowstore.com 

i was visited they facebook and found cute pink marc jacob bags, but i am not sure authentic bag release PINK colour for this model or not, but i am just love their pink colour in deglowstore.

oh ya, de glow store sells authentic & Replica bags, for more details you can ask them about it. 
  • Good Quality
  • Great value
  • Great material
  • Easy to open
  • Safety because to ope the bags, u should press the button first. 
  •  not have problem with zippers anymore
  • it isn't Branded BAG  LOL 
anyway after the pose in front of kitchen's mirror , i am going to spend last friday night use this bag  to go to mall to try BAKERZIN.
so please stay tune to know my review regarding BAKERZIN [maccaron]
here is my last pose before i am going to mall



Anonymous said...

Apakah ada foto tas dalamnya seperti apa?

Ciara said...

Nice review ya ;)
Warna tas rednya bgs ya ;) tidak kecil,, tidak besar ya?

Unknown said...

Ada , nt diupload lg heheh

Unknown said...

Iya btl skali sizenya sedang, dan materianya ga berat

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