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Wednesday 27 June 2012

CURE Natural Aqua Gel review

Have u hear AQUA CURE Nature Aqua Gel?
If you don't know, what is it, you should read this review :)


Aqua cure nature aqua gel comes from japan.
This is the damn popular and best peeling gel in japan, and sure in my life.
I never found peeling gel can exfoliate your dead skin without pain if you do it.
Some of peeling gel comes from korea maybe works for me like THEFACESHOP DEWY FLOWERS, but dewy flowers already discontinue. I change into their new one peeling gel product. But their new peeling gel weren't good as before. Dewy flowers has pain if you messages it in more than 6minutes. (sometimes, i am so excited to do peeling to take out all of dead skin and curious looks the black dead skin on my face, so i forgot that i am peeling my skin).

Aqua cure has based like a gel and water.
First time i try and pump it, i said texture like gel for 5seconds and than suddenly , gel change into water, and u should hurry up to apply on your face before the gel melt and fall down.

You can see water ready melt and some of the rest still like gel.

Don't wet your skin prior to use.
I apply it on my hand , and see how the gel melt become water, some of dead skin already take
Gel colour become turbid.

Only 4 seconds later, the water absorb well and take all my dead skin properly.

I rinse all with water, and my skin looks fresh and moisture.

I had blackheads all over my nose, just terrible condition overall.not anymore, in 2months i have seem some of my blackheads already gone. My skin become smooth and soft to touch.

Something i like it than other brands,because:
* you don't need more time to take it, just 4seconds, and the dead skin already take out.
*peeling based on water and textured like gel, makes your skin moist after peeling.
*it has pump. Easy to use and hygiene
*doesn't have smell.
* no redness, no pain, no stinging.
*90% water

I already use half of it ;) i think i will repurchase again.
Aqua Cure

A little pricy :(, never mind i think. Because it is worth it for great result.

I will bring you to, mini galerry of aqua cure ;)
Here is the pump looks:

I zoom in the price, price ¥2,625

You can use for your body too.
I hope u enjoy read my review, and if you are looking review for aqua cure before you buy. I hope my explanation will help u to decide it ;)
Let me know if you have any question.



Kim said...

waaah I want this~ where did you buy this one? >.<~

Unknown said...

From ajisami , still hard to get it.
I only found 2 online shop sell it.
Ajisamai and zaturashop.
Actually i am not sure zatura still have this stock or not.

Unknown said...

aaa really want one of this, thank you for reviewing.. how much did u buy this for actually?? hehehe.. oya, since i am here, i would like to invite u to join my giveaway at http://ihearthana.blogspot.com/2012/06/70-followers-mini-giveaway.html.. thanks

Beata Megan said...

I love your blog! Thanks for this review, I want to buy it but I don't know how to find it :) Anyway, I'm ur new follower. <3


Unknown said...

Actually around 365,000 idr
Yes, sure i will join :)

Unknown said...

If you located in indonesia, you can buy on
Naseshiko, zaturashop, and ajisamai.
Or other trusted japan online seller,

Believe me, this is a great peeling product :)

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