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Saturday 23 June 2012

ETUDE Time2 Event (preparation)

Friday 22 june, i attended etude time 2  event, where held at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta.
i should have prepare make up to attend this event.

As Beauty Blogger, i may not be attend with my ordinary performance, i should represent to the company i am a beauty blogger that you were invited.

this makeup inspire with jennifer lawrence, and this makeup  i wore on 22 june when attended ETUDE EVENT. Here we go!
I used it for take all of my bangs, so will easy to do makeup :)
First, i use MUFE HD Elixir, it helps you to make ur face still flawless, and makeup stay long lasting.

after they absorb well, i use my favourite Foundation, MUFE HD Foundation in shade #117
 if you followed my blog, you will know , how many times i wrote that i love MUFE HD foundation, it isn't only cover your skin perfectly, it can stay long lasting, and moisture you skin so the result will be same with airbrush or korean makeup (glowing makeup)

MUFE HD Powder, I recommend this powder, this isn't on;y give matte makeupfinish, fine grain makes the face smooth as silk , you can blend in perfectly into your face.
you don't need much powder , if you used this one.
 looks only a few, i take

i use sigma ss150 for powder brush
don't forget to draw your eyebrows :) Lunasol eyebrow pencil was my choice.

i don't use eye primer for eyeshadow base, i replace with NYX jumbo eye pencil as based.i use green colour as a based :)
just blend it onto your eye lid only.

and next i take revlon eyeshadow and path it on my lid :)

and for outer corner to make dramatic look and little smoky effect i take MAC loose pigment in green colour Teal

and blend it with MAC eyeshadow blend brush MAC 217

and result like this

next take my NAKED in BUCK onto your crease
 blend it again.

use eyeliner to make dramatic looks, i use dolly wink eyeliner
and combine with UD 24/7 Glide on pencil in zero for under my eyes.
i am not expert use liquid eyeliner for under my eye.

path green eyeshadow on under  my eyes with ecotools eyeliner brush.

next i curl my eyelash with shue uemura curler and don't forget use mascara:) i choose maybeline
The MAGNUM Volume express give smooth Volume on your eyes.
i use Hoola bronzer for countoring my face and give some dimmension :)
and my favourite Blush= NARS
 i put the blush on my cheek :) the colour give me natural looks and fresh ^^

i don't want to look glamour,because my eyes is the point for makeup and already dramatic , i use nude colour, YSL lipstick in peach
and MUFE shine labs number 22

here is my makeup :)

don't u think my lips looks so sexy? (hoakss... :D) LOL

For my outfit, i choose zara Green :) match with my eyes colour in green, isn't it?
i take a picture for etude time2 event with my friends who is a beauty blogger too, @Endi feng
this is first time we meet, but endi so nice :)
with other beauty bloggers :)

and don't forget i put my hunger face with large eclairs.

Thanks to Etude & IBB to invite me on that event :)

if you like my blog & review, pls subscribe me, only follow my blog ^^ i will love to know that



Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

awrgh ! kayak ibu hamil aku difoto kedua :'( nice to meet you kak kattie :D
BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

Unknown said...

no dear :D itu namanya gaul :D bukan ibu hamil say :)
hahaha nice to meet you marsha ^^

Pygmalion Land said...

Haiiiiiii, remember me??
ketemu di event etude kemarin :D
nice to meet you kattie

Unknown said...

Hi pygmalion
Yaaa ;) nice to meet u juga dear ^^

Shasha said...

nice make up :) you look pretty ^^

hanny.only said...

haha.. foto keluarga nya lucu2.. ak grab yaa.. hihi.. nice to meet you.. :)

hanny.only said...

sha.. lo kaya bumil, apa kabar nya gw disebelah looo.. hahaha..

Unknown said...

Shasha baik skali kamu blg saya pretty. Saya liat fotonya sama ade saya ud mau hoakks chuii
Cuma ini best picture i have drpd ga ada hasil contoh makeup :d tq ud mampir

Unknown said...

Hi hanny
Monggo silakan grab it as u can lahh :D

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