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Thursday 21 June 2012

Phytheol intense by PHYTO Paris (try to reached beautiful hair)

I can't remember how many brand of shampoos that i have been using.
From sunsilk, emeron, dove, head and shoulders, herbal essence, clear ,khiels, bodyshop,kerastase, until kanebo.
I don't know how tired i am trying for trying all brands to be an victim of shampoo ads.
Every time l am going to hair centre or hair product corner, every beauty advisor told with their beautifully promise that their products were best seller.
Again, i only nodded, Trying to believe what they said, give the product opportunity and hope it will works.😔
I spend a lot of money to solve my hair problem, i don't know what is going on? What happens with my hair?
My hair loss and oily easily, every time i checked in different salon, they said my scalp quite sensitive.
Different salon , different recommend product they gave me.
I decided to try khiels volume shampoo, i don't know it will works or not. But something i loved with that, they don't have too much detergent.
when i rinse my hair, i looked the shampoo didn't produce foam, it means they don't have much detergent.
Detergent is needed to cleans your scalp, too much detergent will break out and make problem to your scalp. So make sure ingredients of detergent on your shampoo suitable for you.
Phyto gave me short brief to know what is the different between other hair care brands. Phyto concern with hair issue.
First of all, i didn't interest with their product, i think none product can helped my hair.
Again Phyto was asked me to do hair checked to know what is my problem? And why any products never work to me?
After their analyze with their hair computer, they found dandruff on my hairs a lot.
Dandruff is a fungus in the hair, they hold nutrition on my hair,and my hair itch and i scratch it.
You can't say, oke i will rinse it well so no dandruff again on my hair. It false!
Dandruff is a fungus, you should have use the dandruff shampoo to kill them.
You cannot use dove, because dandruff will easy grow up on moist hair.
product phyto
Let me introduce you, phyto shampoo for dandruff,
The size i got to small.
PHYTO shampoo box with bottle
I think, this is too pricey shampoo. Because the size very small. Maybe only can be use for a month.
The packaging :
PHYTO shampoo box
The packaging is to simple. It doesn't have eye catching power
The bottle didn't has brand, description. How can i know if my box lost.
Bottle looks
It doesn't has a pump. So you should be carefully when pour it.
Bottle zooming
Usually i use a half of cup, rub it on my scalp and wait for 1 minute for shampoo kill fungus 👿ciattt!!

It had cool effect to calm your scalp.

My experice:
I got my hair rough aft rinse and dry, so i need conditioner for my hair (never apply on my scalp)
some conditioner samples
And their brochure

After i used it my hair scalp so fresh and not easy to oily again, and it doesn't permanent shampoo. After my dandruff gone. I can come back to my khiels.
I am using neril for hair tonic. If my dandruff gone, my hair will never fall and my problem SOLVE. I already tried it 1 weeks and it works.
this shampoo has great formula to solve it quickly.
Believe me if you found your scalp problem , you can solve your hair problem easily.

Oh ya source of fungus, it comes from your sheets and pillow.
If your pillow is rarely replace or cleaned, bacteria on pillow can grow up become dandruff.
So please pay attention for your environment to create beauty hair.

Happy beautiful hair!
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Istiarina Putri said...

Kemarin juga sempet ditawarin sama mbak-mbak Phyto Seibu GI, abis dites rambut aku ternyata ketombean parah, disaranin beli yang ini juga..

Sempet tergoda karena kayaknya bagus banget, tapi quite pricey yaaaa

jadi udah coba sebulan belum?

hihihi.. jadi pengen pake

mampir2 yaaaa aku baru mulai beauty blogging ^^


Unknown said...

Blm baru seminggu, minggu depan saya mau test random hair cheked di clinic hair atau di salon
Apakah ketombenya sudah bersih ;) if yes, i will be happy untuk sharing ttg brand ini ;)

Anonymous said...

Hai cath, gmn shampoo phyto.ny? Was it really works on u?

Unknown said...

Sampoo phyto ini nendang banget sama saya, sekarang ketombe saya hilang dan rambut rontok berangangsur berkurang. Cb dl deh size kecilnya, kalo ga cocok, ga gubrak jdnya

diah said...

kalo di bandung dimana ya belinya?

Misskattie said...

Kurang tau ya.. Mungkin bs dicoba dicari di Paris van java Bandung atau sogo

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