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Friday 8 June 2012

Quick Tips: ironed silk sheets

Silk bed linen is a natural ingredient that must be considered in both the washing and maintenance, nor in the case of ironing. But its not mean have silk sheets you got troublesome or complicated case, and you need extra cost for washing and ironing your beautiful silk sheets.

Here is the Quick Tips: Ironed Silk sheets
Make sure your iron has "silk mode" or if you don't have it. you can turn to the lowest temperature.
The silk mode was needed for helping you to adjust the temperature for silk material, so your silk will never expands and quickly broken.Ironing with high temperatures will cause rapid deterioration of materials as silk bed linen is a natural material.
 oh! no! i looked my iron looks so old LOL! but it still working well.
anyway, if you have iron has description temperature , please look what material do you want to iron now.
in case i want iron my silk sheets , so i choose MODE number 2 for nylon silk.
after that i turn the temperature to number 2
 after you turn into number 2,you can start to iron your silk sheets
here is my silk sheet before i ironed.

 you should put attention during ironing silk sheets, they have 2 side "front and back side"
 i prefer ironing my sheets start from back side and never ironing directly on front side. why? i worry the heat during ironing can fade the colour of my sheets. 
you don't need more time to ironing silk sheets only 1 way you do, the silk sheets would be neat immediately. 

and TA...RA! your beautiful silk sheets already done!
 and the colour still looks like a new.
 you will love your silk sheets after this, because it will be neat and smooth :) 


Disclaimer: the sheets i buy from MOJOKOE, they supply beautiful silk sheets and any high class material.
if you need one like me. just mention to them what blog do you read and tell to them, they will happy to serve you like a queen :) happy shopping to them

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