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Monday 18 June 2012

Taylor swift: wonderstuck Perfume

Hi everyone ^^
what a great day :D ,
maybe u already know what are perfumes that i have? in here
i am perfumeholic :D
finally- i got my favourite Role singer perfume : WONDERSTRUCK!
taylor swift is a singer who launched something magical scent with her 1st perfume.
unfortunately, Indonesia has not launched wonderstruck.

i got it from ONLINE SHOP who are willingly to buy anything from USA. i contacted their admin, and they able to bought it for me.
If you are a fan of taylor, you should read this review.
 the box looks like ^^
Wonderstruck is the first fragrance from the young singer Taylor Swift, launched in cooperation with the cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden.
Wonderstruck is named after the lyrics from the song "Enchanted": "I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home," which tell about the feeling and the impression you get when you first meet someone you like. Taylor hopes that her fragrance will be an essential part of many impressions and first meetings.
The fragrance composition is described as a charming gourmand – floral with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. The heart features sweet vanilla along with sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base.
Wonderstruck will be available from October in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles with an accompanying collection for body care.

yihi!! here we go!!
box is dominated by the color purple, gold fushia ,gold flowers decorated.
the box size same like shoes boxes loh... 

i bought Gift sets (limited eddition) contains: body lotion. perfume and mini perfume.

the first : scene body lotion  3,4fl / 100ml
 smile of lotions are Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry. 
if you want feels fresh in 12hours, i recomended this lotion after shower.
your scent will stay long during your activity.
I love this lotion not only moisturizes, delicious and fragrant lotion is not sticky. when you put in onto your body,  lotion is easily absorbed.really great!

 Next: Wonderstruck eau de parfum 3,4fl / 100ml
most of perfume companies produce 2 types of fragrances, which are: eau de perfume and eau de toilete.

what's the difference between eau de perfume with eau de toilete?
Eau de Parfum is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds , fixatives , and solvents used to give the human body,  objects, and living spaces a pleasant scent .

EDP (Eau de Perfume) a type of perfume with a medium-high of concentrate of perfume oils in comparasion to the water and alcohol content.
if you needed the fragant can stay 24hr, i recomend choose EDP that EDT

EDT (Eau de Toilette)  is a type of  type of perfume with a low of concentrate of perfume oils in comparasion to the water and alcohol content. the fragrant can stay up 12 hours, sometimes 3-4 hours the scent already gone.

Wonderstruck was design for Sparkling. Blushing. Enchanted , magical and something about dreaming for woman.

these bottle was designed with many chain ornament such as star or maybe a gold sparkle combine with bird and bird cage.
not only box colous: purple, fuschia, gold. This perfume bottle purple color when viewed at a glance only.

when i flash it: there are something magical colours in the bottle

they make beautiful carving in this bottle

Last:  Wonderstruck eau de parfum 0.5fl /15ml

This little cute bottle  is perfect for traveling.
they provide small size too for bringing everywhere and no need mor space to put on your makeup pouch ^^

i love it!  this is EDP not EDT, the small size has spray button too :)
i remember, i have DKNY in small size, but they weren't provide spary button, you should pour it to your hand or neck :(. not efficient >,<

This perfume creator seems understood that the small size must have  the spray in order to facilitate of their usage.

for perfume, fragrance more dominate with raspberry and apple blossom scent.

anyway, i found, they have rollerball too for anyone needs it to try with small size
around $18
oh ya i bought all around $92. worth it for getting 3pcs.

Are you going to try this perfume?
who is artist's favourite perfume do you have?
share with me, and i love to read that



Gita said...

wooww... the EDT bottle looks totally gorgeous!!! aaaa... >.< where did you buy it? i'm actually not a big fan of perfume... but i like victoria secret little noir... :)


Lalaa said...

WOAHH I'm so envy with you hihi :P
beli di OS mana nih? pengeeen >,<

Unknown said...

rata rata OS yang terima PO barang USA mungkin bs dititip belikan, kalo saya beli di
bukan karena dia sponsorku saja say ^^ tapi dia kaya JIN ajaib..
barang USA apa aja bisa dititipin, ga dibatasin brp oz

VS aku suka juga cuma tralu sweet bgt ya??

Unknown said...

lala kamu juga bs kok psn di
coba contact mereka ^^

Kim said...

waaaa, the bottle is super sophisticated <33 my fave perfume is petit bijou from espoir ^^
btw I'd like to invite you to join LUVIEW COSMETICS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

Unknown said...

Sure sy meluncur kesana juga

wei goddess said...

so awesome..
botolnya bener2 keren y...baru pertama kali lihat ni..
thank you for sharing..:)

Unknown said...

iya wei ^^
aku juga suka sama parfumnya. mgkn kalo wanginya emang bukan 100% favouriteku,cuma enak dipake jalan2 ternyata
botolnya itu loh bgs hihii

Astri said...

woooow jadi mau nih, brp rupiah jdnya klo di konversi?

Unknown said...

Hi astri sekitar 1 jutaan ;)

najlah said...

hey hey,,km beli harganya berapa ya?? terus masih bisa gak sih kalo beli di https://www.facebook.com/zaturascg ?? tolong infonya dong,,thanks

Misskattie said...

Di zaturashop , fb sis

Misskattie said...

Iya saya beli disitu ;)

najlah said...

harganya brapa waktu itu?? :D

Misskattie said...

Lupa.. Sekitar 1jt sekian gt.. Tp worth it bgt... Krn isinya byk... Hehee

stephanie harijadi said...

sis saya mauuu

berapa tu harga nyaaa??

stephanie harijadi said...

kalo beli parfumnya saja bsa ga sis

Misskattie said...

I get it from zaturashop ;)

Misskattie said...

Bisa cb tanya zaturashop

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