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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

what's in my beauty box? {for prewedding}

Tommorow, i will do my photo sessions with my fiance.
i should prepare anything to make it  success.
i don't want use  makeup tools from the bridal :( why? because i worry their sponge and brush don't hygiene or sometimes their foundation or eyeshadow maybe expire (I confess I was too paranoid about it )

so i am inviting you guys to looks what in my Makeup Case and bag :)
and what will i bring to my pre wedding photos? 
 here is my PInk Makeup box :) i got it from MIDNIGHT sale at sogo Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta ^^
i get 70% +20% discount! yeay!!! so excited.
when i open it they have 3 levels each left and right side.
level 1 (right side & left side)
in level 1, i put lips' section in right and eyes' section in left:

* Revlon Lip liner - Departement store Sogo
* MUFE shine lab gloss - Departement Store Metro
* Revlon gloss - Departement store sogo
* MAC viva glam cindy - Zaturashop.com / Zatura scg (FB)
* MAC viva glam Gaga - nona lenongholic (FB)
* Nars Lipgloss - Zaturashop
* Lancome rouge in love - Departement store metro

* UDPP primer potion - zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)
* Nyx eyebrowcake - creamymilk.com
* Toofaced lemon shadow insurance - zaturashop.com/ Zaturas scg(FB)
* Lunasol eyebrow pencil - Sogo departement store
* Bobbi brown long wear cream liner - zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)
* Mac eyeliner  zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)
* UD eyeliner  zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)

and here is photo of left side:
left side
 and level 2 there are Blush section:
* NARS ORGASM zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)
* MUFE HD Blush  Metro deparetemnt store
* MAC mineralize Blush -dainty ( debehanhams) i forgot how to wrote this depstore

and level 3 there are Bronzer and powder section:
* MAC bronzer zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)
* Benefit Holla bronzer zaturashop.com/ Zatura scg (FB)

and for right side:
 right side
 level 2 right side contains mascara and eyeshadow+eyeliner , only a few i will bring because i don't want hold it to much ,because more makeup will make me heavy to bring it.

Level 2:
* Covergirl mascara 
* Bobbi brown ( i forgot the name)
* Nyx jumbo eyepencil in milk & black bean
I bought them from zaturashop.com {part of them was sponsor too)

level 3:
* cotton bud { watson}
* sigma brush in pink 

and if you see last level, i put any primer, foundation,pallate :
* HD foundation - metro
* HD primer Elixir -metro
* Lioele primer blooming base - zaturashop
* shue uemura eyelash curler - nona lenong
* BRTC powder  - chic
* UD naked - zaturashop
* Toofaced eyeshadow pallate - zaturashop

oh ya i will give photo some products i will wear during photos:
i love this colour, i wore it on my blogger Profile picture.

Viva glam Gaga is the best colour to make your pale lips colour :) love it!

i think. i can't go without my covergirl, not only waterproof , this mascara has smudge proof and can stay long lasting loh ^^ and don't irritated your eyes. the important think! this mascara never clump.

i love the brush very smooth and eyeshadow was metalic cream :)

i love MUFE HD foundation, it is best friend for model because they have high definition result for making face so flawless like airbrush.
oh ya i have picture after i apply MUFE HD, here is my picture :
 i let the camera for zooming to close to my face,  i dont have perfect skin, but with MUFE HD, i got flawless skin like use airbrush makeup :)

i will regret if i never bring this potion :) it isn't only make ur makeup long lasting, the beauty agent said, it can help you to avoid breakout and cover face and pore will never appears during photo session.

actually i want bring SMASHBOX photo finish i bought From Palacio (FB) but she makes me upset,
i already do payment and confirm on 13:00 and she told to me will be send out to  Tommorow (she said on 18:00)
I already talk to her, that is important to me, because i need that! i pay the RUSH shipping fee! but i never recommended this online shop :( i am sooo sooo upset :(
i want bring smashbox, but it will never happen. i should have to go on 07:00 morning, and i believe no one courier tiki will come in the morning.
palacio de bella called me and say it is misunderstanding, she think i bought 2 items. but i already make sure "WHAT I BOUGHT on 13:00" i think the time wasn't late to do confirm and ship out. why she confirm "my package will sent out TOMORROW on 18:00" T_________T she never know that is important for my day :(

oke Forget it! i don't want that product again and Back to Topic!

studio fix from mac :) i don't know why i choose it. but i think it will be useful for me 

NAKED 1 eyeshadow palette. any of you don't know what is it? if yes, i said like Roma Irama 
" TER..LA..LU!"  

 every woman will love NARS ORGASM, the shade was pretty cool and suitable for any skin tone :)

according to u guys, which one is the best i should try? Toofaced shadow insurance lemon drop or UDPP original? 

 ooo Blur! i think i was shake my camera hahaha 
left: bobbi brown long wear gel liner and right MAC gel liner :) i choose MAC :D i love the texture.

and my Tools:
 most of them brand MAC, sigma and ecotools :)

i bought dollywink from zaturashop.com . their owner was going to japan, and i bagging her to bring me this stuffs, and we meet on airport after she back to indonesia  :D very fast! and hand carry to avoid broken. i satisfied with their shop. her product authentic and i got kind service.

i am so sleepy now. i should wake up so early to shampoo my hair and prepare gown and anything :)
oh ya i will bring my curling iron, flatten iron and eos lipbalm lemon spf 15! ohh ya SKII sunblock too.
i am so excited to face tomorrow!

PLEASE FOLLOW / SUBSCRIBE my blog if u like my story, and i will do report "PRE WEDDING SESSION" 
so make sure u don't miss it :) 

good night

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