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Saturday 14 July 2012

Eyeshadow Base Review

Hi, have u blend your eyeshadow and the colour easily fade? If yes,you need a eyeshadow base.
Before you decide buy a eyeshadow base, i have a review from famous brand for makeup.

Here is the picture, eyeshadow base i have.
Too faced lemon drop, urban decay primer potion (UDPP) original, UDPP sin, and MAC PREP + PRIME eyeshadow base in natural.

L-R: Toofaced Lemon Drop, UDPP original, UDPP sin, Mac Prep+Prime

 i will use  Revlon eyeshadow For comparing shades colours.
this is my swatches without eyeshadow base

MAC PREP + PRIME eyeshadow base in natural.
Don't say you are makeup junkie and beauty blogger, if you don't know MAC? (kidding)
MAC is the famous makeup's Brand  and fav. Beauty users in the world and youtube channel.
I curious to try their eyeshadow base.
So here is the packaging looks like:
I bought this one around Rp 210,000,- in 2011, i guess now around  Rp 220,000,- if you want to get lowe price, you can buy on Online shop. choose a reliable online shop so that you do not have to worry about authenticity.

A light textured cream to wear on the eyes and undercoat to eye makeup. Primes the lid.
they have 3 shades for your skintone:
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium Dark
like a regular plastic jar and need hands to apply it onto lids. i think, it more practice to bring everywhere.

like a cream and very creamy ,sticky , it wasn't easy to blend. I suggest only take a little from it.
 when i blend it out, the cream makes my hand like wear mask, and sticky, i didn't comfort to use it. you can see, may hand like use creamy foundation. I think it's suitable for Dry Lid.

Here's The swatch i used Revlon eyeshadow colors with MAC Prep + Prime as a base.
after wearing MAC eyeshadow base, the color looks more real and not easily lost when  blend, but MAC makes my eyelids was oily.

i bought around Rp 230,000,- in Online shop. Unfortunately, Indonesia hasn't UD Shops, so You still need buy UD on Online shop.

Size 10ml

Sin has shimmer champagne colors . It feels creamy and glides on easily on the skin, drying to a champagne sheen in a minute or so.  if u like something shimmer finish and don't have shimmer eyeshadow, you can use it mix with matte eyeshadow.
it has unique bottle shape and easy to hold, and complimentary with sponge applicator, but This shape make us hard to reach the rest of eyeshadow base in  bottom. I read on google , you need knife to split bottom bottle.

here are my swatches:
the colours look more soft.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original around Rp 230,000,- or maybe various.
like sin, Original has applicator sponge inside , and applicators' shape like broken.

Size 10ml
it has no colour , suitable for all skintone. 
texture :
not too creamy, like a cream without feel sticky. easy to blend, and u will never worries like wear mask. suitable for all skintype (oily). 

swatches use UDPP original:
 UDPP original makes my revlon colours looks like UD 15th anniversary eyeshadow palette.isn't iT?
 UD 15th anniversary palette.

when I clean it, the color of eyeshadow last on my hand and difficult to clean, GreaT!
You can see the rest of purple on the bottom my hand.

it's bassicaly same as the original Too Faced Shadow Insurance. a creamy eyeshadow primer designed to offset discolorations on the lids and extend the wear time of eyeshadows applied atop it.
i didn't smell any lemon extract on it.
it's make pink nude effects on your lids :)

like a tube and simple to easy, packaging seems like toothpaste.

Size: 11gr
More To Love: 
  • Corrective Formula: Our lemon-yellow, formula creates the perfect neutral canvas for any eye shadow. 
  • Long Wearing: Exclusive blend intensifies pigments and guarantees shadows won’t crease, smudge or fade. 
  • Soothing: Our vitamin enriched formula glides over lids, smoothing sensitive skin while leaving behind a feather-light, cashmere finish.
texture such as toothpaste . easy to absorb on your lid and blend.
Swatches use Lemon drop eyeshadow base:
i saw Lemon drop gave soft and matte effect for colours and eyeshadow colors didn't see intense like use UDPP original.

so here are  comparison of the color's swatches:
overall, my favorite eyeshadow base is UDPP Original. it has intense colours and make my eyeshadow stay longer around 18hours, i need it to party and special events.
UDPP will never make your lid become oily like MAC.
easy to absorb and suitable for any skin tone.
I recommended you to have UDPP original for long lasting intense colors. and lemon drop Toofaced if you wanna get pink nude effects on your lids.
I will never recommend MAC Prep+prime as eyeshadow base.
I hope this review and swatches will useful for us.
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