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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

HAUL: June favourite 2012

I didn't  realize that, today is the second day of  july, means it's time I make a list JUNE FAVOURITE 2012.
if you don't familiar with it, this is list of any brand that i often used and  favorite during the month of june.

so here we go!!
if you use foundation, use a primer before apply foundation.
Primer will help you to solve basic problem on your skin when face foundation & makeup.

i have two primers, which are: MUFE and Smashbox photo finish.
what is the difference between them?
MUFE formulated for skin that is not flat, dry during make up long lasting and not easily cracked.
Smashbox formulated for oily skin, it will perfect to hold your oil , for matte result.[you can read review over here --> CLICK HERE]

if you follow my blog, you'd be familiar with my words, if my MUFE HD foundation is my favorite.
i can't stop to say that MUFE HD Foundation is the best Foundation i ever tried.

i am not william shakespeare who can write the best story , i can't describe well what MUFE HD foundation did for me, so i am so in love with it. but if you give a chance for your self, to open your eyes, heart and money (tentunya). you will see the difference with other foundation and BB cream.
MUFE HD Foundation like my twin for my skintone. when i used, my face will never looks like wore mask. 
just only a little pump and i can cover all my face and PERFECT! like i wear AIRBRUSH makeup.

i love NARS Blush in ORGASM, but it has been lost T_T i can't remember, where i put it last time :(

not only nars, i am using MUFE HD blush , i love with this too. why? believe me! you will get natural blush effect like snow white (lebay) if you apply Mufe HD blush on your face! only a little littleeee small pump!!
very economical to use. LOL
if you apply it a lot, DON'T panic! you can apply foundation on your face and blend it together. 

MAC mineralize Blush in dainty
it has pinky peach tone colour and sparkle. but the sparkle will make ur skin fresh not shiny.
if you have fair skin tone, it perfect for your blush, the colour will showing off!

i have 2 bronzer MAC & benefit Hoola.
i will use MAC when i want going to party. it ha darker sparkle colour than benefit hoola.
hoola has matte effect.

what  can i say? only nyx i have, for my eyebrow tools. i remeber i have Kanebo lunasol too. but lunasol have chocolate colour, i don't like that colour, it will make me like "emak emak cina" :( 
better use the colour match with your hair colour lah.

NAKED is the HOT ITEM in 2010-2011, every woman will love it.
natural colour and its perfect for all skin tone :). NAKED has long lasting colour, and don't easy to remove and sure waterproof.

Toofaced Natural
toofaced has 3 shades colour: Day - matte effect, Classic - semi glitter & shimmer, Fashion- Glitters.
I usually use the fashion & classic  for party. it has guide cards how to use eyeshadow. so you will get the perfect color combination.

urban decay primer potion original.
if you ever tried blend eyeshadow and the colour fade out and your eyeshadow never long lasting, its mean you need a eyeshadow primer. why i choose UDPP, UDPP has  a very high rating for the best primer potion in beauty world. use eyeshadow primer, to help create long-lasting eyeshadow colors (maybe all day).
i choose variant original, original doesn't have shimmer or pigment shade colour. it suitable for all skin type and skintone.


for powder , i I prefer loose powder than pact.when I was a teenager, I prefer use compact powder/  than loose powder
MUFE HD loose powder with a finely granulated to make the smooth and matte makeup. believe me, your face will looks flawless on the camera.

for eyeliner i have 3 kinds eyeliner = gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, pencil.
Gel eyeliner i have BOBBI BROWN and MAC

Long wear gel eyeliner texture 90% same like gel, very easy to use for line my eye and under my eye.

MAC in blacktrack , when used with a push liner brush, this is such a breeze to use! it spreads so easily and dries up waterproof. MAC Fluidline is definitely easier to apply, more precise and stays longer than Bobby Brown's.

sometimes to make wing shape, i used dolly wink liquid liner in black, it has like marker brush.
i recommend for the beginer who want to try liquid eyeliner.

if you loved to used pencil liner, you must try UD why? they have intense  colors and do not easily fade.

unfortunately, this is not easy to shaved, and the results are like this, hard to use it again when blunt.

I have small eyes and short lashes, Shue Uemura can reach out and curl my lashes. eye holes large enough to grip, for making it easy to use.

Covergirl mascara will never make ur eyes looks like "PANDA" never smudge and waterproof :)
and never clumping.


YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15, i bought in 13 Peach Passion - vibrant peachy pink. An extremely smooth and creamy lipstick with a formula that transforms into a fluid veil of radiant color when it touches the lips. smell like green tea and very creamy, u don't need apply to much to your lips.

MAKEUP FOREVER LAB SHINE LIP GLOSS -S22 - pearly candy pink,A lightly textured gloss that delivers spectacular shine with a gorgeous pop of color.This gloss combines camelina oil and mother-of-pearl particles that reflect light to create incredible shine that adds volume to the lips. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it provides intense hydration with a non-sticky texture for a noticeably moisturized pout. Its subtle apricot fragrance also adds a sweet scent to your lips.

i used sigma brush, cheaper than mac :) and soft than mac. but the glue doesn't really great can fall :(
F84 - Angled Kabuki Angled Top Kabuki brush is the perfect brush for precise, yet blended application of products on the cheeks. It seamlessly applies cream, powder and liquid products. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.
F82 - Round Kabuki Round Top Kabuki brush simplifies precise makeup application under the eyes and around the nose. This brush is also perfect for achieving flawless coverage using liquid and powder products. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filamen

Has the usual silver writing on the black barrel. These brushes had synthetic  fibres which makes them extremely soft, easy to clean, and perfect for applying makeup.

to hold  my bang during makeup , i use it :) 

so this is my JUNE FAVOUTITE 2012, how 'bout u?
if u have any questions, pls free comment below:

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