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Sunday 15 July 2012

Makeup Forever Uplight Review and Swatch

Who says, who says MUFE isn't perfect  
Who says MUFE isn't worth it  
Who says you're the only one that's hurting  
Trust me that's the price of beauty  
Who says MUFE isn't pretty  
Who says MUFE isn't beautiful, who says?

Yesterday, my sister bought uplight by MAKE UP FOREVER. She was looking body glitter for her friend's bday party.
i suggest her to find out at MUFE store...

there were many shades for Uplight, Finally she choosed #31 to match with her makeup and body.
Shade number #31- Pink Glittery.

it comes with mini Box. 

Mufe bottle itself made from plastic, so you do not have to worry about the fear of broken.

it has pump, so impressed hygienic packaging.

actually, MUFE have 8colors option, which are:
  • #11 Dewy Pink Beige
  • #12 Dewy Golden Warm
  • #21 Pearly White
  • #22 Pearly Pink Flesh
  • #31 Sparkling Blue Pink
  • #32 Sparkling Golden Pink
  • #33 Sparkling Golden Copper
  • #23 Pearly Golden Flesh
She choosed #31, you can mixed Uplight with Foundation to get natural pink glow effect.
Here are swatches without Foundation:
Texture seems like gel , i only take a little one, but it was looked so much glitter ,when i blend it out, i think i should take it more little than before.
when you blend it, glitters will spread well on your skin. it will looks so pretty for body and combine with Foundation.

i looked her Purchase Receipt around Rp 368,000,- expensive :( because only 16,8 ml. slightly larger than MUFE HD Blush.

What misskattie said?
 uplight is a luminizing gel that gives a natural glow. The formula contains more than 70% of water for a fresh and light feeling on skin wnad pearls that play with light to sculpt the face.
uplight itself serves to give effect to such higlight luxury but with a little glitter, to give an amazing effect on women.
This product can be mixed with foundation and applied to the face and body.
i believe, Mufe will not make us upset for result. so keep reading for next post ^^
suitable for parties and weddings though.
you just need a little pump to produce beautiful shimmer & glitter.
unfortunately , Uplight will not be erased by the water and wet tissue, you need a cleansing oil to clean the shimmer & glitter.
This product will be expired within 12 months after you open the product.
Thank u for reading my blog.
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see u next post ^^


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