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Saturday 28 July 2012

Phyto dandruff shampoo review

You know that i am a user of phyto product, especially with their dandruff shampoo.
So , i got it in dandruff regulating shampoo, around 200ml.
They have improve their packaging.
It is different with my first dandruff shampoo one (you can read in here).

Not only different packaging, it isn't really strong formula as old one.

The old one was formulated for heavy dandruff problem, after clean, and you just want to make sure , your dandruff will not coming back, you can use dandruff regulating shampoo.

The shampoo fragrance wasn't strong as old one. It has smell like perfume. I cant describe what smell is it. But smell so good and relax.

And again, i like this shampoo, becoz, it doesn't have benzoate, to produce more bubble and cleans your scalp. I have supper sensitive oily dandruff scalp.
So complicated my scalp.

NOTE: this is my honest review ,without advertise inside, i do it becos, i got the result from Phyto. My hair is healthy now. and the product i bought by myself not free product.

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