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Saturday 28 July 2012

Phytocyane review for thinning and white hair treatment

Phytocyane review for thinning and white hair treatment
If you ever read my review regarding PHYTO shampoo,
This is the second part review of PHYTO products.
I am the one who satisfied with result of their dandruff shampoo, like i said in my review HERE.

So, i accept their product for review purpose, and they choose it for me PHYTOCYANE.

What is this?
That is a serum tonic for grey and thinning hair treatment.
This is the box and products look like.

It has anti aging formula, gingko biloba and virbunum bark extracts to helps delay of appearance white hair.

1 box contains 12 ampoules of 0.25fl.oz.each.
Comes with dark chocolate small glass bottle, to open the ampoule,you have to break the glass, so The pipette can insert to the bottle.
Be carefully, once you break the glass, use tissue for helping u to break the glass.

Usually, 1 ampoule might be using for 5times ;)
I put it on my beauty refrigerator, its will help you, to make your ampoule durable.

My tips: if you want get simple, prepare a refill bottle (you can buy at muji or Watson) and break all ampoules, pour onto the refill bottle, like as hair tonic.

What misskattie said?
Your will get 2 pipettes. of every box u buy.
I didn't see any significant results, as i used it around 7days, maybe i will do report after i got the effects.
The fragrance of the ampoule seems like ginseng and sweet syrup, i guess.
But, its not strong fragrance, so never mind with the smell.

actually...i don't like the packaging anyway, i worried , every time i broke the glass, i worry the glass will hurt my hand. Lol, and , when i pour ampoule on my scalp use their pipette. The ampoule wasn't flow properly. Phyto said, i should press the pipette, don't the glass. Sometimes, i forget, i press the glass.

So i will wrote 2/5 for packaging.

Where you Can buy?
Any SOGO department in PHYTO booth,
Around Rp 669,000,-

If you have dry scalp, i suggest to try their white hair serum like a gel. That is very moist that this one. You can ask Beauty Advisdor.
So, i can't wait to see the result of this product, becoz sure, i have white and fall hair.

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Letne Dni said...

Hi, I'm your new follower, Positive Fountain that's me following. Came across your blog on Elle & Blair.
Please, follow me back :-)
Thank you.

Also,I love Phyto products, they are great.


Unknown said...

Thanks dear :)

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