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Tuesday 3 July 2012


I know, some of you maybe already bored read SKII FTE(FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE), but if u never tried, you should be ask to ur self, why many women told this is magical water for them, and why they review it? Because skii fte had great effect for long time.

FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE from SKII is the priority and best seller of SKII.
Made from yeast fermentation, FTE can help women problem such as,
Blemish, acne scars, fine line, prevent wrinkle, moist your skin if u have dry skin, and prevent oil production if u have oily skin, its automatically and unique.

The history of SK-II goes back to the 1970s when a scientist in Japan noticed the very soft and youthful hands of women working in a Japanese saké brewery. After years of research the scientists were able to isolate the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they called Pitera.
In 1980, the Japanese branch of Max Factor acquired rights to the ingredient, and launched the first cosmetic product containing the ingredient: Max Factor Secret Key with Pitera. Although only modestly successful, its customer base was very loyal, so Max Factor expanded the range, renaming it Max Factor SK-II.
In the succeeding 15 years, Max Factor passed through the hands of five different owners, each of whom ignored the SK-II product, until 1995, when current owner Procter and Gamble executive and brand manager A.G. Lafley was sent to Japan to overhaul P&G's declining business in Asia. Lafley made several changes to the company, including several at Max Factor: Lafley discovered Japanese women disliked the brand, so he focused instead on the SK-II cream instead. Within five years, it became Japan's top prestige cosmetics brand, outselling Shiseido.
SK-II has since expanded into several markets. Products sold outside of Asia do not bear the Max Factor name, however; the brand is simply called "SK-II". In Japan and most of Asia, SK-II is a sub-brand of Max Factor and still bear its name. {from wikipedia}

What missakttie said?
I am SKII user since i was 18 years old. 
I remember, first time i try, which is FTE and milky lotion
I try 75ml, i worry if it didn't suitable for me, it will break me out.
So i bought 75ml around IDR 400,000 something...

I used for a month, and i didn't see any reaction and result, but i still curious and diligent to use, hope will get great result.
Oh ya, smell like sake ,yeast, something sour smell,i didn't comfort smell it, but after many years i used, never mind( i don't want talk how many years i used SKII, becoz u will calculate my old, and know how old i am. Lol)

After 3 months i used, i looked my face very soft to touch, and not oily in the morning and dry in the day. Becoz i have combination sensitive skin.
Sure, your skin will clear like crystal. Hmmm you will confuse what crystal its mean? I hard to explain, but if u used, u will know what crystal i mean.
My friend used it only a month and get good reaction like me, but i need 3 months for got it. Maybe it depends on each people face.

I have another friends in female daily forum. They told , she didn't comfort used skii, she has breakout after used it. And she stopped it.
FTE has many size, but i prefer choose glass than plastic.

You can see i have glass in 75ml and plastic in 250ml. But i worry used plastic, the potion will be melt if the sunlight shine the bottle (lebay). Because that lebay reason, i choose glass. Instead should be carefully with glass material.

* really works with my skin
* can give moisture and water content on your skin.
* avoid dehydrated for skin.
* if u oily skin, don't worry, it can hold your skin , and make it like normal skin again.
*easy to get
* heal acne scars.
* easy to absorb
* not sticky.

* yeast smell
* not hygiene, it doesn't have pump

* need extra patience to wait the result
* enspensive but worth it.


  • after clean my face and apply it with my hand, never use cotton pad, i don't want every mili of Pitera absorb on cotton pad, just waste Pitera :(, prefer its absorb on my hand.
  • after that you can use daily moisturizer.
  • i suggest to use 2times a day : morning and night. did u know, apply on night, will help your skin to give function more than u apply on morning? This is a fact not hoax.



Stella Lee said...

aku juga suka banget sama ni :D

Unknown said...

Sama stell saya juga fav ini,bnr bnr miracle water 🍓🍸

Unknown said...

Good to see these useful info here..Thanks a lot for sharing them with us….

Unknown said...

@vishal baid: thanks u like it ;) see u next post

Anonymous said...

aaaakkk pengen nyoba yg ini. tau ga di mana tempat jualnya? tapi mau coba size yg kecil dulu. takut ga cocok >___<

Unknown said...

Coba aja size kecil di yesshishop.com
Kl ga slh dia jual skii miniature size dan start 50rban tp sizenya bnr bnr kecil
Oh ya tips pemkaian skii ,hasilnya ga akan instant. Km perlu pakai rutin selama 2-3 bln, dan hasilnya memuaskan loh ;)
Balik lagi katanya skii cocok cocokan, kl ga cocok bs gatal2.
Good luck

kimkim said...

skitar 2-3 bulan ya?
iya sih banyak yg review juga kalo skii itu cocok2an
tapi masih pengen nyoba hehe
di yessishop.com ya
sipsip makasih ya infonya :D

Unknown said...

Sipp sipp
Balik lahi efek stiap org bd beda.. Ada yg berkhasiat 1 bulan ada baru 3 bln kemudian, yg pasti harus rajin cuci muka, pake FTE 2x seharii
Dan kl gatel2 jual aja murah ke org lain heheheh ga akan rugi, pst ada yg beli

Anonymous said...

abis pk ini, bisa pk bb cream & bedak ga?
soalnya selama ni c cuma pk ini aj tp skrg mo coba pk bb cream

icha said...

yesshishop.com kok g bs aq search y

Unknown said...

Bisa kok ini seperti serum

Unknown said...

Mustinya bisa say

Anonymous said...

coba googling id best buy mereka jual sample harga 200an
gw juga cinta banget sama fte, waktu mau coba beli di best buy itu
bener kattie bilang harus rutin banget pakenya
gw sih 1 bulan pake udah kinclonggggggg

Anonymous said...

sis...FTE iniaslinya cuma adadua macem ukuran ya (75mL dan 150mL)??

Unknown said...

Engaa byk kok sizenya. Ada 75,150,250,300ml ;)

Anonymous said...

Sis, gw juga pake SKII FTE udah hampir 5 th kali, dulu tuh kulit muka gw kusem banget,tp sekarang mendingan, memang efeknya lama baru berasa. Skrg lagi nyoba SKII yang whitening spot specialist buat ngilangin bekas jerawat tapi agak lama nih ilangnya. Btw untuk FTE untuk yang botol glass cuma ukuran 75ml aja atau ukuran gede juga ada yg glass? soalnya belakangan beli yang ada botol plastik semua.

Unknown said...

wah mau banget coba whitening spot, cm harganya mehong n takut ga berhasil neh... FTE 75ml ada plastik n glasss. size besar skrg pd glass.kl ga slh 250ml ada glass.
kl 300ml stauku msh plastik. request aja mbanya, saya mau glass size apa aja =)

Mocapucino House said...

catherine ,aku dah bertahan 7 bulan make FTE ,karena ikutan di femaledaily kayaknya emank kulitku acne prone nih gk cocok aku, gk tau kenapa :( ,aku pake rangkaian Gentle Cleanser+FT lotion+FTE+SS/Stempower/cell deep surge ex (sekarang stempower cocok buat lembabin) :( kuq belum dapat hasil kayak temen2 yang pada review yah,aku sabarin tetep ajah di aku gk soft ,mau aku lego nih semuanya kecuali stempower ,.btw klo ada yg penasaran pingin nyoba nyoba sk-2 boleh deh inbox di FB yah :mocapucino house ,aku bukan full size tapi travel size yah

Misskattie said...

Ooo kayaknya kamu pakai pertama kali lgsg banyak variant x.
Saya awal awal gt ga cocok. Saya stop dl 3 bulan. N ulang lg pakai FTE saja. Stlh oke. Baru dibarengin sm yg lain.

balkony said...

wah, tambah lahi nih referensi baru.moga aja cocok.

Anonymous said...

aku termasuk orang yang cocok juga dengan pittera ini..Udah pernah nyobain wktu zaman lagi rebound, jerawat jadi mayan mendingan..aku juga suka efeknya segar banget. Tapi sekarang udah beralih ke Starting Treatment Essence brand Secret Key, so far so good, punya kandungan yg sama dengan si FTE..aku pikir kalau ada yg lebih bagus n lebih murah dari FTE, why not..hehehehee

Jessica Tyler said...

I don't trust products like these, i have spent a lot of money on such things but nothing provide great results.

Melissa Velardi said...

The most important is the results you get

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