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Monday, 27 August 2012

Countdown before i announce my 1st giveaway

Hi everyone,
If u stopped and look this blog, this is your day babe.
You should join this giveaway, why not?
Just spend 5minutes for join and finish! Free!
So i will tell u how?
Make sure you follow my blog by join this site and follow my twitter http://twitter.com/misskattiey

I celebrate it for my new twitter account. I created this. But dont have a friend.lol! So, pls follow my twitter yoo...
Most of gift i prepare are skii. I am skii lover, if u read my previous blog..

Because i have mini gift for u guys.

Oke what u see? It is only partial of present i prepare for u guys, i have another too, but i will bought it at mall on sunday :) so what the next i will bought? Gift set from usa brand ;) and sure special kit..
Most of my present, i bought in USA BRAND.?why? Because i think usa brand works for me. I dont know how bout u.
So, again...pls wait my official announcement from me. Make sure follow my site and my twitter
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝

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