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Sunday 26 August 2012

I got nightmare everyday. I dream a mystic. Anyone can help?

Hi guys,
In this post, i will not review anything...
I just need your help, idea, suggestion or maybe solution to solve my old problem.

Sorry, i wrote in english, because, i hope some of u in other country can read and understand what i am feeling right now.
Oke, let me tell u,what the problem is.

Since i was in junior high school, i feel different with other teenager.
I feel, i can looks something will happened in the future radius, like prediction for 2weeks u 'ntil 1 month.
The first sight i got was, my sister will get a little accident on that day in de morning. I thought that i already crazy, so i didn't told to my sister, mom, etc, i juts keep on my crazy damn mind.

Once, i wake up in the morning, the vision very clear. I thought that i did an stupid imagination or dreaming.until my old sister went to school, around 15minutes she left, i dropped my food on the floor immediately, and i told to my mom " she will back, she gets a crash". My eyes just look at straight ahead at the door. Like i guess, she came with bleed feet.
they said, it just it just a coincidence Or family feelings.
Oke.. I thought that right.

And then, i can answer my test on junior high school well, only multiple-choice, i look the answer on every single question on the test, i only can use my vision 1 time for test, after that, i can't , i didn't know why. Just like, my vision has been locked for prediction at test, Lol!
And again, i didn't tell it to my mom, sister. Because, no one will believe me, they thought that i was too obsessed to be paranormal, lol.

Until my private physics tutor looked my vision.
He understood what i seen before, maybe first time, he thought that, it is the method to make me understood and want learn physics, so he pretend to believe me. He gave me multiple choice, only 5 seconds i can answer all with correct answer, and he did test,and test again (sure, with multiple choice).
And he told to mom, regarding my prediction, and my mom told to him, to don't hear my obsess too much.

Oke, no problem she didn't believe me. I can see what will be happened for others but i can't see what will happened for me.
I remember, i've ever fall down on junior school stair 3 times in same place, same step on stair every year. ( i fall down on study time, no one in stair at the time, only me). My religion teacher came and help me, she asked me to rest at UKS /first aid room. She told me to be carefully when pass that stair, maybe "something"made me fall , but i cant see. Because, it is impossible i repeat same stupid fall down every year at same place, right?

Before i got my first vision, i never have problem with "mystic zone". After i graduate high school, i can't see any prediction again. I never got vision again.
Honestly, it made me very comfortable and enjoy with my life, i can comeback as ordinary girl like others, without bother with my vision.

1year later....
I can't sleep at the day, and get nightmare at the night.
What i dreamed?
i was dreaming that someone (man) came and hold me to strong, so i can't breath, he didn't let me go, i try run, but he found me and hold my hand. I realize that it is a danger. And it is a dream. I should wake up. But i can't . How?
I pray and speak loud to call "God" to help me on my dream. After, i pray, he gone... I can wake up.

Every i sleep at the day, i always dreamed like that. If i hold "Rosario" (Catholic necklace) he didn't come. So, i realize, maybe a devil came to my dream.

In this year, i decided to have a religion to safe me. I choose Catholic.
But, it haven't been helping me since i became a catholic.
I thought, i don't have strong faith.

Again, i feel it was over annoying for me. I dream like that again, and that dream, i heard his whisper, that he will back again and again.
I pray, he only laugh. I dream my soul run and flay on the air. And try coming back and i found my sister in her room draw her sketch, my mom was cooking, and OMG my body, she sleep. I tried to sleep on my body, but something hold me, i can't.

Seriously, i hopeless, i thought that i will be died. I pray and cry on my room, until my mom came, she got angry , she wake me with speak loud.
She was angry with me, because i sleep too over, and lazy. Once she shouted my name with poke, i wake up, and i am very thankful to her.
I told what i dreamed. I see my mom cooked. I saw what she cooked, and correct. So she believe me. She asked me to don't sleep at the day.

Because of that i hate sleep at de day, i worried i can't wake up again.
My lil sister tell me , she googling for me. Some people if can't wake up when she was sleeping and ever feel fly on the air. She has vision and different with other.
But, some article in google said, that if feel like that means to tried. So our body don't want to wake up.

So, have u ever have experience like me? If yes, how to solve?
Please give me an idea.
I feel this night, if i dream like that, i shouldn't run, i should face him, against him, or i will forever have a fear.

If you think, that i am crazy, lying, or best author mystic novel. Thanks for reading, u don't need to comment below.
If u have same experience, and know how to solve it, pls give an alternative.
anyway, i am not make a senstaion to increase my page's viewer, this is my blog, my story, i would like tell u what i am feeling right now.
Good bless us

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Sara said...

I dunno whether this will help you or not..
well, ak ga punya bakat kayak kamu.. cm pernah "dicurhatin".. intinya si ada yang dtg, curhat dan kadang nanya "boleh ga tinggal disini?" atau kadang mrk cm dtg n curhat aja gt.. kesimpulan saat itu cm 1, kalau mrk da puas, ya mrk pergi..

ada 1 si penjelasannya, secara logis, mungkin kamu secara ga sadar melakukan "out of body experience"
link -> http://www.lucidity.com/NL32.OBEandLD.html
You are not crazy, i can asure that..

Tapi aku ga punya penjelasan mengenai premonition.. maaf..

Sekali lagi aku minta maaf kalau ini ga bantu kamu.. Padahal kamu sampe buat post ini, kamu pasti panik bgt..

Unknown said...

Ga panik bgt sara :) tepatnya sudah biasa, saking biasanya jd lama lama terganggu kl terulang. Knp akhirnya saya post tentang ini krn saya sudah cukup cape tdk bisa menikmati tdr siang saya semenjak vision pertama.
Yappp adeku juga bantu, dia menenangkan dengan cr kl itu bkn "devil" tp body experience.
Thanks for comment ya :)
Ini aq bingung, apakah ada sangkut pautnya sama mistis atau benar cm body exp.
Cuma terakhir bisikan kudengar kl dia bakal dtg, dan saya gtw, apa itu mimpi atau benar, krn dlm mimpi, ada sebuhan angin kencang, benar benar terasa, dan pernah ccku temannya ngalamin setiap malam manahan. Ohh ya kl saya sesekali ngalamin bukan everday ya (anulir), dia ngalamin setiap malam, dan selama 4-5tahun dikejar mahluk aneh,, sampai ga bs bangun , pdhl da dibangunin sodara sodaranya.

Akhirnya dia setiap jam 12 malam, bangun sekeluarga ,doa... Gtw gmn jelasnya selama 1 thn kl doa atau brp, ga jelas infonya, dia ga pernah lg ngalamin hal jaga gt.
Mgkn ini mo sy coba, cm ga kuat hrs begadang.

Leonita Nerisa said...

I think I know that kind of feeling... when I was in elementary school, I do a little concentration I think, siting, close my eyes and focus then I see a vision that my grandfather riding his motorcycle on the road (I know the name of the road too), nothing bad happen to him but I see that very cleary, like watching tv, then I'm a little bit curious so I phoned my grandma and ask where my grandpa is. My granda said that he going to that road to buy something. But I never do it again hahaha

But, I think I get another talent, when I speak about something, purposely or not, it'll happen. as example, last year my friend told a story about her and her boyfriend and suddenly the begin to tried to match me with a boy (just speaking) then I made a joke, I said "just break up with your bf, don't you get boring?" then I continue "it's funny when one day (the boy name) will flirt with you" it was friday. Then on monday, my friend told me that she broke up with her bf and that time (let's call the boy "A") starting to flirt with her...and the story goes on.
another story... when I see a kopaja, I start thinking or feeling(maybe) that it will crashed the car in front of its. (It's on the traffic light) then when the light became to green, the kopaja really crashed the car in front.
and a lot of things happen then my friends told everyone that don't make me angry or something that make me angry because I can curse.. lol (they said that for the joke only)

For your case I think... you have to face it, go fight with that "evil" (p.s : I have experience with it too, but the story is a little bit different). Don't be scared, just yelled at him/her, we have a soul and body so we are stronger than them :)

If you want to share about this mystic kind, maybe I can help you... I have experienced with it... :)


Leeviahan said...

hmm kalo aku percaya makhluk gaib itu ada ,dan emang dalam mimpi buruk itu adalah devil ,kalo tetangga aku juga ada yang begitu dulu ,tapi dia sering di rukiyah gitu dan itu sangat membantu banyak orang yang begitu di rukiyah CMIIW ^_^ semoga membantu ,coba aja cari tempat rukiyah


Unknown said...

Well i believe you are having an out of body experience when ur mom was cooking and the other, yes it is maybe the devil or any of that some sort. I think because you are trying to go into a religion and stay in faith, they (the devil and clans) wil try every sort of way to steer u away from religion by bugging u to the point of you doubting it and stop praying. Never stop praying! As long as you have God, you will win and they will lose. As of your visions, take it as a gift and a curse. All you can do is use it well to your advantage. If ever your family is in danger, just make sure u warn them and if they don't listen, soon enough they will if they see that your warnings were right. Good luck. God Bless You and never stop praying. God and guardian angel are always with you so just called out to them with all your might when u r in danger, you will be ok :)

Unknown said...

Omgg i have friend lol..i remeber too regarding vision.
Do u remember about riot in 98 in jakarta?
On 97 i said to my dad. Like a joke
"i dont like your shop dad, because there will be fire in here"
And my dad very angry with me. He though i like curse.
And i thought maybe, my statement same like curse, or its vision again,
Because on may 98' there was riot, and my shop already burn by them same as my vision.

Unknown said...

Hi lee, rukiyah tu ap say?

Unknown said...

I will. I will still pray.
I thought like u too.
But after graduated,i dont have that talent again.
Just like ordinary girl. But, sometimes, i dreamed the demon/devil came and whispered.

CiKey Kim said...

hey :D
i give you an award..
check this http://cikey-kim.blogspot.com/2012/08/first-awards.html

QIELA said...

rukiyah itu seperti terapi pengusiran hal-hal tidak baik dlm diri kita, biasa nya sih dilakukan oleh ustad yang punya kelebihan utk berkomunikasi dengan makhluk ghaib. biasanya dengan ayat-ayat gitu..

rukiyah ini udah di terapin banyak orang, orang-orang yang merasa dirinya baik-baik aja jg bs di rukiyah, utk menghilangkan setan2 di dirinya, sehingga perilakunya lebih positif.
gitu deh kira-kira..

Unknown said...

Oooo gitu...
Td ada yg email. Ke aku katanya persis kejadian kaya aku. Cm dia ga mau comment disini. Mgkn ga nyaman. Dia nemu solusinya
Thanjx bgt para reader. Kalian cukup membantu..
Ternyata banyak yg ksh solusi via email... Cm banyak bgt solusinya ampe bingung ;)
Kl ada yg ga nyaman comment disini. Blh kok email aq.

Thanx ya skali lg

she says beauty said...

Hai Kattie,
kata pertama dari gue "HMMMMMHHHH....".
gue pernah ngalemin ini sekitar kelas SMP-SMA.
It's like apapun yang gue mimpiin bakal jadi kenyataan. bukan karena gue yang nentuin tapi mostly kayak dikasi tau dulu.
for ex,
gue mimpi cici gue dirampok. that's all.
paginya gue bangun dan gue blg ke nyokap ttg mimpi gue. she's just laughing at me dan blg gw tll banyak mikir. guess what, gak sampai 15menit, ada tlp dari rumah sakit ngabarin kalo cici gw habis dirampok di depan kantornya dan dia terseret di aspal sejauh lebi kurang 1 meter (karena tangannya kesangkut tas yang mau di rampok).

then gue mimpi tabrakan dengan mobil box (ato apalah sebutannya),
and it happens too.
etc etc.
sampai akhirnya gue ceritain ini ke my fiancee,
he's a christian.
dan dia cuma minta gue ngelakuin 1 hal. stop recall ingatan gue setelah gue bangun tidur.
karena whatever it happens, it's JUST A DREAM. and he ask me to tell myself IT'S JUST A DREAM..!
karena katanya, kalau kita memang 'mau' terbawa, biasanya 'mereka -yang tak terlihat- itu' akan semakin masuk lagi dan lagi ke dalam hidup kita. mulai dari mimpi, seakan-akan kita diberi 'keistimewaan' dan bukan sesuatu yang salah (sampai kita percaya dulu) baru nanti mulai diarahkan ke yang tidak benar.

Awalnya tentu susah karena gue cenderung (terbiasa) bangun dan inget2 apa mimpi gue barusan. tapi gue berusaha mulai pagi dengan doa (iman gue gak bagus2 amet btw *ngaku*) walaupun gue bukan org yang rajin berdoa, i really tried my best (dan memang sih kadang kecolongan alias lupa doa apalagi kalo ada panggilan pagi dari WC :p)
tapi entah kenapa gue percaya dimana ada niat disitu ada jalan *basi banget yahhh*.
so walaupun doa gue suka bolong, tapi kalo gue lagi inget, gue doa bener2. bukan cuma merem komat-kamit dan melek lagi.

dan karena gue memang bener2 mau tolak ini 'keistimewaan', gue bener2 gk mau inget, bahas dan melakukan apapun untuk mengaitkan mimpi gue dengan real life.
jadi gue selalu bangun, langsung duduk dan doa, langsung main hape atau nyalain tivi buat mengalihkan perhatian gue.
and yah it works :)
sekarang gue uda gk bisa inget-inget lagi mimpi gue apa. bahkan mimpi gue semalam apa gue totally no idea. kadang kalau mimpi itu terlalu jelas, gue bisa inget tapi bener2 samar2. kayak misalnya mimpi makan di restoran *halah* nah gue cm inget buram2 ada restoran. udah. dan gue juga gamau kepo dengan recall ingatan gue "adu apa ya tadi mimpinya" *berusaha dipikirin*

i think u need to try a little. maybe it helps :)
karena annoying banget kalau istirahat itu malah bikin kita gak istirahat, yet lebi cape daripada kerja :)

and last, jgn lupa kalau kamu jauh lebi kuat dari apapun mereka itu, kecuali Tuhan. jadi jangan izinin mereka punya kendali di hidup kamu :D *gereja banget yah? dugh maaaf tp itu murni dari pikiran gue bukan ngutip kalimat pendeta :S*

have a blessed day and have a good rest tonight, tmrw nite and forever :D

she says beauty said...

oh iye mungkin kedengarannya gk nyambung. kok cici gue yg dirampok tp rumah sakit yang telepon -___-

karena dia keseret aspal, badan dan wajah dia berdarah2 jadi sama org setempat lsg dibawa ke RS. then krn dia masi trauma, dia cm bisa ngmg "mama mama" sambil nangis2 dengan pandangan kosong. dann gk bisa sebutin apa2 selain itu. jadi pihak RS calling home dengan nyari2 no tlp di hp nya :s

Unknown said...

Pertama, saya baca commentmu. Saya ngakak lol.
Komat kamit merem melek, thats what happened to me. #shy
Then, thank u bgt caranya...
Tp yg disini. Bkn masalah kelebihan aq bs meramal lagi say, kelebihan atau kekurangan (tergantung menilai) sudah diambil dan dikembalikan tuhan selepas sma.
Cuma masalahnya yg sy hadapi adalah..
Saya tdk bisa bangun saat tidur siang,
Dan mimpi melayang terbang saat malam.
Bahkan dikejar org seperti setan.
:( tangan saya suka ditarik dlm mimpi,dan saya sdar betul,itu adalah mimpi
Dan saya harus berjuanh untuk bangun, cm bagaimana? Doa..
Cm 1 tahun ok...2 thnn agak cape 3-4thn ngaleminnya, jd terganggu. Itu dia masalahnya say :(

Kakakku pas kena rampok kaya kakakmu keseret sampe darah darah,pernah tu, pas dia kerja. :(

Lady Klepon said...

saat baca ini aku langsung tau miss, kamu lagi diikuti sama sesuatu yang tidak terlihat ><
"he" enggak menunjukan dirinya dalam keadaan sadar. but "he" always follow you everyday everytime everywhere except rumah peribadatan.
ada beberapa kasus yang "he" menunjukan diri, atau menunjukan suaranya. ada yang cuman bikin yang diikuti ngerasa nggak nyaman setiap hari, ada yang sampe masuk ke dalam mimpi dan bikin kita seakan punya penglihatan, ada yang sampe masuk ke dalam badan yang bikin efek kesurupan gitu.
nah kayaknya kamu masuk ke dalam kategori masuk ke mimpi, dan tubuh kamu mengalami astral projection dimana badan kamu dibawa keluar dan diajak jalan2 ke masa depan (kamu ga sadar udah dibawa) kemudian kalo kamu turuti terus dia akan bawa kamu semakin dalam semakin dalam.. sampai akhirnya lalalala....lalala...
oh iya, mereka juga kayak kita lho.. ada yang punya agama ada yang enggak.. hihi. pernah pengalaman temen aku kemasukan kemudian dibacain ayat suci alquran. biasanya langsung mereka kayak kebakaran atau teriak2, ini enggak, ternyata agamanya bukan islam -_- jadi nggak bakal ngefek.
saran aku, kamu dateng ke pastur dan curhat sama dia, minta ritual pengusiran..dan juga, kamu harus kuatin iman kamu sama yang diatas. :)
sebenernya ada sih cara mistik, kamu minta bantuan sama temen kamu yang punya kemampuan. tapi jarang banget orang yang bisa bantu :)


Unknown said...

Pertam tama... Thank u atas masukan nya
Kedua... Kamuuu bkn saya merindingggg
Saya prefer bakal coba saran wenny
Semoga berguna... Dan untuk ke pastur boleh tuh,,. Setelah cara ini berhasil.
Wah mampir ah ke lblogmu juga ;)

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