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Saturday 4 August 2012

July Favorite Skincare 2012

i don't realize , its already on august 2012. so i move to make my July Favorite 2012.yeaaa....
so i will show you  my favorite in August 2012.

  • Aqua cure Natural Peeling
  • SKII Facial Clear Lotion
  • SKII Cellumination Mask In Lotion
  • SKII Facial Treatment Essence
  • SKII Cellumination Essence
  • SKII Cellumination Deep in Surge
  • SKII Facial Treatment UV Protection  SPF 25
  • KIEHLS Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  • KIEHLS Blemish Control
  • Shu Uemura Cleansing oil
oke, i know there are a lot skincare products i used, but i never use it in same time. i use it when i needed it or concern about.

Facial Treatment UV Protection SPF25,PA++
i don't want my skin have dark-spot and i prevent with always diligent to use it before going out all day.
you need sun protection at least spf25, to protect your skin from sun effects.

SKII Cellumination Deep Surge
it looks like cream,but once i touch it, feel like freeze cream and gel, never makes my skin oily and easy to absorb, texture was light ,makes your skin glow like aura, and never worry about redness.

Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
is there anyone of you said it so so?if there, i said, "i agree"
i dont know why many reviews wrote Kiehl's MRC makes your skin like dewy after 2weeks. i already used it for 3months, and didn't see anything. the one reasons i put it in my Favorite of July 2012 is this is my night essence and makes my skin moist all night. smell very relax ,contains Lavender extract oil.

SKII Cellumination Mask In Lotion
i used it to replace as toner, and i used it on tonight .

It was my SOS BLEMISH Killers :D, i am using it EVERY single i get acne, it can be used for acne, blackhead, and whitehead. its works for me and it was my SOS emergency Blemish Killers Best Ever i had.

SKII Cellumonation Essence
first time i was used , i got my skin breakout and i had stopped it for 3months. becoz, i realize it was expensive around 1million more, i force my self to tried it again. Lucky me, after i stopped for 3months, this one suitable and makes my redness gone after 2months use it.

i don't want to write more about it again- i worry u said "yayaya.. u always said like that" so, you can read on my review on HERE and HERE and Result on HERE
i just wanna said, GREAT!!

i used it for my daily cleansing face , it takes all makeup on your face and not makes your skin dry after washing.

 SKII Facial Treatment Clear lotion
for taking oil on skin and prevent acne. used as a toner in the morning.

Natural Aqua Cure Gel
it is my favorite of this month, I have been using this until the half. it can takes dead skin and smooth after it.

oh oke, i know you will said i am half of crazy use many skincare for my skin, to be honest, i am scary too at first time. but i comfort with my skincare now. when i was dry, i used kiehls, when i got acne, i use kiehls acne, Mostly, i used SKII than other brands. I ever tried other brands before SKII, yaa it was "my desire of teenager". 
i have used Loccitaine, TheBodyShop, TheFaceShop. Until i found SKII.

And Since i wear it, i am so happy with the result. I hope I'm not addicted with SKII, LOL!
so, this is my July Favorite Skincare 2012.How about u?

please leave me a comment below: i loved to read your July Favorite 2012.

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see u everyone!



Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

wow. skincarenya wow... abis berapa itu buat muka ? haha ^^

BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

Unknown said...

Wow sha, sudah ga berani hitungg
Tp kl ini hbs, sy bakal beli yg plg ngefek aja.
Biasa banci skincare ...apa aja dicoba hahaha

Unknown said...

Hi kattie,,
itu cure aqua natural gel beli dimana?? mudah"an bukan di spore. >_<
kalo di indo beli diman yaa,, pengen cobaa si aku.
thx u..:D

Unknown said...

Hi sis saya beli di fb zaturashop

Anonymous said...

hi sist..
utk muka berjerawat n oily bgt, recommend yg mana dlu ya..rangkaian nya apa aja?thanks

Unknown said...

Makaudnya skii?
Kalo skii untuk oily yg pst FTE penting.
Dan kalo pelembabnya stauku faciao clear lotion,mtextur gel, ga bikin minyakan, bs tanya sama beauty advisornya juga.

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