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Friday 17 August 2012

Lucky charm- bella's dream catcher

Hi are u twilighters like me?
If yes , u will know. What is it?

Well, it is bella's dream catcher, jacob gave it for bella, to make her sleep tight.Lol.
Now dream catcher will be famous in twilighters community.

I gottt it babe!
It is mine..
I know, you will be "gubrak" look at i have.
It's not pretty same like bella's have.
But i think, it has 60% pretty same like her.
Hahhaa.. You can call replica grade C.
But it's okelah...
I got it from my sister, she have 2 dream catcher.
She take purple one for her, and gave me damn black for me.lol

I looks she have pretty good than mine. But, its okelah than noting , isn't it?
I am twilighters who love love too much with anything bella's have,doing.
Actually, i am not try being her.just, inspired from her.
Here are mini galleries of dream catcher i have.
Well, Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be launched on november 2012. I can't wait the last sequel of this film.

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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