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Friday 17 August 2012

PHYTO Purifying Treatment Shampoo Review

Hi, i am being crazy tonight, because i already make a final review for a product, and stupid me, i delete it before i publish it.
How crazy i am, i should start in beginning again.
I am disappointed with my stupid self. Why i did that...
Oke, forget it! If you join and follow my site, guyz, you will remember , currently, i am a user of phyto product.
Basically, i got it and tried it. And pretty loved it.
You know i was had problem with dandruff, now i am free from damn dandruff.
Oh ya, just short review regarding my post in HERE.
I wouldn't recommend it for u, because, it has fine fragrance which make my scalp irritate, and produce more oily.
I should shampoo everyday.
So, i contact their beauty agent, and told it. They will replace my current shampoo, with oily shampoo after they did test on my scalp.
I can't wait their package come to my house, so i decided to bought from sogo. After i bought it, the package deliver to my home. So i have 2 bottle for oily scalp.

Before i review it, i tried it for 10 days, and shampoo my hair every 2 days.
I am not a typical review it after i got. My priority is you. So i should tried it, to make my readers get the real result.
So here is Purifying Treatment Shampoo i have.

They always using silver bottle, with simple design.

After i use it, i am pretty satisfied with the result, my scalp isn't easy to oily again. But in third day, i should shampoo my hair,because will be oily.
But, after i shampoo it, i should put conditioner on my hair, not my scalp. Because the shampoo formula makes my hair dry and rough.
Again, it hasn't produce more bubble once u rinse it, it hasn't contain more detergent that make my hair irritate, itchy, acne scalp.
When i starch my scalp, my acne scalp become bloody. Now, it will not happen again.
Sure, i am quite happy with this shampoo. I recommend it for u, if u have oily scalp. Because if i can solve my oily scalp, future concern only hair fall after that i will reach normal hair.
Are u interest to solve your problem hair? Why not try to set up meet with Phyto Beauty Agent in SOGO ? You will get a great advise.
I hope, my review can help you to get beautiful hair,and solve our hair problem.
If u satisfy with my review..pls pls.. Subscribe my blog, with join my site and click it on side box.

See u next post
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Unknown said...

Hello! Glad to see your review.
I just bought PHYTO which is for oily and dandruff.
And yes, she (SPG) scan my scalp and recommend the product that i saw in your review before.
Hope it'll work for me too :)

Unknown said...

Hi ellen tan
I dont really know what oily and dandruff you are.
But my suggest was. You should try phyto dandruff shampoo number 1 in small size 100ml.
It is a little bit expensive than big size number2,
But number 1 was very helpful for killing my dandruff until clean. After that, i can focus the treatment my oily, hair fall and sensitive skin. Hope it works for u too.
Glad to know your review too ;)
Good luck

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