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Saturday 29 September 2012

Recipe: Hainam Chicken Rice

are you curious how Misskattie make Hainam Chicken Rice?
let's see on My Culinary Blog :)

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Wednesday 26 September 2012


is there any of you who have tried SHU Uemura anti UV SPF 30,pa++? 
here's the review!

i don't remember when i started using UV protection, i only have SKII UV protection , the texture was different with shu uemura.

Shu uemura offers us new technology for applying anti UV.
oke most of woman avoid the use of sunscreen/ UV protection.
because... they worry will make their face super oily and comedogenic cause an acne, am i right?

Now you don't worry to use UV Protection, you can avoid cream or lotion sunscreen.
i challenge you to try SHU UEMURA UV BASE spf30,pa++

the first time, i thought they will produce mousse slightly. but I was wrong, once I press the pump 1 time. it produced too much mousse. be careful when pump it.

as you can see, texture like a mousse, very light for using and not make my face sticky and oily.

i blend mousse on my hand, and wait for 10 seconds. Hula! it has speed power to absorb on my skin, and didn't leave sticky feel. 
you can see, no shine and oily :)
SPF30,PA++ i think is pretty enough for Indonesia, you can use it as a base and path it with your pact.
so if you are worries to try uv base, you can choose this one! No sunburn! no darkspot.

meanwhile, i remember about dark spot...
i have friend, she has dark spot  i think "a lot" on her face, its because she never care about her face, she never use Sunscreen or Sunblock. she has oily skin tend to acne.
everytime she used sunblock, her skin become melt and super oily.
I remember her and i send it to her, what her comments for it?
she told me that it is awesome product, she used it every morning before went to office and this UV base didn't make her skin melt .

Misskattie Said:
I use it after cleans my face and then use loose powder, and i ready to face my world ;)

you can buy on SHU UEMURA PLAZA SENAYAN, add their Twitter on SHUEUMURA & their page on SHU UEMURA FB

Rp 525.000

the pump was hard to press, once i press it , i got more foam on my hand :(

depending on the amount of usage, normally around3 months.

thanks for reading my blog :)
i hope u all enjoy



Sudah saatnya saya bilang "tidak" pada snack seperti chiki, ring ring , tao, chitato...
Saya belakangan pada 6bulan terakhir doyan sekali makan makanan ini. Padahal sudah tau tidak baik dan bisa membuat leukimia, cm rasanya enak dan seru.

Biasa saya sakit tenggorokan, saya ga pernah sampe amandel bengkak. Semenjak makan beginian, amandel saya habiss bengkak.
Sakit dikit, langsung bengkak :(

Sedih banget....
Sudah 2 minggu berobat dan minum obat, bahkan dosisnya sudah dinaikan sama dokter dr 500mg menjadi 800mg
Tetap ga mempan. Astaga...
Amandelku masih bengkak dan merah

Rencananya minggu ini. Saya mau ke RS ke dokter internist untuk berobat, sudah ga tahan lagi.

Kmrn sempet ke dokter umum, dia bilang "waduuuuuu amandel kamu bengkak bangettt, kamu sering makan chiki ya?"

Engga sering, ya sebulan 1x sekali makan bisa 1 kantong ukuran besar, habis dalam 15menit. Gawat ga tuh?

Dan jarang makan buah dan sayur,... Benar benar keadaan tdk mendukung neh :(

Apa yg harus dilakukan? Adakah ide? Atau ngalemin hal seperti ini?

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Tuesday 25 September 2012

EVENT: LANCOME Hypnosis Dolly eyes mascara

so, Saturday 22 September 2012, i get a chance to sit and see the battle of HANA and Carnelin from IBB :)
concept of this event is where 2 IBB becomes a conceptor makeup, and they will work with the makeup artist and the model itself.

Carnelin and Hana had to drive and their ideas to the MUA to implement their concept to models.

 carnelin was busy to search what the best colors for models, she has concept dool looks makeup.

 different  with carnelin, hana has a concept for playing with color for eyes to make it look like a barbie.

This is the result of their makeup :)

and the winner of this battle was 
carnelin! yeahh congratz ya ^_^ actually i like hanna concept. i look the model has bigger lid use her concept. unfortunately, many visitor vote for carnelin :) but it's oke ^_^ i like carnelin too. she was a kind blogger that i meet ^_^

and for the closing ceremony, they present Dance like a doll.
she looks like a doll, u know! she was tall OMG! and stunning ^_^
oh ya, i have a picture for u, this is my fav Bloggers , Hana anindita 
and carnelin 
she got TICKET PASS for de next battle for makeup. congratzz !!!
and here is the goodie bag that i got.
wow! I THINK polaroid is "in" now in many events. i get my first POLAROID photo from SHU events and then this one :) i have chance to take a pic with 2 beautiful models.

i know! you will say that i am smaller than de models,right? LOL! they are so tall, and have fair skin, OMG! i look darker with them LOL! and you can see i am so chubby compared with them. hahaa !!! i should diet for getting slim and proportional. not too skinny but not chubby.

and sure with Superrr MIniiiii Goddie bag.

thank u for reading my blog, i hope u enjoy ^^
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Sunday 23 September 2012

Review: Masami Shouko Brush review

Masami Shouko Powder Brush Review...
Masami Shouko Powder Brush 102 Rp 168,900,-
Masami SHouko Powder Brush made me surprise when i touched, the brush was really soft than the looks.
i thought that it will be rough. oh ya, i already cleans this brush, wow this brush is easy to clean & dry. i have Thebodyshop Brush, But it wasn't easy to dry.

it has strong power press for holding the brush, i thought.. because it hasn't easy fall when i use it and clean it.

i used this brush to apply powder / pact sometimes as finishing brush.
oh ya, it has big round shape, you know.. it can help you to swipe and blend all powder on your face and body.

if you want to know ,how soft is it (you never touched it), let me describe to you with comparison with famous brush
if you have sigma SS150 or F20 and MAC 134, it soft like sigma F20 , MAC 134 Powder brush i thought not soft that i am expect. it has quite rough in some part of brush, i don't know why many people like MAC 134, i thought.. it only spend my money for makeup brush. better i choose sigma brush or masami shouko brush.
But, sometimes i upset with sigma Brush, now their quality isn't great then i ever bought on 2010 (if i am not wrong), in 2010.. i bought their brush, super duper soft and strong not easy to fall when used and cleans.
But in 2012, i found many hair fall during cleaning brush.

so, i recommend Masami Shouko Powder Brush for beginner and makeup artist.
i have friend, she is a makeup artist professional. she told me that she used masami shouko brush because super cheap and soft. sometimes, she need 4 Powder brush, 10 eyeshadow brush, she can't clean the brush and wait it dry, and used it. 
and it is impossible to buy 10 pcs MAC brush for makeup, because Very super duper expensive. 
so she only bought Masami brush, she can safe many Rupiahs for Makeup Tools, because it has strong quality and soft (she never get complain from client)

Masami Shouko Angle Shading Rp 25,900,-
sometimes i need make a shadow to make my looks bigger and dramatic looks, most of brush in indonesia has Big shape for angle shading which isn't suitable with mono-lid eyes. you know mono lid-eyes maybe have or doesn't have eyelid. so that's why we always looking small brush for eyeshadow and brush for mascara.

Masami Shouko sends it to me, to try their gorgeous brush. i say i like this brush isn't because it is Free and Sponsor Review. you know i can buy mac one or sigma if you want.
i decided to review it because it is really amazing, great price! Great Quality.

again on quality section, Masami concern with it, they press the brush strong (maybe glue) i don't know, but i really comfortable use it and clean it, no worries make my brush become bald.

Sometips :anyway you know , i used it as my shading nose and blending with my finger.

anyway.. you can see the price very adorable price. isn't it?


Pacific Place B1 #10A.  Tel: 021-57973827
Gandaria City LG #15.   Tel: 021-29052956
Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156
Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)
SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris
Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

Perfect Beauty Shop www.perfectbeautyshop.com
Fimela Shop www.fimelashop.com 

see on each description..

Powder brsuh packaging wasn't make me interest :(

i used powder brush for loose powder and angle shading for eye shading and make nose

thank you for reading my blog, and tell me what is your fav brush from masami :)
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Kay Collection, Masami Shouko, Dolly Wink Koji Indonesia, Credo Indonesia

and their twitter MASAMI & KAY collections 


Saturday 22 September 2012

Fenomena dalam dunia perbloggeran

Aduh judulnya terkesan berat ya?
Hanya sekedar sharing dan chit chat kepada pembaca dan sesama anggota blogger.
Fenomena 1 follow to follow
Terkadang saya melihat banyak sekali blogger meminta follow, nanti saya follow back. Apakah ini salah?
Tidak ada yg pantas dan layak mengatakan ini salah...
Selama yang bersangkutan tidak merasa keberatan dan terbeban memfolow orang, tidak ada yang salah...
Yang salah adalah..jika yg diajak untuk follow tdk mau mengfollow. Namun si blogger tersebut terus menerus memaksa. Annoying kan?
Ada baiknya jika kalian ingin difollow seseorang, followlah orang tersebut dan tawarkan komen "maukah anda follow back pls?"
Mau tidak mau itu terserah dia, silakan unfollow bila kalian merasa "rugi".
Sebenarnya, kalian tidak perlu memaksa orang untuk follow kalian terlebih dahulu, ini berarti kalian takut kalau dia tdk follow back dan rugi sudah nambah jumlah follower mereka.
Atau seperti saya, terkadang saya follow back org bukan karena dia follow saya, tetapi saya suka dengan blognya. Taukah kamu, akan merasa annoying jika kalian "terpaksa" follow seseorang karena suatu alasan.
Jumlah follower dan viewer dikit?
Banyak bbrp faktor menyebabkan follower anda sedikit/tdk ada. Mungkin:
* blog anda tidak menarik
* isinya susah dimengerti
* tdk dikenal, who's care?
* target reader tidak tepat.
Dan ada beberapa kasus saya baca, senior blog diminta newbie untuk follow blog newbie.
Apa reaksi senior blogger? Diam dan tak membalas, ada juga membalas.
Lalu kalian judge mereka sombong?
Itu hak mereka. Mungkin mereka merasa senior atau mungkin mereka berpikir saya follow seseorang karena isinya menarik. Kenapa harus saya follow kamu? Isi blogmu ga menarik.
Jadi, daripada sibuk gangguin senior blogger untuk follow back kalian. Better belajar drpd para senior blogger , kenapa sih mereka bisa disukai, banyak viewernya? Dengan begitu. Kamu bs menciptakan follower setia drpd followerr semu yg terpaksa.
Oh ya sedikit cerita lucu, dari copycat seseorang
Kalian tau stella lee?(maaf stella bawa nama kamu), dia terkenal dengan rambut pirangnya dan poni tebalnya.
Sudah gituu kl saya ketemu dia dievent. Dia plg gampang dikenali dengan trademark rambut panjang pirangnya.Itu ud trademark stella kyknya. ;)
Nah ceritanya, "kayaknya" ada salah satu blogger ngikutin gaya stella lee. Dari panjang rambut, warna rambut blonde, sampai poni tebal (kl tak salah ingat) pas liat sepintas, ini stella lee ya?
Pas dia menghadap depan dengan wajahnya bukanlah wajah stella lee...
Tp justru penampilan dia terlihat super aneh krn memaksakan diri mirip kaya stella lee.
Ya ga ada juga yg salah, sah sah saja... Sayapun ga berhak kritik. Cuma better jadilah diri sendiri. Supaya kita bisa menunjukan kepada orang kalau kita beda dengan dia.
fenomena 2 giveaway rules
Salah satu persyaratan giveaway para blogger dan vlogger adalah "follow my twitter", "follow my blog/youtube" atau like fan page.
Saya juga ga munafik, saya menerapkan kok rules ini pada giveaway saya.
Apa yg terjadi? Yg follow twitter saya membludak banyak, namun begituu event selesai. Beberapa dr Mereka unfollow saya.
Nyesek? Enggalah... Jadi saya tau ohhh dia tipenya kaya gituuu. Saya juga ga akan mau memaksakan atau neror org untuk selalu suka dan follow twitter saya. Syukur syukur yg join giveaway dan masih ada yg memfollow twitter saya.
Saya menerapkan rule follow twitter bukan pengen nunjukin "saya penting...saya mau tekenal...kamu harus ikuti saya"
Tapi karena saya baru menggunakan twitter dan ga lucu donk.. Masa didunia twitter saya sendirian ga ada yg nemenin ngobrol hahahaha...ya ga? Jadi rules giveaway follow twitter boleh donk.
Bagaimana dengan follow blog? Sama kaya follow twitter sah sah aja. Mau buat aturan seperti itu ;)
Terus like fanpage fb? Nah ini dia agak beratttt
Saya tdk ada fanpage, karena saya blm terkenal dan sebesar artist.
Ngapain mereka like fanpage saya kl cuma terpaksa ikut giveaway dan mereka harus pusing melihat home fb penuh dengan postingan saya. Hahaha....
Saya tdk mau memaksakan org untuk fanpage. Maybe someday kl saya banyak pembaca dan dukungan massa (kampanye kaleeee) baru tak bikin fanpage.hehehe..
Kl cuma likenya 3-10org mending add as friend aja x ya di fb pribadi.
Terus terang, saya terkadang tdk ikut giveaway blogger kenapa?
Selain saya gaptek dengan sistem mesin mereka. Bbrp blogger meminta like fanpage. Waduhhhh kl saya ga suka sebenarnya dengan fb dia gmn? Cm demi hadiahnya! Jangan deh kasian... Ga mgkn kan kamu unlike lagi setelah giveaway berakhir! Again itunamanya kalian terlalu, better ga usa ikutan giveaway dia.
Fenomena 3
Copycat blog orang.
Saya pernah baca salah satu blogger dicopy reviewnya oleh blogger lain, habis habisan.
Buset! Sebenarnya apa tujuan kamu blog kalo cm mau copy dan kamu tdk bs review dengan bahasamu? Cm mau terkenal dan dikenal? Mending dirimu aktif kegiatan sosial lingkungan aja. Lebih mudah dan bs dikenal masyarakat.
Apakah ini salah copycat blog orang?
Ya salah lah! Siapa coba yg rela dicopy isi review tanpa ijin dan mengcantumkan sourcenya?
Apalagi kalau sampai comot foto blogger lain,untuk blog kamu tanpa ijin.
Ohya, sebelum saya di demo sama pembaca, mgkn kalian bbrp lihat foto saya "mungkin" mirip dengan temptalia. Jika ya "terharuuu" saya bukan comot ft dia ya. Saya take a pic by myself. Dia sangat menginspirasikan saya dlm dunia blogger, saya banyak belajar dr dia. Dr segi gaya foto dan kerapian blognya.bukan berarti saya copy paste foto dan isinya.
Ga tau dan ga ada ide mau nulis apa dlm review?
Drpd comot blog org dan tempel review mereka diblogmu. Terus dihujat massa. Better kamu pejamkan mata...tarik nafas. Berpikirlah apa yg kamu ingin katakan tentang produk ini. Apa yg kamu tdk suka dan suka. Expirementlah terlebih dahulu agar kamu tau seperti apa produk reviemu.
Sebenarnya penuh resiko didunia maya.. Ada hater and lovers. Tdk semua dunia perbloggeran berjalan mulus. Semoga chit chat ga penting ini ckp menghibur pembaca yaaa...
Sekian dulu ya cerita fenomena di dunia perbloggeran ;)
Mohon maaf jika ada kata yg salah...
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

NARS Cheek Palette - Foreplay

NARS Cheek Palette ~ Review, Photos, Swatches

i can't stop to say "wow" when i get this palette.
i got this from Zaturashop. they gave me for review purpose, and i agree with them that this is the best collections of NARS, you know how many i said that i am so in love with Nars Orgasm Blush. the colors really pigmented , so peachy pink.
and ...
in this post, i would tell u that i got all i need for cheek.
which are:
  • Peachy matte Blush
  • Gold Highlighting Blush
  • Orgasm Blush
  • Pink matte blush
once i got the package and open the package, i will never let it go on my hand, you know...
i think , it will be de next of my fav.product of the month.
what i need for my cheek in 1 palette, i can take it my blush and Hi-lite in 1 palette.


Misskattie Said:
i think i can't describe what i am feeling now. i recommended this item for you. because they are really pigmented and all de best colors in here.


$49 , you can ask the Zaturashop. for price

no! i didn't see any CONS for moment

apply high-litter (gold one) for your nose, cheek apple and you can use blush brush for applying gorgeous blush

depending on the amount of usage, normally 5 months

i hope u enjoy with my review, and don't forget to Follow my site with Join This site.
thanks for reading

 Pink matte blush
Peach matte blush
Gold Highliting Blush

i am son in love with this palette
again! thank u for reading my blog ^^
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Thank u so much for reading


Friday 21 September 2012

EVENT: Shu Uemura & Monshu Icon (part2)

oke This is a continuation of the report SHU UEMURA that I wrote part 1 HERE.
so in this post, i will show you the product that will be launching on november 2012.
i am so excited to tell u. because they make a cute packaging for it
oke start from their eyeshadow
Mon shu girls show to us their new line for november which is Karl Lagerfeld for SHU UEMURA

Looks! there was Monshu Icon in mirror ! yeay!

 AW!!! i want this ! Hipp hippp Hore... so cute is it :)

cleansing oil with MONSHU icon in Limited edition.

and my FAV & BEST SELLER product from SHU UEMURA
so what do you think. this is cute right???

Thank u for reading my blog, i hope you enjoy ;)
seeu next post
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