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Sunday 9 September 2012

August favorite 2012

I know, i always write monthly favorite late.
It because, i should prepare any post and product review from a company.
You know, make a useful review is not easy.

I should think ...think and think and do a test of any product i got from company, to make sure my readers get the honest opinion from the product.

So, i feel i. August my skin sometimes dry and oily.
Sometimes redness and itchy, i don't know why, until i am going a facial aesthetic clinic.

I don't want to make my skin as bet object. So, i choose facial clinic where have a doctor in there.. I mean real "doctor" with tittle ,Spkk on her name. Correct me if wrote wrong.
I see many facial clinic like saloon , bridal, until facial clinic centre offers facial treatment without doctor in there. They only wear white jacket like my lab biology jacket when i was junior high school.
So, the conclusion is, i was going to facial clinic, consult my skin and get the special treatment, they solve my problem and done! Just it! Only 1 time i did treatment in there,..

Okey, that wasn't connection with our post today.lol forgive meee
So, lets we start it

I can say this month, i am only review less product than before, this is mini fav items of this month.
1. Loccitane ultra rich lotion,
2. Clinique all about eyes serum roller
3. Maybeline magnum volume mascara
4. Skinfood red orange sun powder spf 45,pa++
5. Canmake gradient blush
6. TDF Ultra light hydration
7. SKII advanced eye treatment firm
9. Ysl lipstick
10. NARS lipglass orgasm

Loccitane ultra rich lotion.
I am coming back and use this one, because it has light smell and not sticky.
I have dry skin, i need their 15% shea butter.
After i used it, feel my skin smooth and glow. I love glow skin, don't u?

When i feel tried after typing my work and task on computer, i take it and roll it all over my eyelid and under my dark circle.
It will moist and make your tried eyes fresh instant.
Tips: better put it on ur beauty refrigerator.

Maybelline magnum volume mascara.
I love this brand, cheap and great. I love their volume mascara.

Skinfood red orange sun powder.
Anyone will love any kind of uv protection , if u live in jakarta.
I need this powder , because has high SPF and texture not my skin sticku and oily, because it is powder.

Canmake gradient blush
I love their peach natural colors.
I use peach as blush
White as a highlight.

TDF Ultra light hydration
Help u to moist ur face, prevent acne and not oily, i got it from facial cliniC.
Its works

SKII advanced eye treatment firm
I love skii and i comfort with their eye treatment. Hope it can prevent my first line and wrinkle.

I use it after moisturizer and before powder. I love their formula. Not like other sunblock, it is not sticky.

Ysl lipstick
Hahahhaaa how many times i put it as my fav of the month? Seriously!
U should try it! Their colors very beautiful

Nars lipglass orgasm
I love their shade. Goldy pink natural. Very recommended.

So, this is my fav of august 2012, how about u? I would like read yours.
Pls comment below with ur link too. I will happy to read that



Monic said...

skinfood nya itu loose powder kah say??

britzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
britzie said...

I love canmake gradation cheek and ysl lipstick too! :D

Xiao Vee said...

nice post cie :D
benernya pengen post monthly fav jg ^^ mudah2an bulan ni bisa :) hehe

Unknown said...

cie, pake bb cream ndak?

Unknown said...

Iya loose powder say ;)

Unknown said...

Yes , me too
Ysl lipstick creamy and pigmented ;)

Unknown said...

Ayoo xiaovee buat jugaaa
Aku juga mau bacaa

Unknown said...

Pake bb cream... Kadang kadang sihhh
Sebenarnya kata org bagusan bb cream drpd foundation

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

pernah coba body butternya The body shop yang shea butter gak say? ama yg loccitane, lebih lembab mana ya? soalnya blom pernah coba loccitane :p LoL

wei goddess said...

as...nice...penasaran sama ysl lipsticknya ni..
sama aku punya y Maybelline magnum voulme mascara...suka bgt sama mascara yg ni...
jadi pengen bikin monthly fav. jg ni...

btw I held giveaways..
would you like to join?

Unknown said...

Sure, i would like. Thanks for inviting me :)

Unknown said...

Jauhh lembapan TBS, Cm TBS ada parabennya. Ini ga ada. :( jdnya sy pilih ini

Beatrix said...

miss itu aku naksir banget sama nars lipglass orgasmnyaaa aduh pasti secantik blushon nya deh huhuhu

Shasha said...

magnum!! one of my favourite too~ :D

Unknown said...

Hmmm aq lbh suka yg dolce vita dia bgs bgt dibibit drpd nars
Cm dolcevita ilang,jdlah ini warna fav ku sementara hahah

Unknown said...

Tosss ;)

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