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Friday 21 September 2012


Hi everyone...
Tuesday 18 September 2012 , miss katie attended the lunch at NANINII Plaza Indonesia with Shu Uemura, related to the discussion and introduction of  Their Karl Lagerfeld.

The event was attended by the beauty bloggers and media.
event itself begins with an introduction to their product that was exhibited by Monshu girl.
oh yeah Monshu girl that looks like this:

BA!!! scarry? i am not, i think she is cute :)
and  there were a lot of MONSHU girl in there.

in this event, SHU UEMURA bring their SHU UMUERA who was accredited  by Shu Uemura (japan),  He was John Pangadu from philippines.
I saw him in demonstrating how to look like Monshu Girl's makeup with deft and relaxed, see how relaxed he is in applying lipstick to a model, right?

and this is he did for eyeshadow

The point on this event was  not to show to u that  I was invited to eat and blah blah blah ..

misskattie.com want to explain that on 1 november 2012, they will release in Karl Lagerfeld Limited eddition with Logo Monshu cute girl.

i will feel useless, if I spoke at length about the history of this Karl Lagerfeld. for readers, most importantly, results from the makeup, packaging and functions from them. am i right?

oke see, Mon shu girl products:

How cute they are :)
seriously, i want have it all :) especially their red lips and curling mascara :) .. don't u think there are cute?

i think, i should grab it fast on 1 november 2012, because it will limited edition :)
i don't want loose the chance for it ^_^


  • eye and cheeck pallate
  • Lipstick rouge unlimited
  • Eyeliner Painting Gel
  • False eyelash
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Mini-Brush set ~ mon shu mini bruse set
  • Premium mini makeup Box ~ Karl for Shu baby
  • Cleansing beauty Oil premium A/O Advance
  • Face ~ TSUYA SKIN UV under Base Youthful radiance mouse
hey look there are a lot of Monshu girl with me :)
 Don't u think woman on the left like luna maya?

and this is Regina (brand manager ) and John pangadu (MUA Philiphine )with Monshu Girl.

what do you think? cute? if you are going to their counter at SOGO, GLOW  don't forget try their Monshu girl and don't be hesitate to ask their advice for makeup.
after makeup demo, i get Fettucini Carbonara :)
makeup for shu uemura event

 i am super duper chubby >,< OMG!!!! i should stop eat snack, cake & ice cream
they gave me polaroid picture ^^
thank u for reading my blog :)
and i will make part 2 for Karl Lagerfeld #monshu
because i realize i can't post photos more in here. will be heavy for reader to open

see u on PART 2


Unknown said...

Maaf banyak kata kata salah dan ngacoo krn ngantuk... Bsk saya perbaiki maaf maaf

Unknown said...

I think u did just fine! I want those eyeshadow!!! What did u guys get in the goody bag?

Unknown said...

Thank rosdia for ur support, i am not expert in english, i am still learning frm ur blog.
I got uv base, cleansing oil 2 variants, and lipstick. Will share and publish soon :)

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