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Saturday 15 September 2012

How to : Clean your eyelash curler

Have u clean your eyelash curler? why not? do you know 
our eyes' zone is sensitive area. You have to maintain cleanliness in the area around the eyes, of course also with the tools you are using.
same as makeup brushes, eyelash curler should be cleaned at least once a week or when you feel really dirty.
rest of the mascara and eyeshadow maybe still on your eyelash curler during u curl your lashes.

all of it will settle into bacteria.so, let's me show you How to : Clean your eyelash curler
 what do u need?
  • Pure Baby Oil
  • Cotton pad / Cotton Bud
  • Eyelash curler

  • Take your dirty eyelash curler, in this case i use my eyelash curler from SHU UEMURA. this is the most wanted eyelash curler and i think this is the best eyelash curler for mono-lid eyes like me. it can reached all my lashes during curl my lash. it has large curve space, SHU UEMURA has a soft and thick pads.

  •  pour Pure baby oil on cotton pad

  • start to clean all dirty are on eyelash curler do u see.

  you can press cotton pad with eyelash curler, it will cleans 2 side (up and down ) instantly
optional: you can rinse with water after wash with Baby oil and don't forget to dry it with dry clean towel.
easy ! am i right?

INFO: SHU UEMURA Has 2 Variant of eyelash curler: Gold and silver.
i have silver one, but they have limited eddition color which is Gold. made of 24k gold. 
i love shu uemura eyelash curler. it has great metal and can't be rust.


Sogo plaza senayan, Glow PI, MKG3, Debenhams GI.

around 240k.

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Leeviahan said...

nice tips kattiey ^_^,bisa di coba deh ini


Unknown said...

iya silakan dicoba :) thanks for comming ^^

Gita Regina said...

jadi ingat shu uemuraku yg hlang entah kemana :|
tapi nice tip ce xD
bisa dicobaaa^^


Mariska said...

Wah ga peenah kepikiran buat bersihkan eyelash curler. Ternyata penting ya
Thanks untuk tipsnya..mudah banget
Oh ya saya lagi cari review shu uemura eyelash curler. Nemu ini..ternyata bagus ya bahanya...
Saya berencana mau beli yg emas

Unknown said...

This id exactly what i need!! Thanks for sharing ;)

Unknown said...

Sama sama gita :)

Unknown said...

Iya penting, bulumata rontok juga disebabkan oleh eyelash curler yang kotor loh,, eyelid bs jd iritasi

Unknown said...

My pleasure

Adel said...

Thanx for the tips, Kattie :)

Unknown said...

Sama sama adell

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