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Saturday 1 September 2012

How To Cleans Your Makeup ?

Today i will give you some tips to clean heavy makeup. i think like Waterproof makeup, your foundation, blush and eyeshadow.
so you don't have to be afraid to wear makeup and you always get your clean face and free from acne.
so, here we go..

IF your ever read my blog about SHUE UEMURA cleansing oil, you will know. why we need cleansing oil?
cleansing oil has different formula with cleansing foam. Cleansing oil helps you to take all of your makeup well, and keep the moisture on your face.

All waterproof makeup can be defeated by cleansing oil.

  1.  i was experiment with waterproof long lasting eyeshadow from URBAN DECAY, 15th Annniversarry, i choose the deep dark color as sample.
  2. Drop 1-2 cleansing oil on your face (in dis case, i use my hand). you can use any recommended cleansing oil .you don't have to use Branded Cleansing oil. what u need is the best cleansing oil to take and remove your makeup.
  3. Massage gently with a circular motion, so, the makeup will take properly. splash a water on your face, and massage again, until produce foam. 
  4. you can use cotton pad as alternative to replace the water's splash, after that, you still need water to final rinse.
  5. after that, you'll get your clear skin without makeup again.

Alternative 2
this way has a little bit complicated, because you need cleansing foam and cotton pad.
you can use any cleansing milk, lotion or cream do you have, any brand.
you do not have to use same brand as i have.

  1.  i use same eyeshadow , UD 15th anniversary
  2. pour the cleansing milk/lotion/balm on your hands
  3. Massage gently with a circular motion, so, the makeup will take properly

   4. after u message it, like (in the middle photo), sorry for wrong put picture. take a cotton pad like step 5 on the right.
  6. splash / rinse with water / toner. i recommended you cleans with water and then cleansing 
      foam, to take the milk/lotion on rest of ur face.
  7. you will get your face already clean :)

Alternative 3
this is the easiest way that i like to use. when i want to clean my make-up, but din't have much time. so, here's the alternative for me.

maybe another brand, has their own makeup remover, currently, i only know MUFE has it.
i already used it around 3 months ago. i surprised with the extreme clean.

  1. Pump 2-3 Makeup remover on cotton pad. (you need cotton pad)
  2. sweep cotton pad on the makeup, and suddenly clean. 
  3. the cleanser like a magnet, they take all makeup Fast,
  4. However, i still need water as a final rinse, i just feel fresh and clean, after using water (maybe this is my suggestion).
 oke, so this is the Tips How To Cleans Your Makeup Properly, to prevent an acne on your face.
i hope it can be useful post and tips for readers.
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| miss rhea | said...

thanks fr sharing ce :)

wei goddess said...

nice...thank you for sharing...
I like the Make up Forever extreme cleanser...
seem pretty nice...

Unknown said...

I used make up forever gentle cream until I found a cheaper alternative... face shop cleansing cream. Hehehe. Nice review ^^

Unknown said...

Sama samamiss rhea

Unknown said...

If i dont hv enough time, i use it for extreme use?

Unknown said...

Doccii , i use thefaceshop cleansinh cream too. Very good. But once i cleanse around eyes, i feel spicy on eye lol...

Unknown said...

Cleansing* i did many typo, because use touch screen.sorryyy

Unknown said...

I usually use the 2nd alternative. looks like I shud try the 3rd alternative bcos it's pretty simple :)

Unknown said...

Cleansing oil ny shue umera tampak menggoda utk d coba

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

dari ketiganya yg paling kamu suka yg mana kalo boleh tau :)

Unknown said...

Cleansing oil dan kalo buru buru yg cleanser extreme

Unknown said...

Heheh selain shu uemura ada kose speedy saya rekomen tuhh

Unknown said...

Yes, good luck ;)

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