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Tuesday 30 October 2012

SKIN79: Snail BB cream

have u heard that snail oil or something has great effect for healing skin?

i am curious with snail oil.
first time, i heard about snail, i said "hah? from snail? isn't wrong? who wants to try? isn't smell fishy?"
if true, Skin79 Snail BB cream should smell a little bit fishy..
i have snail BB cream from Zaturashop, they sell it with cheap price and great service. you should try their shop. many bloggers and customer review them as high- recommended onlineshop.
they have Customer service by mail, Phone, twitter, e-mail, Facebook and etc.
so, Zaturashop has skin79 products as their readystock, i think it will suitable for any people hate waiting,

anyway, back to topic...
Skin79 Snail BB cream is the newest variant for BB cream at SKIN79 itself.
they produce 2 variants: 40gr and 15gr.
15gr is perfect for trying as sample (if u afraid, it doesn't work for u) and easy to carry as travel size.
it comes with Rose Gold Box with white bottle like milk colors and gold pump at the top.
i quite like 15gr, because easy to carry.
if you open the rosegold box, you will see many logo skin79 printed inside.

 they put silver label on every bottle, as their original sticker.

Benefits from skin79 snail BB cream:
  • Whittening, for brightening your skin-tone.
  • SPF 45,PA+++ For high protection
  • Wrinkle Improvement, help to prevent wrinkle and improve "line" on your face.
Enriched Snail Secretion Filtrate with Self Protecting properties maintains the skin natural and healthy.
Protecting the skin from both UV-A and UV-B, the tri- functional snail BB cream, Brightens the dark and dull skintone. and maintains the skin clean, and supple with its whitening and wrinkle improving effects.

it is containing 45% of Korean snail secretion Filtrate, it bestows sleek and lustrous texture to the skin by preventing skin damages and keeps the skin moist and healthy by forming moist protection layer.

with soft and moisture texture, it is easily  to absorbed into and blends well with the skin, maintaining the skin transparent and bright for a long period of time. 

they only produce 1 shade colors , transparant natural 

shade colors like this, texture same as ordinary BB cream, creamy like foundation
hmmm can u see de different pls? right use BB cream (snail) and left: without BB cream.
can see?
Snail BB cream has medium coverage , i don't have dark sport and  blemish, so will hard to give example in my face, i hope you can see clear in my arm.

Question & Answer Product: 

where i got it?


is it waterproof?

yes, it is..


it has strong smell, i mean something like fragrance, but will not make my sensitive skin allergy.

How Much is it?

you can look on their website

How to use it?

use it proper quantity on the area you want to cover and blend it with sponge/brush.

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thank you for reading...

i have only 1 reason to answer why i love it? because i don't need Moore nymph aura volumer to make my skin glow as korean skin. i think, it will be perfect for dry skin.

Friday 26 October 2012

SKIN AQUA Review From PT. ROHTO Indonesia

i got complete set of Skin Aqua Moisturizer from PT Rohto Indonesia on Their Event.Skin Aqua has 4 Variants:
  • SKIN AQUA UV Mouisture Milk SPF 50,PA++, for more sun protection
  • SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Gel SPF 30,PA++ For Oily Skin
  • SKIN AQUA Whittening Milk SPF 20,PA++ For Brightening Skin
  • SKIN AQUA Mild Milk SPF 25,PA++ for senstive Skin
This moisturizer offers multiple protection from UVA and UVB.
SPF 50 can protect your skin 50 times than without using Sun Protection.
PA++ functions to give maximal Protection From UV-A, that cause premature aging and darkening of skin color.

something unique ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen.

AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily. and Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
they didn't use coloring cosmetic , perfume, mineral oil that tend make sensitive skin has allergic. 

This is UV skin care no.#1 in Japan. because all you need to protect your skin , in here.

it's not sticky and make your skin melt, like other sun protection.

you can use it as daily moisturizer without sunscreen again. it will absorb to your skin well, and believe misskattie, this isn't sticky, no smell, no perfume, safe for sensitive skin.

anyway.. i recommend to all women & men looking for a lightweight sun protection and moisturizer in 1 place. it is safe and non-sticky. very comfortable to wear, this is moisturizer and sun protection.

the face & Body moisturizer for Lightening skin and prevent darkening of skin.Ingredients Unique:
Atribun : for lightening skin tone.

i think it so moist than other SKIN AQUA variants'. honestly, i didn't like it :(, the texture like ordinary body lotion. i recommend it for dry and very dryyy skinnnn.

the face & Body moisturizer for Dry to sensitive skin,
Ingredients Unique:
Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen. 
AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily.
Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
Vitamin E: as antioxidants.
 it has same texture like emulsion, easy to absorb and non-sticky,

the face & Body moisturizer for Normal To Oily skin.
Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen. 
AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily.
Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
Vitamin E: as antioxidants.
Vitamin C : vitamin C help make our skin looks healthy , glow and blush, even brightening without pale.
Vitamin B5it helps to postpone the appearance of early ageing signs over the skin.
 texture gel is the best friend for oily skin.
Texture like gel. recommend for oily skin ^^


the face & Body moisturizer for Longer Protection.
SPF 50 , as i mention in above, SPF 50 can help protect your skin 50times from UVA and UVB than without using sunscreen. 
Improve Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA) & Collagen.
Vit B5 and E.

This is my favorite variants, it has texture like serum, very smooth and silk, i recommend it for any woman has normal and oily skin (based on my experience) and it is good for breakout skin too.

Question & Answer Product: 

what exactly is this?

 this is Moisturizer (choose Type) and sun protection, i call it sun protection moisturizer, you don't need Moisturizer again after use it.

is it waterproof?

no, it isn't

Where to buy?

currently on Watson & Hero.

How Much is it?

Around Rp 50,000-60,000 (sometimes i see watson and Hero have different price)


no, it will not! because it doesn't contain Mineral oil.

All opinion, style, photo and details in this web is Misskattie.com Rights. Please Don't Copy Paste without Permission or put source on website.
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thank you for reading...

My favorite is Moisture Milk , silk texture has winning my hearth :) i think Skin Aqua can replace SKII UV protection on my heart. Remember! prevent dark sport from NOW! you will never know when the dark spot will appears on your face!!

Friday 19 October 2012

Maybeline : The Falsies VS Magnum Volume express

Hello Everyone,
I am to obsess to have Long & Volume lashes, because i have short straight down lash.
I am always need eyelash curler before i do mascara for my lashes.
i am so jealous with someone has long curl lashes. LOL!

I have 2 Variants of  Maybeline Mascara:
  • The Falsies Volum Express
  • The Magnum Volum Express

i bought it around Rp 110.000 and it was waterproof mascara but didn't smudgeproof i think.

it has curve brushes, make me easy to apply mascara on my lash. they said it can make your lash like false eyelash. is that true? let's see


Bare lashes after curling
Use falsies 2 coats mascara.
Honestly, it make my lashes heavy and straight down after use it, so i am curling again after i use it.
it makes my lashes a little long effect but not volume as i expected.
for clumping problem, will still be found in this mascara.

The Magnum Volume express Price around Rp 100.000 (i forget exactly)
it claims can make long and 9x volume for lashes. so, let's we see..

with my bare lashes, i start to make 1 coat on my lash

on single coat, eyelashes look longer and a bit volume.
and this is the final look after 3 coat.
it makes my lashes more long and volume, and help open my eye's look.
from the both mascara i review above, I like Magnum Volume Express ,  it make my eyes look more open, dramatic and my lashes look longer. don't u think so?

i am really love with MAGNUM VOLUME EXPRESS from Maybeline, i think, i will re-purchase again! this is my favorite mascara for the moment.

you can get it in on METRO, MATAHARI, SOGO, or online shop

Rp 100.000-120.000 (various price)


curl your lashes, and then mascara it

depending on the amount of usage, if u use every single day, i think only 4 month.

Thank you for reading my blog!
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Wednesday 17 October 2012

SKIN AQUA Gathering

Hi everyone!
Skin Aqua was invited me to join their Beauty Gathering.. to know more about their Brand.
as you know HADALABO from PT. Rotho Indonesia already launched their Version
for Indonesia People.
and now! PT.Rotho invites us to know more about SKIN AQUA.

Actually, skin aqua already launched two years ago in Indonesia-jakarta.
I only know Skin Aqua as Brand from Japan and Made in Japan.
now! Skin Aqua already in here. But, It's no longer made in Japan, but made in Indonesia ( Local), License From Japan and the ingridients still adapted from their original version in japan.

Their held the event at Tartine - FX mall , South Jakarta
on 18.30 ( October, 16,2012)

I think it will be very interesting when I tell you the chronology of these events. Woul you spare your time to read this until the end?

Did you know, that this event almost lag by me?
I don't know that PT. Rotho Mail me an invitation, because their invitation was appears on Junk Folder on my email, not on my Inbox.
when i want clean the junk folder, i found their invitation .
I looked my schedulue , and i was  Free time. so i save the date for them, and sure i did a confirm to.
                                                  16 October 2012
after i finished my work at office, i ready attend their event, and thanks God, there wasn't Traffic Jammed!
I found many Beauty Blogger in there.
before they start to talk about beauty, the Crew ask us to have dinner.
i confuse with their main course. they serve Rice, spagetthi, sandwich were there.
in my mind, is it Dinner or Breakfast ?, they serve so many carbohydrate. LOL!
But, I appreciate their invitation, i came to there to hear their explanation about their products.

oke after i have dinner , they invited 3 speakers to share about Fashion and Beauty.
in this session i confuse, why they serve to us explain about Fashion trend. i thought, it wasn't suitable For IBB maybe IFB (Indonesian Fashion Bloggers).

and after the stylist share about fashion.
their Generall Manager from Japan, Explain about Skin Aqua in Japan

in this event, their let us try their Skin Cheked Machine.
if you ever say that my face feels smooth, you should look a bad part of my face.

this is my face whithout makeup ya

and this my face when did skin cheked.
very bad !! OMG! i don't want see

their beauty consultant explain to us, that all dark sport you see will be appears on my face when i am 40+ years old.
it will be prevented by now. we can prevent it with sunscreen and moisturizer which suitable on our skin type.

anyway... do u think my second photo , i look like terrorist bombings like in the TV?

Explanation about SKIN AQUA , will be review on next Post, oke?

oke after talk show, it's time for gamez, i win a gamez (OMG!! this is the first time i won a game)
i answer their question, and they gave it this prize

have you read my posting regarding , i got a voucher from my friend, emily?
that i wrote.. i never get a chanche as a winner for radom games.
now! God Prove to me that i have a chance to win it!
Remember: there were still a power on every we word we talk.
and i prove it!

Thanks God! hahaha

Though, i was not so lucky like Emily who was bring 2 million (shopping voucher) and i only bring Rp 100,000 (shopping voucher) , i still say thank u .. thank u.. and thank u,
i am not look value from the voucher, but a Oppurtunity, that God has given to me.
perhaps, this is called fortune contagious.
isn't it  ?

and OMG!again!!! "double what"
That was my day thank u for reading my blog!
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Monday 15 October 2012

It's Time To color my nails

hi.. i think it's time for changing my nail colors.
haha i don't color my thumb :P
so i want to replace with new colors
i prepare
  • nail remover
  • top coat
  • base coat
  • nail polish
  • cotton pad
start with clean all rest of my nail colors with nail remover and cotton pad.
i use Thefaceshop Lovely Me-ex Nail Remover , this is my second bottle. i recommend this , because it will not make me your nail dry, at least.. it's better than Local Nail remover.
the weekness of lovely me-ex remover was, it can't clean instantly,see on my nails.
Tips: take a cotton pad, pour nail remover and put it on your nail, pat in in 5 second, don't rub it.
it will easy to clean than u rub.

here is the result without i rub.
oke just for clarification
if you see my first photo, my thumbs clean, because that is my left finger and the thumbs that colored was right finger, so don't confuse.. why the first pic ,my thumbs without nail colors, but second photo, my thumb has color. got it?? :)

and the next , i will use left hand, because i hold camera in right hand ^^
after my nails already cleaned. i start with base coat.
base coat helps you to prepare your nail from dryness and toxic from nail colors.
Base coat helps you to flatten your nail texture.
oke! now i color my nail with OPI
don't forget to use Top coat as finishing
it keep your color long lasting and still shiny

thank u for reading my blog
see u!

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