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Wednesday 17 October 2012

SKIN AQUA Gathering

Hi everyone!
Skin Aqua was invited me to join their Beauty Gathering.. to know more about their Brand.
as you know HADALABO from PT. Rotho Indonesia already launched their Version
for Indonesia People.
and now! PT.Rotho invites us to know more about SKIN AQUA.

Actually, skin aqua already launched two years ago in Indonesia-jakarta.
I only know Skin Aqua as Brand from Japan and Made in Japan.
now! Skin Aqua already in here. But, It's no longer made in Japan, but made in Indonesia ( Local), License From Japan and the ingridients still adapted from their original version in japan.

Their held the event at Tartine - FX mall , South Jakarta
on 18.30 ( October, 16,2012)

I think it will be very interesting when I tell you the chronology of these events. Woul you spare your time to read this until the end?

Did you know, that this event almost lag by me?
I don't know that PT. Rotho Mail me an invitation, because their invitation was appears on Junk Folder on my email, not on my Inbox.
when i want clean the junk folder, i found their invitation .
I looked my schedulue , and i was  Free time. so i save the date for them, and sure i did a confirm to.
                                                  16 October 2012
after i finished my work at office, i ready attend their event, and thanks God, there wasn't Traffic Jammed!
I found many Beauty Blogger in there.
before they start to talk about beauty, the Crew ask us to have dinner.
i confuse with their main course. they serve Rice, spagetthi, sandwich were there.
in my mind, is it Dinner or Breakfast ?, they serve so many carbohydrate. LOL!
But, I appreciate their invitation, i came to there to hear their explanation about their products.

oke after i have dinner , they invited 3 speakers to share about Fashion and Beauty.
in this session i confuse, why they serve to us explain about Fashion trend. i thought, it wasn't suitable For IBB maybe IFB (Indonesian Fashion Bloggers).

and after the stylist share about fashion.
their Generall Manager from Japan, Explain about Skin Aqua in Japan

in this event, their let us try their Skin Cheked Machine.
if you ever say that my face feels smooth, you should look a bad part of my face.

this is my face whithout makeup ya

and this my face when did skin cheked.
very bad !! OMG! i don't want see

their beauty consultant explain to us, that all dark sport you see will be appears on my face when i am 40+ years old.
it will be prevented by now. we can prevent it with sunscreen and moisturizer which suitable on our skin type.

anyway... do u think my second photo , i look like terrorist bombings like in the TV?

Explanation about SKIN AQUA , will be review on next Post, oke?

oke after talk show, it's time for gamez, i win a gamez (OMG!! this is the first time i won a game)
i answer their question, and they gave it this prize

have you read my posting regarding , i got a voucher from my friend, emily?
that i wrote.. i never get a chanche as a winner for radom games.
now! God Prove to me that i have a chance to win it!
Remember: there were still a power on every we word we talk.
and i prove it!

Thanks God! hahaha

Though, i was not so lucky like Emily who was bring 2 million (shopping voucher) and i only bring Rp 100,000 (shopping voucher) , i still say thank u .. thank u.. and thank u,
i am not look value from the voucher, but a Oppurtunity, that God has given to me.
perhaps, this is called fortune contagious.
isn't it  ?

and OMG!again!!! "double what"
That was my day thank u for reading my blog!
don't forget add me as your friends on the site bar



Adel said...

wah seru ya, sayang bgt aku ga bisa dateng :)

Unknown said...

Kenapa ga bs datang del?

Unknown said...

Whoooa... so lucky indeed!! Pengen ketularan luck nya juga ;-)

Unknown said...

Iya ini namanya rejeki menular.. Hahaha ketularan teman.
Bsk undian berhadiah mobil, kali aja ketular, dpt mobil hahahah

Rosdiana said...

Aww that is nice!! Congrats on the winning and i am so jealous you are all having so much fun! I wish i can join lol. Anyway congrats!

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

congrats ceeee :)

Unknown said...

If u in indonesia for vacation, spare more time to join :)

Unknown said...

Makasi win

Beatrix said...

ceee aku ada foto dirimu pas lagi terima hadiah, mau aku kirimin gaa? hehehe

blablabla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Mau mau mauu thank u say

Unknown said...


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