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Friday 26 October 2012

SKIN AQUA Review From PT. ROHTO Indonesia

i got complete set of Skin Aqua Moisturizer from PT Rohto Indonesia on Their Event.Skin Aqua has 4 Variants:
  • SKIN AQUA UV Mouisture Milk SPF 50,PA++, for more sun protection
  • SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Gel SPF 30,PA++ For Oily Skin
  • SKIN AQUA Whittening Milk SPF 20,PA++ For Brightening Skin
  • SKIN AQUA Mild Milk SPF 25,PA++ for senstive Skin
This moisturizer offers multiple protection from UVA and UVB.
SPF 50 can protect your skin 50 times than without using Sun Protection.
PA++ functions to give maximal Protection From UV-A, that cause premature aging and darkening of skin color.

something unique ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen.

AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily. and Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
they didn't use coloring cosmetic , perfume, mineral oil that tend make sensitive skin has allergic. 

This is UV skin care no.#1 in Japan. because all you need to protect your skin , in here.

it's not sticky and make your skin melt, like other sun protection.

you can use it as daily moisturizer without sunscreen again. it will absorb to your skin well, and believe misskattie, this isn't sticky, no smell, no perfume, safe for sensitive skin.

anyway.. i recommend to all women & men looking for a lightweight sun protection and moisturizer in 1 place. it is safe and non-sticky. very comfortable to wear, this is moisturizer and sun protection.

the face & Body moisturizer for Lightening skin and prevent darkening of skin.Ingredients Unique:
Atribun : for lightening skin tone.

i think it so moist than other SKIN AQUA variants'. honestly, i didn't like it :(, the texture like ordinary body lotion. i recommend it for dry and very dryyy skinnnn.

the face & Body moisturizer for Dry to sensitive skin,
Ingredients Unique:
Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen. 
AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily.
Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
Vitamin E: as antioxidants.
 it has same texture like emulsion, easy to absorb and non-sticky,

the face & Body moisturizer for Normal To Oily skin.
Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA)  that already has improvement and Collagen. 
AcHA makes our skin double moist, without make it oily.
Collagen to keep the skin smooth.
Vitamin E: as antioxidants.
Vitamin C : vitamin C help make our skin looks healthy , glow and blush, even brightening without pale.
Vitamin B5it helps to postpone the appearance of early ageing signs over the skin.
 texture gel is the best friend for oily skin.
Texture like gel. recommend for oily skin ^^


the face & Body moisturizer for Longer Protection.
SPF 50 , as i mention in above, SPF 50 can help protect your skin 50times from UVA and UVB than without using sunscreen. 
Improve Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA) & Collagen.
Vit B5 and E.

This is my favorite variants, it has texture like serum, very smooth and silk, i recommend it for any woman has normal and oily skin (based on my experience) and it is good for breakout skin too.

Question & Answer Product: 

what exactly is this?

 this is Moisturizer (choose Type) and sun protection, i call it sun protection moisturizer, you don't need Moisturizer again after use it.

is it waterproof?

no, it isn't

Where to buy?

currently on Watson & Hero.

How Much is it?

Around Rp 50,000-60,000 (sometimes i see watson and Hero have different price)


no, it will not! because it doesn't contain Mineral oil.

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thank you for reading...

My favorite is Moisture Milk , silk texture has winning my hearth :) i think Skin Aqua can replace SKII UV protection on my heart. Remember! prevent dark sport from NOW! you will never know when the dark spot will appears on your face!!


Unknown said...

pernah nyobain yg Moisture gel, lengket dan susah nyerapnya, mungkin ntar bakal nyobain yg moisture milk

Unknown said...

Nice review.. Thx for sharing...

Unknown said...

Thanks maisun :)

Kim said...

everybody is raving about skin aqua lately, feel like getting one too, thanks for the review :D

Deasy W said...

nice review, I consider to buy it.
I never tried it before

Unknown said...

the UV Mouisturize Milk with SPF 50++ is my favorite sunscreen <3

Unknown said...

Yes, skin aqua is quite cheap as sun protection with high spf n benefit

Unknown said...

You should..
I have plan to repurchase spf50!
In case. It hard to found spf50 :(

Unknown said...

Totally agreee :)

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