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Saturday 6 October 2012

The Power of Body Lotion

See ...
the title makes you think, i want talking about body lotion...
Yes realize or not, Body Lotion has Moore positive impact to us, especially for woman.
You should care with your skin, because that is your asset.
Your boyfriend will be comfortable, proud and like if you have healthy and glowing skin. Isn't it?

We have to know our skin type and how to decided the correct body lotion for our skin.
If you feel very dry skin, choose body lotion with high concentrate in Shea butter, or you can use body cream.
I have an recommended body lotions from khiels, which is Cream de crops, this is best seller variants, they have body lotion, and body cream.

I am too aware and stretch with paraben ingredients on every lotion, so i avoid use paraben lotion, khiels doesn't have and use paraben for their ingredients.

So it safe for our skin.
Their creme de crops texture has little sticky but easy to absorb, very suitable for dry and very dry skin.

If you have normal skin body. You can use their creme de crops light body lotion. It was easy to absorb and didn't sticky like their creme.

I am recommended as your daily moisturizer. It will not make your skin melt like cheese melt. lol!

Creme de crops have plain smell means no smell and perfumes.
So it will comfortable for sensitive skin. Sure, you can use everyday.
How to use it?
Please use it after you have shower and before going to bed. Why?

After your body clean, do dust and pollution. Your skin is ready and easy absorb all nutrition from skincare product, put it as needed, too much lotion will useless.

Misskattie Said:

I use lotion creme de crops at night and sometimes body lotion everyday ^_^

currently, you can get it on Khiels on SOGO , GLOW (plaza indonesia)

Rp 330,000 for body lotion

smell like sour i guess

depending on the amount of usage, normally around 5 months.

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Irene Yuanita said...

Miss katie aku suka deh bagaimana cara kamu mengatur website beauty ini. Aku berikan kamu Versatile award yaa.. Udah punya blom?

Goodluck :D

Unknown said...

@irene: thank u :)
Blm punyaa award awardan heheer
Anyway thank u so much :)

Lachlan Molineux said...

The Love Your Body discount is always stackable. The Body Shop is like Kohl’s, you should never pay full price there, ever. Also if you have a local store, ask the store manager to price match any “online only” deals. The manager at The Body Shop near me will do it every time

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