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Monday 26 November 2012

MUFE 's Event : HALLOWEEN with Power Puff Girl & swatch

hai ^^ finally,
i got an invitation From Makeup Forever.
i am so so fanatic with Makeup forever, just because their HD Foundation like my twin face skintone.
so here the report ^^
I arrived at Plaza senayan around 3PM and hunting their products..

in this event, they show to us, how to use their paint makeup :), usefull idea for Hallowen makeup.

they make 3 charcathers for Power Puff Girls' icon.

here's the look, MUA made it :)

i like their MUA, did it with carefully and clearly.. see!!

i want to show you my favorite lipstick.
exteme colors :D
They have eye prime, I've never tried this before. if any of you guys, have ever tried it? What do you think?

MUFE MATT foundation, oil free & water resistant.
see. no shine.. in liquid.
after i blend, like my twin skin layer. isn't it?
shade i used #25

and.... their famous 12 Flash colors cream eyeshadow
my favorite colors is silver :)
looks.. they have colors soooo pigmented, texture like cream. :)

thank you for reading my blog.
see u soon!

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