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Friday 21 December 2012

Beauty box for indonesia people?

If you remember, i ever wrote about beauty box i want to subscribe.
Like ipsy, birchbox and glossy box on THIS POST.
Now, i hear that Indonesia has first beauty box to subscribe.
If you curious , you can visit to there
They named it Lola box. Hmmm what is the meaning of LOLA? I have negative opinion about "lola" means "loading lama or slow loading" but it just abbreviation, nor to joke to them...

If you are interesting with them, you can visit there
And sign-up.
Oke, i curious too like you.
In my post before, i confuse to choose beauty box to subscribe. So finally, i choose ipsy. Because i only pay $10/month. And i already survey, the items usually they send mostly full size and branded, like december ipsy glam bag. Subscriber got full size 24/7 glide on pencil from urban decay, primer urban decay, primer for face , lipgloss, etc mostly fullsize with cute pouch.
I think it was great deal to pay 10$/ month and free shipping, because value of thwt package around 30$ (plus minus).

And let we see, what lola box can offers to us? I hope they will not expensive for monthly fee, and more full-size product like ipsy bag.
I prefer get pouch than box. Because box, usually i destroy. And pouch will i keep for holding my makeup items.
Let we see , once lola launch i will compare with my first ipsy glam.
I never mind get miniature size , but i will not prefer if get sachet sample... Because of that, i choose ipsy than glossy box or birch box. Sometimes, i look glossybox and birchbox send a lot of sachet. Isn't it?
If lola has great service and items, i will move to lola :)
I hope my post will be useful idea for lola's team to know customer's taste.
Give support to lola.. Just sign up to their website.
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Unknown said...

Sukaaa banget sama gaya penulisannya....
Like it....aku juga dr dulu pengen ikutan ipsy....
Cuma belom ngerti caranya....
Pas denger lola box...interested dan penasaran..
Nice post say......


Unknown said...

Samaaa hidupp beauty box indonesia...
Moga moga bs kasih service sama ipsy.
Iya ni pertama kali langganan ipsy , dan my first beauty glam bag in january 2013
I cant wait it hahahaha
Tp harus sabar. Cos dia delivery ke rumah teman, dan teman baru kirim ke sini. Yg pasti bakal lbh dr 10$ cost aaku keluarkan.
Thanks for comming.

Azhezha said...

semoga lola box ini around 100k juga >o<

Unknown said...

sudah subscribe lola ci.. moga2 bagus ya lolabox nya

Unknown said...

Nah itu dia... Semoga sesuai budget dan dapatnya diatas 100k
Hahahhaaa dasar kattie...
Berharap boleh donk

Unknown said...

Sama hanna, ud subscribe juga. Mari kita lihat berapa bulanananya. Budget kattie 100k saja ;P

Anonymous said...

ipsy bukannya buat US only ya?apa emg bisa buat international consumers?

Unknown said...

Iy us only.. Aq ttp temenku, kbtln mau bantu

memomobona said...

Beauty box yg rekomended utk shipping ќε indo en 100k'an apa?
Trs pmbyrn'nya yg mudah pke apa?
Krn pgn subscribe tp tkut d pmbyrn'nya


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