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Friday 21 December 2012

Confession of My holiday as tourist

Confession of my holiday as tourist, maybe that is the right title for describe what on my mind now.

Yes.. Xmas and new year only a few days again.
Some of you have planned to spend xmas n new year on vacation?

Thats will be happened for me (perhaps).
Once my husband choose singapore as our first honeymoon, i prefer choose Bali as our honeymoon destination, especially Ubud.

Believe it or not? i am indonesian people, but i never have a chance to go to Bali. I've ever heard that Bali was beautiful but danger.

Beautiful, because many beach and view like heaven. They call it heaven in Indonesia.

Danger, because terrorist choose Bali as a great target for bomb. If you remember tragedy Bali 1 and 2.

But, I think, if i want to go to Bali, i will choose Ubud as my destination than Kuta, becoz Kuta has a lot of "bule" and i avoid to mix with Bule..
You know lah, will be danger if near with bule..hahahhaa..

I am not kind of beach fans, i prefer looking green view, fresh air... Maybe ubud is right destination for me. Am I right? Pls give me a comment if you know , what are place is beautiful to visit.

I think, i should have to keep my dreams to come to bali for moment.. Becoz my husband decided to go to singapore.
We start from zero (0), we don't know what hotels we should book?
Don't suggest to me, to book in Geylang-singapore. Because that is red zone (red light district) in singapore. A lot of prostitution in there.

My family don't allow me to visit that zone. Maybe danger..and they too worried with "AIDS". I think Geylang isn't good to stay.

I remember, i have an invitation on october ago from restaurant in singapore. They was ask me to come and try their menu.
And another invitation again comes from singapore salon ( if i am not wrong read their explanation) they ask me to visit their salon and try their coloring service. (If i agree, i can make schedule with them)

But, i already reply and tell to them..that i don't have planning to go to singapore ,that moment.( because i want go to Bali, I don't know..i will go to Singapore).

I will be look like "blogger sell-out" if i mail them and say "hay... I have plan to go to singapore, and how about your offers? Can we make an appointment?" Hahahhaa

I don't have enough brave to mail them like that.
Unfortunately, my mom and dad didn't want join me to go to singapore, they don't want disturb me (that is their reason). My oldest sister already has plan to vacation in Bali. How lucky she is? She have a chance to visit to bali with her friends.
My youngest sister has planned to got to Hongkong for study tour..
Wait... She vacation? Or study? What ever deh..

So they have own schedule.

Back on my plan, my husband was busy with passport renewal, flight, and Hotel. I will use GPS on my iphone at singapore, because i am not familiar with their country.

I will use MRT to spend my trip at there.
Any tips before using MRT?

I hope, i will enjoy in singapore :) but, i prefer quiet place like bali than shopping paradise like singapore.

Someday, if we have a better chance .. we'd love to London.

Hope my dreams will come true..

Merry xmas for who are celebrating and NEW YEAR for everyone..
Enjoy your holiday....

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Andita Budhi Utami said...

Hi there! Christmas and New Year in Singapore, and a honeymoon to boot, wow, good for you! xD

I've only been to Singapore once, so I don't know if I can help, but I used MRT everyday on my trip there, so here's my two cents.

I suggest that you buy the EZ-link card. It sells for SGD 15, if I'm not mistaken. It makes traveling with MRT easier. You don't have to buy tickets every time you use MRT.

You can buy the card at 7-11, and you can also top up the card's value in 7-11 or at any MRT station.

Oh, and there's this shop at Lucky Plaza that sell stickers for EZ-Link cards, you know, to cover the 'boring' picture of the card. I know it's not important, but girls just love to beautify their things, right? ;P

I hope it helps. Enjoy your trip! :D

Unknown said...

Hii, thanks for info.
If you still on my web and read my reply , can i ask again hehhee...
Sgd15 is enough to pay all trip using MRT?
I should buy 2 card for myvhsuband and me, or 1 card? Combine with him?

Andita Budhi Utami said...

Umm, I don't really remember because it was my brother who was in charge of the transportation, but if I'm not mistaken, for 15 SGD, you get 10 or 12 SGD, I forget, that's available to use, the rest is like the card price or deposit or whatever.

I was in Singapore for 6 days 5 night, and I topped up the card twice, each with 10 SGD, and there's still around 7 SGD left in my EZ-Link card. So I used around 23-25 SGD for all the trip with MRT. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to top it up. (at 7-11 cashier, or some 'customer service' at any station)

Each card is only for one person, so I guess you have to buy 2 cards for you and your husband. :)

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for info. I understand now. So like fee for card maybe...
Thanks anyway. That is usefull for me :)

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