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Monday 10 December 2012

Subscribe a beauty box ipsy vs glossybox vs birchbox

Hi everyone,
Have u subscribe or hear about beauty box?
I think, nowadays, beauty box become famous in USA ,especially in youtube.
Many vlogger review about beauty box they get .

Some of them from ipsy, glossybox, birchbox.
Oke if you don't know what is beauty box i mean.
I mean a monthly package you pay, contains all beauty products, some of them send sample and full-size. It is random, they chosen for u.

I think, it will be excited to subscribe one of them.
I confuse now, which one will better.
Ipsy bag? http://www.ipsy.com/
Glossybox http://www.glossybox.com/
Or birchbox? http://www.birchbox.com/
Ipsy bag and birchbox offers with lower price only us$10/month
Glossybox is expensive around $21/month.
Ipsy bag come with cute pouch ( i see many woman review ipsy always cone with pouch) and others come with box.
Ipsy bag is co-founded by michelle phan, any 3 beauty gurus in youtube.
They choose product for subscriber, and i see ipsy send more full-size than sample.
Oke, i interest in, because i pay $10 but i will get many beauty stuff that i cant imagine, how 10$ can fulfill what i need. 
for more info & comparasion, here is the picture i got from google for monthly package they send to their customer

Party Perfect theme
theBalm Meet Matte Eye shadowThis is a nice dark color with an almost purple hue to it I will try to swatch this guy for you when I get back.
Starlet Cosmetics Intense EyelinerMine is in a very nice chocolate brown shade, haven't had a chance to use it yet but it swatches nicely and feels soft on the skin.
Nailtini Nail Lacquor in MillionaireI'm not much for gold and glitter but I think this is a really pretty polish though I may have to leave it behind because my suitcase is getting pretty full!d
bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip gloss in DaredevilI love this shade it looks great topped on some of my darker shades or all by itself! It's a deep wine color and very stunning.
Chella defining eyebrow gel or Benefit They're Real MascaraI received the eyebrow gel and it's okay. I've never really used and eyebrow gel before because I don't  have a lot of eyebrow to work with but it's an alright product so far

source: http://www.beautyflawed.com/2012/11/ipsy-glam-bag-november-2012.html

Glossybox November 2012

Birchbox november 2012

But i confuse, which one is better and good service, any suggestion 
Anyone of you already subscribe one of them? Tell me why? And if you already unsubscribe, let me know too, your reasons.

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Rosdiana said...

I subscribe to both birchbox and glossybox. I love both of them but if you want to spoil yourself, def go with glossybox. Birchbox is good for ppl who are more on low budget. Having subscribe to both, I find myself using more products sent by glossybox than birchbox. Glossybox sent more full size and surprisingly more than the amount you paid for monthly than birchbox. Birchbox will surprise you once in awhile. That is my opinion on those however birchbox has much better customer service than glossybox. If you miss a product in your box, birchbox will send you a replacement right away whereas glossybox, don't keep your hope up. It will never arrive at your front door. I don't subscribe to ipsy so i can't tell you much abt it.

Unknown said...

Thanks rosdiana for advice..
I see.. You always review regarding glossybox.
How about unsubscribe? Hard or not to process?

Unknown said...

memangnya bisa subscribe klo tinggal di luar US?

Unknown said...

Kebetulan ada teman yg bs aq titipii
Saking niat subscribe. Tp ttp.. Yg byr kartu kredit saya.

Rosdiana said...

Unsubscribe? I don't know haha sorry because i have not done that before. :)

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