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Friday 27 April 2012

Biore 2 in 1 cleansing wash

Once,i am going to supermart, i am looking cleansing wash for emergency, because my facial wash already run out.i usually use kose softymo deep.

I only intend to buy small size facial wash for a while, if u aware that how cheap bioere's prices around 6,000-15,000 (maybe) in rupiah
But, something eye cathing i looked on beauty rack which is Bioere 2 in 1 cleansing wash
Peice idr 34,000 (i forget actually) but i remember this is expensive price for bioere group.
Something makes me decide to buy it just because made in from japan and i believe now, why the price around 34,000.

Bioere 2in 1 still original from japan, i found the explanation , that is import and distribution by kao indonesia
When i peel the guide in english, i found the description in japan.
I satisfied with japan product, they have great formula.
I think this is worth it for 34,000. Because import from japan, can take all make up easily.

i do the simple test to know. whether this product is worth or not for IDR34.000
i pour a drop of cleansing wash into my hand. texture like white milky liquid facial wash :) not have strong smell. 
i try using 3 different makeup type which are
pencil eyeliner brown, liquid eyeliner black waterproof and NAKED urban decay eyeshadow, they are the most difficult make up to clean.
How to test:
  • i put them makeup to my hand.
  • i splash it with water
  • i blend Biore 2 in 1 cleansing wash 
and ta..ra..

 My hand is completely clean from makeup, after that i rinse with water :)

  • easy to use than other japan cleansing oil
  • worth it and not expensive than u buy KOSE SOFTYMO in japan 
  • easy to take your  makeup,dust and anything from your skin
  • doesn't have smell
  • very easy to find in HERO. THEFOODHALL, or any other mart in mall 
  • it's not to moisture (doesn't recommended for dry skin)  
"i think, it can be worth it item for alternative replace my kose softymo speedy,with great value, i will recommended it for any woman to try it"    
I hope you enjoy with this review


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