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Sunday 29 July 2012


Did u know SKII.?
Do u already tried it before?
Whatever your answer, you should read my review ;)
Becoz , its for your skin ;)

Anyone of you have some trouble with acne scar? Super sensitive and wrinkle sign?
If you around 20years old, i think, it is the right time to start fight and prevent them before your skin cannot produce collagen and didn't elastic again.
Remember, don't wait until your skin appear fine line , And you will regret.
SKII facial treatment essence is the one of best sellers and famous brand from itself.
It will watery and keep your skin clear as crystal for long time using. And your skin will be more radiant and younger than other skin in the same old.
You can see the different after used 4 years and compare with non SKII users.
See how your skin great and younger.
FTE always be best sellers in every country as skincare essence. So they launched in limited edition size for 330ml with pump.

You can save more money , if buy the large one.
Pump help you to avoid pour the FTE too much and hygiene :)

After i used it, my face never oily but looks glowing like has oil, but i touch, not oily on my face, means my skin looks healthy glow ,moisture and say bye bye to oil.
Don't worry if you have dry skin, this reasons, why it calls miracle water.
You dry skin will looks healthy glow and never oily too.
The smell, it's rather unpleasant but after a while, I got used to it.
Be Ready to Read how much is it IDR 1,879,000 hahaa i put very small font, so you will not schock.


You can use with your palms , 2times a day. I prefer didn't use cotton pad.remember don't put the FTE a lot , put the FTE a lot will never help speed up your skin younger. It will be wasting FTE, our skin has maximal to absorb the vitamin.

RESULT! pls clik here
you will found RESULT of SKII on my skin!
Tips from misskattie.

Don't forget to clean your face with facial foam or cleansing oil.
Do peeling minimal once a week.
Apply FTE in the morning and night , don't forget use sun protection for your skin.
Not only as essence, you can use FTE as a mask for treatment with regular mask sheet.
Pour the mask sheet with FTE, leave the mask on your face around 30minutes, and do it once a week.
So your skin is ready to fight this day..
Have a nice day!

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