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Monday 30 July 2012

Charity: Indonesian Hearth Foundation and Google.

If you looked at my blog, you might see there was google advertise in home section and over post section.
Google was contacted me 1 month ago, they asked me to put advertise in my blog .
They explain to me all links their provide 100% safety, it wasn't phishing link.
I will get money per click ,that visitor did.
So, i accepted their offers for advertise.
And with this blog too, i have been joined with charity Foundation.
Let me introduce my foundation for charity. Actually it is not mine. It is the foundation that i have joined since last years.

Indonesian Hearth Foundation, which is foundation was concern about cardiac abnormalities in indonesia.
To help people can't pay their surgery .
They only accepted donator via credit card for monthly payment.
If you are international and local reader, who care and concern to help this foundation.
I have several ways to help them:
1. Paypal : it is my personal paypal, if you have paypal account, you can send any $ you want and don't forget add messages: FOR CHARITY. so i will realize what is payment for.
2. Bank transfer: you can contact me at charity@misskattie.com for charity account. Don't forget to do confirm after transfer.
Because, that is my personal bank, so just do confirm to email, i will know, that money is not mine.
3. If you didn't believe me to donate to indonesian hearth foundation, you can do by yourself.
Pls contact:
Indonesian Hearth Foundation
Jl. Teuku Umar no 8 Jakarta Pusat
Telp. +6221 345 6655
email : donor@inaheart.or.id

4. This is simple way.
You don't need spend money , just click google adv.
Every click you did, google will pay me, and half of them i will donate for Indonesian Hearth Foundation, and the rest for maintenance of misskattie.com

You will get receipt for proof payment , everytime i donated via email.

Info: i am only take half of funds i will get on google on point 4.
for 1-2 points All money i get from u, will be donated 100% to INDONESIAN HEARTH FOUNDATION, i will never take any rupiah from this way.

So if you don't interest with my charity program, i am so thank you to u guys for reading my blog , and never put the rude comment.
This is only i can do for helping INDONESIAN HEARTH FOUNDATION, i hope u guys can do anything for helping our family in the world.
If u read my blog, and u located in indonesia, but can't pay for cardiac abnormalities surgery, pls contact INDONESIAN HEARTH FOUNDATION.
They will help u , if u get rejected from them, don't be hesitate to contact me on
Charity@misskattie.com , i will contact them to help u.
Good bless all!
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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