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Friday 17 August 2012


Hi continuously from my post yesterday, regarding shampoo makes my hair rough and dry after did shampoo. So, i recommend u, to try their conditioner for all scalp type.

Smell like sunflower extract, and sure it has calm fragrance. I am quite comfortable used it.

Comes with 150ml and big pale ivory tube.
Different with Dove conditioner.
It is easy to rinse and keep my hair moist and comb after used it.

How to use it?
After shampoo , press the tube, and get it around 5 cm for using,
Apply it on your hair, avoid your scalp, will make ur scalp oily.
Leave it for 2 minutes, and rinse with water.

You can use your Favorite tonic after shampoo. To nourish your scalp.
Rp 235,000.-
You can buy on all Phyto counter, or Sogo Departement Store.
I have been using it for 10 days with their oily shampoo. I looked my hair quite smooth and easy to comb.
Not have special result. Just ordinary, but i need it after shampoo, and i love love it, becAuse non benzoate, like other conditioner brand.
Did u know, if you have irritate scalp, you cant use shampoo and conditioner that contains more benzoate?
So, make sure you have shampoo which doesn't produce more bubble and benzoate.
Like Phyto and Kiehls.

I know the packaging isn't pretty as other brands, but don't judge a the packaging, see the result, price is never lie.
Great conditioner!

So, i hope u enjoy read my blogs.
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Thanks u so much guyz
Talk to u on next post again!
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝

PHYTO Purifying Treatment Shampoo Review

Hi, i am being crazy tonight, because i already make a final review for a product, and stupid me, i delete it before i publish it.
How crazy i am, i should start in beginning again.
I am disappointed with my stupid self. Why i did that...
Oke, forget it! If you join and follow my site, guyz, you will remember , currently, i am a user of phyto product.
Basically, i got it and tried it. And pretty loved it.
You know i was had problem with dandruff, now i am free from damn dandruff.
Oh ya, just short review regarding my post in HERE.
I wouldn't recommend it for u, because, it has fine fragrance which make my scalp irritate, and produce more oily.
I should shampoo everyday.
So, i contact their beauty agent, and told it. They will replace my current shampoo, with oily shampoo after they did test on my scalp.
I can't wait their package come to my house, so i decided to bought from sogo. After i bought it, the package deliver to my home. So i have 2 bottle for oily scalp.

Before i review it, i tried it for 10 days, and shampoo my hair every 2 days.
I am not a typical review it after i got. My priority is you. So i should tried it, to make my readers get the real result.
So here is Purifying Treatment Shampoo i have.

They always using silver bottle, with simple design.

After i use it, i am pretty satisfied with the result, my scalp isn't easy to oily again. But in third day, i should shampoo my hair,because will be oily.
But, after i shampoo it, i should put conditioner on my hair, not my scalp. Because the shampoo formula makes my hair dry and rough.
Again, it hasn't produce more bubble once u rinse it, it hasn't contain more detergent that make my hair irritate, itchy, acne scalp.
When i starch my scalp, my acne scalp become bloody. Now, it will not happen again.
Sure, i am quite happy with this shampoo. I recommend it for u, if u have oily scalp. Because if i can solve my oily scalp, future concern only hair fall after that i will reach normal hair.
Are u interest to solve your problem hair? Why not try to set up meet with Phyto Beauty Agent in SOGO ? You will get a great advise.
I hope, my review can help you to get beautiful hair,and solve our hair problem.
If u satisfy with my review..pls pls.. Subscribe my blog, with join my site and click it on side box.

See u next post
Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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Lucky charm- bella's dream catcher

Hi are u twilighters like me?
If yes , u will know. What is it?

Well, it is bella's dream catcher, jacob gave it for bella, to make her sleep tight.Lol.
Now dream catcher will be famous in twilighters community.

I gottt it babe!
It is mine..
I know, you will be "gubrak" look at i have.
It's not pretty same like bella's have.
But i think, it has 60% pretty same like her.
Hahhaa.. You can call replica grade C.
But it's okelah...
I got it from my sister, she have 2 dream catcher.
She take purple one for her, and gave me damn black for me.lol

I looks she have pretty good than mine. But, its okelah than noting , isn't it?
I am twilighters who love love too much with anything bella's have,doing.
Actually, i am not try being her.just, inspired from her.
Here are mini galleries of dream catcher i have.
Well, Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be launched on november 2012. I can't wait the last sequel of this film.

Catherine@misskattie.com 😝
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