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Thursday 30 August 2012

My First Giveaway has been launched

after thinking for a few days, finally I can arrange any prizes for the winners.
let's see!

Additional Prize (for a lucky follower based on misskattie research)

I choose it for u, you know, i love their Pastel Pink, they pearl and packaging. i presents it for u.
This is Pink Rose Shower Cream & Hand Cream From Garden Of Love,Bangkok , Value: around Rp 240,000,-

The Fifth Winner

missha Brush cleanser, Khiels facial cream, Face it nail care, Phyto shampoo, estee lauder pouch, Candydoll Lipgloss, Covergirl Mascara in Value around Rp 550,000

 The FOURTH winner

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, Clinique rinse makep remover, Clinique Toner, Dior Pouch, Face it nail polish care, Benefit Bathina & Benefit Lipbalm , in value around Rp 690,000

3rd Winner

SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, OPI  Nail polish , Lancome toner, Lancome lotion, TheBodyshop Lipbalm, SKII cellumtination deep surgue, Khiels MRC, Khiels Ultra Facial Lotion, Etude Dear my gloss, Benefit cotalista & Sun Beam, Thefaceshop nail care and also Clinique Pouch
Value Around Rp 720,000

 Note: i give u khiels and SKII skin care, you can share with ur beloved mom, friend, sister. don't mix it for u. i worry will make ur skin breakout, oke?
so, next...

2nd Winner

Lancome Pouch ( i love this pouch!!) , SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, estee Lauder Lift Extreme, Thefacehop naol polish, SKII FT Clear lotion, YVes Rocher body lotion, Estee lauder Eyeshadow (duo) Bare minerals set ( mascara, powder & lipgloss) and sure MAC Lipglass again. Value around Rp 780,000

and now it's time to see the 1st winner's Prize

Estee Lauder Pouch, White Rose Body Shower & hand cream, Miss Dior Perfume, Etude Dear My blooming Nail, SKII cleansing oil, SKII Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera) , SKII Facial cream cleanser, estee lauder Lip pallatte, NYX Lipgloss, and Sleek eyeshadow Pallate. Value around Rp 980,000

forgive me for being late to open this giveaway event,
as I mentioned in a previous blog, if I am always busy working from Monday-Friday. I just have time to blog on Saturday, however, for the sake of my dear readers and good, I defend for opening this giveaway today! Yeaaa ie Thursday 30 August 2012.

please read a little outpouring of my heart,
maybe you've seen a glimpse of the prize for this giveaway.
I walked to the mall and see something that smells "girly" and beautiful, I immediately bought it for you.

I am quite care with my readers. but I do not know if you care about me? or because the giveaway, guys flock to like me? : (

whatever your reason to follow me, it's your decision, right? because I also would memfolow someone, if I was interested in her blog, and giveawaynya. however, I was able to see the response of readers to support this giveaway, simply great. i am so thanks full for all of you guys.

Well, we just come to the show:

This event starts from 30th August - 7 September 2012 7 pm.
so, make sure you follow ya. time is very short. I do not like this show too long to open.

1. You "must" follow this blog. , Maybe connect via Goggle or twitter, please join this site click the button on the sidebar.
2. You "must" follow my twitter, --->: http://twitter.com/misskattiey
I like to see there are some followers who "follow" and suddenly "unfollow",and then "follow" again. hmm this will be a consideration, what do u think, heh?
3.You have to answer my question, (I think it's rather difficult and easy, huh?)


  1. tell me, what is the reason makes you follow Misskattie.com (My Blog)?
  2. have you ever experienced  with something mystical? if there, tell me.
    if no, skip this question, please answer:
    tell me, how wonderfull your life? just sharing :)

name: catherine
city  : jakarta
Country: indonesia
Twitter name: @misskattiey
e-mail : catherine@misskattie.com
Answer: i'd like to follow u because bla bla bla... and my mystic experience was bla bla  bla...

easy and simple right?
you just take a time to join this giveaway, it's free! This time, you get branded stuff for free.
oh yes, the giveaway is open for all countries (international readers).
so what ar u waiting for?
I would really like to read all the reasons you write, whatever the reason you about me, it is good or bad. however, and the reason I love reading your stories.
I don't use a random machine, this is not random! I own that determine who is eligible for this prize.

for additional prizes will be awarded to selected follower in secret, but he's pretty mean to me.
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