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Saturday 8 September 2012

FAQ about misskattie.com

Hehehe thank u... Thank u.. And thank u
For all of u email me, tweet me, or comment for asking my personal life.
I summarize become FAQ about misskattie.com
I surprise to know, my readers care about me (#buuuuu#) lol

Never mind, i am so happy to read your email.
Honestly, i should reply around 15 mails coming on email.
Some of them , i replied, some of them still pending. Depend on the hard question u gave me.

Maybe some of u have same questions like others?
Find the answer in here :)
Oke, lets we start:
What is your real name?
My name is catherine skolastika yuni
How old are you, cece?
Heh? Why u all call me cece? Did i look old?
I am 20+ (guess)
When u start blogging?
Around 2011- beginning 2012
What camera do u use?
Iphone 4Gs , sometimes casio pink. It has zooming and focus.
My sister has DSLR, but i meet hard to bring it everywhere and take it for traveling, heavy and bigger. I love camera pocket and iphone 4S
Enough for me.

What lens type do u use for photo?
Actually, i don't have extra lens for taking pic.
I didn't have enough money for it #pelit.com
I use camera pocket with lens 100mm i guess.
Very practice use camera pocket than DSLR. you know, i should setting focus-diafragma, iso,etc. if use DSLR, will hard use automatic mode, i prefer use manual.

Most comment coming on my blog, tweet and email:
you look so rich, huh?
I know, you think like that just because see my branded cosmetic and skii, right?
Actually, this is my hobby, i am too really obsess to be a Makeup artist. But can't LOL
I just make a simple makeup and practice by myself.
Based on my experience, western makeup very pigmented and long lasting than asian brand.
But for tools and skincare, i choose japan.
Misskattie, you have flawless skin.
Who's says?if u close and see my face, you will see, i have big pore :(
I try to minimize as i can.
What skin care do u use?
SKII, khiels.

my recommendations:
Powder : Peach sake silky finish powder Theskinfood
Suncreen: SKII
cleansing : Kose and Shu uemura cleansing oil
Blush : Nars orgasm
Eyeshadow : too faced natural
Eyebrow: kanebo and nyx
Eyelash culer: shu uemura
Eyeliner : my eyeliner gel MAC
Lipstick : YSL
lipgloss : Nothing
Lipbalm : khiels
Mascara: covergirl
Eyelash : Dollywink & & Koji

I think, that's all. And thank u for reading my blog
If u have question for chit and chat. Pls comment below ya :)
I prefer read chit chat and comment on this post than email :)
Because we should share each other right?

Catherine@misskattie.com (business inquiry)
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How To : Use Eyeliner Gel?

Mungkin kamu sering melihat para makeup artist proffesional dan para Makeup Gurus on Youtube, menggunakan eyeliner gel,dengan rapi.

apakah kamu pernah mencobanya? takut tidak bisa dan tidak rapi??

kali ini misskattie ingin memberikan Tips bagaimana menggunakan eyeliner gel. Enjoy!

seringkali kita ingin menyoba pakai gel eyeliner, namun ada pertanyaan yg terlintas dibenak kepala kita, 

"apakah memakai gel liner mudah?" 
jawabnya : "tidak"
apakah pemula makeup dapat menggunakan gel eyeliner?
jawab : "ya kenapa tidak?"

yang membuat gel liner terlihat lebih susah dr liquid liner adalah, textur gel liner adalah seperti cream dan gel, tidak sama dengan pencil liner dan liquid liner, saat digariskan, liquid liner akan terus mengeluarkan tinta sehingga mempermudah kita membingkai kelopak mata.

Penggunaan gel eyeliner lebih rumit, karena kuasnya sendiri tidak mampu mengeluarkan tinta, jadi kamu harus mengoleskan dr pot gel liner terlebih dahulu.

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