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Tuesday 30 October 2012

SKIN79: Snail BB cream

have u heard that snail oil or something has great effect for healing skin?

i am curious with snail oil.
first time, i heard about snail, i said "hah? from snail? isn't wrong? who wants to try? isn't smell fishy?"
if true, Skin79 Snail BB cream should smell a little bit fishy..
i have snail BB cream from Zaturashop, they sell it with cheap price and great service. you should try their shop. many bloggers and customer review them as high- recommended onlineshop.
they have Customer service by mail, Phone, twitter, e-mail, Facebook and etc.
so, Zaturashop has skin79 products as their readystock, i think it will suitable for any people hate waiting,

anyway, back to topic...
Skin79 Snail BB cream is the newest variant for BB cream at SKIN79 itself.
they produce 2 variants: 40gr and 15gr.
15gr is perfect for trying as sample (if u afraid, it doesn't work for u) and easy to carry as travel size.
it comes with Rose Gold Box with white bottle like milk colors and gold pump at the top.
i quite like 15gr, because easy to carry.
if you open the rosegold box, you will see many logo skin79 printed inside.

 they put silver label on every bottle, as their original sticker.

Benefits from skin79 snail BB cream:
  • Whittening, for brightening your skin-tone.
  • SPF 45,PA+++ For high protection
  • Wrinkle Improvement, help to prevent wrinkle and improve "line" on your face.
Enriched Snail Secretion Filtrate with Self Protecting properties maintains the skin natural and healthy.
Protecting the skin from both UV-A and UV-B, the tri- functional snail BB cream, Brightens the dark and dull skintone. and maintains the skin clean, and supple with its whitening and wrinkle improving effects.

it is containing 45% of Korean snail secretion Filtrate, it bestows sleek and lustrous texture to the skin by preventing skin damages and keeps the skin moist and healthy by forming moist protection layer.

with soft and moisture texture, it is easily  to absorbed into and blends well with the skin, maintaining the skin transparent and bright for a long period of time. 

they only produce 1 shade colors , transparant natural 

shade colors like this, texture same as ordinary BB cream, creamy like foundation
hmmm can u see de different pls? right use BB cream (snail) and left: without BB cream.
can see?
Snail BB cream has medium coverage , i don't have dark sport and  blemish, so will hard to give example in my face, i hope you can see clear in my arm.

Question & Answer Product: 

where i got it?


is it waterproof?

yes, it is..


it has strong smell, i mean something like fragrance, but will not make my sensitive skin allergy.

How Much is it?

you can look on their website

How to use it?

use it proper quantity on the area you want to cover and blend it with sponge/brush.

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thank you for reading...

i have only 1 reason to answer why i love it? because i don't need Moore nymph aura volumer to make my skin glow as korean skin. i think, it will be perfect for dry skin.
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