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Saturday 21 December 2013

Lollipops BB cream Review

Hey everyone, how are you today?? Jakarta is heavy rain every night now.
it makes My sensitive skin very quick to react when the air is cold.
My skin is becoming dry, and I need to put moisturizer on my face and body.
oke back to topic. have you tried BB cream from Paris before?
 I know most of BB cream come from Korea. but LOLLIPOS made their innovation on their makeup line to make BB CREAM.

i am so curious to try Lollipops BB cream. because as I know that BB cream most popular come from Korean. Can this BB cream will make me impress like korean BB cream?

Friday 13 December 2013

SALLY HANSEN: how do I keep my nails healthy and strong after using nail colors

  My Nails more stronger

Hii Beauty ^_^
I am a little tired for replying any comments about the clinic owned by Hengki... it's nothing but makes me waste more time, to reply any comments about this . as you know, that Hengki claimed his self like a "magic healer" who can help any couple to get their child naturally. but, I already come to his clinic and  and  I've proven by myself. He is a liar for me. 

oke, enough talk about him, let's talk about Beauty again ^_^.

My nails are very thin, easily broken, cracked and yellowish after I remove nail colors.

so at this time, I want to share my monthly routine to "how do I keep my nails healthy and strong after using nail colors?"

this post is suitable for anyone who likes coloring her nails every week or every month.

I get a simple manicure before, from Sally Hansen's event. they did it very well and awesome :)

This photo was taken by my friend when the event took place, she helps me to get this nice picture :) thanks emily :D

sally hansen tutti frutti nail polish

Saturday 30 November 2013

Romo Hengki... oh Romo Hengki

Skip this post if you don't understand about BAHASA INDONESIA... Sorry, for indonesian readers only at the moment.

Ehem..ehemm.. Oke, indonesian readers. Kalian suka gosip? Apalagi khusus buat pemuja dan haters romo hengki, pemilik Klinik hawa murni...

Post ini didedikasikan untuk kalian...
Baiklah, semenjak saya membuat curhatan tentang Sepak terjang Romo Hengki pemilik Klinik hawa murni mangga dua square.
Saya semangkin dicari. Hmmm mungkin bagi haters romo saya seperti setan, yg membuat mereka semakin galau,  ditengah tengah kegundahan mereka antara romo benar atau salahatau bg korban yg pernah ditipu, saya ini dewa bak malaikat mereka atau pejuang wanita, yg berani speak up masalah ini. . Ya ga? Ayooo ngaku..

Tuesday 26 November 2013

ETUDE xoxo Minnie Collections - Limited edition

Hi Disney lovers,
Do you know that in October 2013, Etude launched their Disney's series? yes. xoxo Minnie is their theme for packaging in that month.

I am the one who loves packaging. If I hear "limited edition", my heart beat feel fast until I get it.
and yeay.. after 3 weeks for waiting in Online Store , I get xoxo minnie... cheers.

I buy 4 nail polishes and 2 lipsticks. here's we go:
I don't want talk about this a lot, let my pictures explain to you :) Enjoy ^_^

Monday 25 November 2013

katnis was wearing wedding gown from jakarta

Hi everyone.
Have u already watched The Hunger Games : Catching fire?
If not yet. Please go to theatre and watch this movie.
Catching fire is different with twilight saga, so no vampire, no romantic .

For me catching fire is like an adventure movie, not 100% adventure, this is mix between action, drama, adventure and animation.
THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES has 3 books, the catching fire is second book of HG series.

Something make me interest when i hear the interview between host and her stylist for wardrobe on Catching fire movie is Katniss' wedding dress is collaboration with Tex Saverio from Jakarta. 
I playback in 3 times to make sure it.

And yeah.. I sure 100% i hear that this gown was collaborated with young designer from jakarta .

And the designer from jakarta show his/her sketch by skype. And now for people who have wedding plan for next year, who want to made ur wedding dress on tex saverio? Maybe it will more more expensive because she/he already known as designer for katniss' wedding dress on catching fire.

You can watch this video to know more


Sunday 24 November 2013

EVENT: Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume at jakarta

Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfumes
Already in Indonesia

Who don't know Katy Perry? she is a brilliant and hot singer from USA.

and Guess what?? I get an invitation from their distributor company to attend their Launching perfume... yeay...#drumroll....

yah.. this is me, I am the one who like her song, my favorite song from her collections is TGIF, I don't know why, Her song made to inspire us to be always happy when we are on Friday, because on Saturday, we will enter the holiday yeay ^_^ and every beat on TGIF makes spirit to finish my Friday. maybe you guys love Friday too? if yes, play TGIF song ^_^

Event: Sally Hansen Indonesia



For over 50 years, Sally Hansen has led the way in nail treatment and color.  Ever since Sally Hansen herself, together with her chemist husband, developed the original Hard as Nails; ”The Nail Clinic in a Bottle,” over half a century ago, women have trusted the brand to provide them with solutions for every nail care problem and every manicure and pedicure need.  From that first innovation, which continues to be a best-seller, Sally Hansen has grown into a leading brand of nail treatment and color.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

IDEA: HAIRSTYLE IDEA ( Tempat hairstyling di Jakarta)

hello everyone...
I want to give you an idea for all of you to choose "Hairstyle studio" , especially in Jakarta.
do you remember about OSCAR BLANDI products that I reviewed last time? yes, now I try their boutique. Horayy (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Saturday 16 November 2013

Event: Cottage Shower Gel

Have You Shower with Cottage today?

Thursday, 7th of November 2013, Cottagelaunched product from Paris To Jakarta :)
if you don't familiar with this brand, you should read this, because it will so much fun to know more about Cottage, I promise to you in the end of the review, the price is really really affordable for us even for students.

Friday 15 November 2013


Some women opt for a natural look and others more sophisticated make-up, but the one thing all women want is the intense, compelling gaze that comes with clearly defined, visible lashes. A fanned fringe of lashes that packs a powerful look. An extra edge to the eyes that lets you flaunt your natural charisma.

hi... MUFE mania :) I want to give a poison about the latest news mascara, This Mascara What I need :) which is Makeup Forever Smoky extravagant Mascara.

After Smoky Lash, the brand’s iconic extra-black volumizing mascara, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches Smoky Extravagant for application results that combine two separate need

Wednesday 13 November 2013


Hi everyone,
If you are in INDONESIA, now it's time to you to GET  50%+ 15% off From zalora 
get coupon discount ZALORA Indonesia (by clicking this banner)

This promotion 
Start Date: 15 Nov, 2013 12:00 AM
End Date: 17 Nov, 2013 11:59 PM

Don't be late :)

just click this banner to get your Discount!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Review Sally Hansen 674 Jungle Gem

Sally Hansen 674 Jungle Gem is my Favorite Color from all nail polishes they gave me.
the first time I see it, It such as a deep green color, I think perfect for fair until light medium skintone, especially you have warm undertone.

the different of Sally Hansen 674 Jungle Gem  with other nail polishes is from their brush. Curious? click read more.

Saturday 2 November 2013


Are you nail polish lover? Guess what... I have a five new beautiful colors from Sally Hansen for this month. Before I swatch it one by one. I will give a sneaky peeky about my New polishes. Sally Hansen nail polish Review

Saturday 26 October 2013

Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Hi everyone,
If you are a huge fan of etude, maybe you are already now that Etude always releases new, unique and cute products as their innovation to fulfill the girl’s imagination and makeup needed.
Now, again Etude release Etude Almighty Precious Mineral Any cushion as a new product in mid October 2013.

Saturday 19 October 2013

My Halloween Look : Jane - Twilight

Happy Halloween everyone,
Many beauty gurus on youtube and beauty bloggers create Halloween look like demon, skull, etc.
If someone asking me, what character you will create on this Halloween? I will say “Vampire”.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Review Glam Glow Youth Mud Mask

the first time.. I see it, I don't have any idea, what is it? when I read the details... it is mud musk from glamglow Beauty Box Indonesia. will it be same with Innisfree Jeju Volcanic soft Clay mask?

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Monday 7 October 2013

Kupon diskon Zalora Indonesia untuk pembaca misskattie.com

are you looking coupon for Zalora Singapore? if yes! please Click here and skip this post! because this is only valid for Indonesian readers

hai semuanya...
pusing menentukan Fashion kamu untuk minggu nanti?
apalagi bagi kalian penggila Fashion seperti baju, aksesories, tas, sepatu bahkan beauty items, kalian ga usa ragu untuk belanja di online di ZALORA.co.id
kenapa? karena Zalora Indonesia mempunyai lebih dari 1000 item didalamnya dengan berbagai macam pilihan, brand.

Dr.Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask review

When I was taking photo for Review purpose, I found my face become dry, it causes I am always turned on AC on my rooms every time ( I guess)..
so, here is my Dehydrated skin because dry skin. 

As I remember, I can easily get acne because I am oily skin, but sometimes I get dry skin for a while. I don't know why I see on mirror. My face is very serious dry... and crack.

See the picture. How dry my skin :( I try to mask my face with mask sheet, but, it doesn't work.

Mask sheet just smooth my face when I was wearing it, after it, in 20 minutes, it changed to dry again. 

Friday 4 October 2013

Dr.Jart+ V7 BB cream Review, swatch and photo

This is already 2 weeks I am using Dr.Jart+ V7 BB cream. now, I can share with you plus (+) and minus (-) of Dr.jart+ V7 BB cream.

Saturday 28 September 2013

NOTD: OPI Pussy Galore & OPI Crown Me Already Review

when pink meets glitters...
that is my tittle of NOTD 

as Indonesian beauty blogger (means: Beauty Blogger di Indonesia) , I just want to make a quick update about my new NOTD.
which is I combine OPI Pussy Galore with OPI Crown me Already.

Wednesday 18 September 2013


 Rouge Artist Palette

Hi... Makeup lovers.
Mufe always makes me feeling crazy , not only their packaging, colors and price, but, I am too love with mufe because the results of their makeup were always amazing..

I declare myself to be Mufe's girl :P as you can see on my side box about me. I wrote My favorite makeup is Makeup Forever.
the latest product from Makeup Forever is coming out now! you can create many new colors and match all lip colors in 1 palette , say bye-bye for bringing a lot of lipsticks on your makeup bag , heavy and not practice.!!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Pocky choco banana Flavour

Adventurefood: Pocky - Pocky is yummy

Hi Snack lovers!
Today I wrote with different font, just want to update and refresh my new font :)
anyway.. Because my sister in law poisoned me with her habit which always eat snack or cookies. so, I love snacking now. >_< , if she read my post, she would say, " yeah...why you blaming me because you like snacking now?huh?"

Monday 9 September 2013

FIrst Blush Beauty Box Review

First Blush Beauty box introduce their August Edition. 

Hi everyone,

i haven't subscribed any beauty box in Indonesia. because most of them only give sachet for trial sample. if you read my ipsy bag, which beauty glam like beauty-box that always gives full-size at least trial mini products not sachet products, that's why I loved ipsy bag.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Misskattie.com on TEMPO - ONLINE

wow!! O_0 I was quite surprised when I was searching about CC cream, I found "misskattie" on Tempo Online. 

oh yeah! this is first time Misskattie.com appears on Media Online such as Tempo :)
me and my friend (Emily) has talked with someone on Dr.jar+ event. we don't know that she was interviews us, we think she was only chit-chat with us.

when I am looking CC cream review, I found word " misskattie" on TEMPO Online, I decide to click the line and then I found article regarding Me and emily ^_~

so, go checkout here : 

unfortunately, the article is using Bahasa not English. so only Indonesian people can understand it.


Event: T.G.I.F! never feel better than going to Beauty event on Friday! here's MAKEUP FOREVER PRO FINISH!
Makeup Forever issued Pro Finish ( Powder + Foundation) as supporting makeup Perfection.

Saturday 7 September 2013

ice cream turkey

Have you tried ice cream Turkey before?
If haven't, come and taste it at mall taman anggrek. 
Only 7 days chance you to try it.

EVENT: ( Dr.jart+ v7 )Dr.Jart+ Introducing V7 Multivitamin for Brightening Skin

  Dr.Jart+ : Introducing V7 Multivitamin for Brightening for sensitive skin. Dr.jart+ di Indonesia.

Indonesian beauty blogger report, dr.jart+ di indonesia, review dr.jart+
Do you know if Dr.jart already in Indonesia?
on 28th August 2013 I was invited by Dr.Jart +  for attending their star product introductions,   which is V7 series.

Saturday 31 August 2013

Correct & Care ( CC Cream) From ETUDE HOUSE

hi all,
maybe cc cream is quite happening in Indonesia. however, I decide to start review for CC cream from Etude House.

Most of the people are mistaken about the CC cream, some people say: it upgrades from BB cream, facial moisturizer, healing cream,etc.
if you want  really to know about CC cream with photo and swatches, please click read more. 

Friday 30 August 2013


Hi everyone...
if you read my previous post, I had to share a coupon code from ZALORA INDONESIA , which means only to my readers in Indonesia ,which means only to readers in Indonesia  Here is your chance to save your purchase at ZALORA SINGAPORE.
Click read more to know , how ?

Tuesday 27 August 2013


Hi guys! this promotion only Valid for Indonesian Readers :) so I will use Bahasa to expalin, how it works.

Ladies.. suka belanja Online?? dan suka belanja di ZALORA ? bagi kalian penggemar belanja ONLINE , coba deh datang ke http://zalora.co.id/ disana, banyak banget produk FASHION & BEAUTY!!
jangan kemana -mana, click read more! karena kode voucher akan disebutkan!

Monday 26 August 2013

EVENT: Bioderma in Indonesia

Ladies... did you know that BIODERMA, now already in Indonesia??? 

The first time I got to know this brand, when I watch in youtube and when in singapore, there I saw Bioderma. I was quite surprised 3 months ago, I was contacted by Bioderma for a little discussion about this brand.

in my mind, whether Bioderma will go to Indonesia?? yah! possible!!
directly with pleasure, I agreed to meet with Bioderma.
Saturday, 24th August 2013. Bioderma held a few private class to introduce Bioderma for the Blogger and media.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

What Happend with me?

Yes this is the correct title to describe what happend with me?
Oke, because this gossip only happend in Indonesia.so, I will write in Bahasa and I hope all my friends in others countries can join on my next gossip.
believe me...
I really want to tell this gossip in english. But, currently I really need any advice from Indonesian people, maybe some of them didn't understand in English well. So once they open my blog. They will skip my post.,,

So, let's begin.

Friday 26 July 2013


  Are you looking for facial boutique? here is my review..
maybe SAMPAR already near your city and country!

Guys! I would let you to know that I did facial at SAMPAR Kota Kasablanka - Jakarta.
Maybe... some of you previously know about SAMPAR. Because SAMPAR already "happening" at Jakarta. 
If you are looking for facial without Pain. maybe this can be your alternative one to try.
Be careful, because this post will full with Pictures. :D

oke, on 22th July 2013, I did facial at SAMPAR. 
before I make an appointment with them, I am googling about SAMPAR! so, I don't want my face can be the subject of the experiment

Saturday 13 July 2013

Event: Grand Opening Justice Indonesia

  Hi! I got Teen Rockin Party with Justice

Oh Gosh! It's already been almost 1 month, I don't post my blog... it's because I have another Business that forced me to always stay in and I no have time to Photo, writing  and Publish my new post.
Everyday I woke up. I try to remember "what I have to do for this day?" "Is there anything my task should be complete"  and bla bla bla....

Friday 21 June 2013

thefaceshop milk calcium nail pack Review

  Be careful if you are using fake nails! If not aware, then your nails will be damaged as a result as I did.

its been almost two months my nails damaged. the color looks like a moldy, so a bit of olive green.
in april 2013, I bought fake nails from Online Shop , let say "Online shop X / X". the design is quite simple.  I told to the owner that, I ever bought fake nail from others' online shop. She has a beautiful design but hasn't been good quality in Nail glue. I mean..My fake nail was easy to be detached.

The owner X said, maybe you're wrong when you wear nail glue or the glue is not good quality. She offered me to put my fake nails to my  nail, so that are not easily detached.  I thought. I was not professional in wearing that. I agree! 

yes! She has great nail glue. I can't remove it in 7days. I think it was normal. Because she said normally you can remove with warm water in 4-7 days. 

but!! After 1 month, the nail glue is still hold tightly on my nails. so I tried a little force to remove my fake nails with warm water.
Guess! what I got?  I shock when I saw there is green color like Fungi on my nails. I try to remove it with warm water! But It doesn't works.

I am so upset now , because I let her gluing all my nails, so that My nails can't easily to remove and broke my nail.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Friday 7 June 2013

KAY Collections in Central Park Mall Jakarta

  Congratulation for your Grand Opening at Central Park Mall- Jakarta ya.. Kay Collections :)
xoxo -- misskattie.com --

yesterday, 6th June 2013. Kay collections has  open new branch in Central Park mall-jakarta. 

Thursday 6 June 2013

Bliv Off Those Heads review for blackhead

  The most annoying thing on my life was entering adolescence 15th years old, where my pore become a black hole and blackheads on my face grow flourish. 

Wednesday 29 May 2013

- Red or Violet Lips perfect for party -

  When you are going to a special occasion. 
What colour lips do you like for attracting your looks?
Red or Violet lips?

  I was pretty bored with natural makeup, so I will mix natural makeup with strong lip colors
 sometimes, when you are going to a special occasion like party/prom/wedding friends or maybe awards party hehehe...
you should be the star in the party.. OooO I think not in wedding party, because 
the queen of party should be the bride. isn't it?

I have 2 shocking colors for party
which is Red lips or violet lips...
and some makeup looks for that colors..

                                                           Red lips                                                                     
I think Red colors on my lips will be perfect, If I wear natural colors on eyes
because the red color itself is quite striking .
the natural and soft colors create the impression of not too heavy makeup looks.

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