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Thursday 3 January 2013

Waiting for tonight and update from ipsy glam bag.

Fiuh..( ⌣ ́_ ⌣ ̀)its already 10:45pm on my IPad's time.
I can't sleep because my husband not yet at home,
He will late tonight,and no one will open the door, If I am sleeping right now.
Lol! So, I decided to blog my random story on my blog.

Seriously, I can't sleep... Because my father in-law has snoring to loud. I can hear from next door. OMG! ƪ_(☉▿▿▿▿▿▿☉)_ʃ
Somebody can help me...??
Anyway... I have good news!
I checked my billing statement on my credit card, ipsy already charge me, on my billing statement.
It's mean... I will get my first beauty glam pouch january 2013
I pay 10us$, and my bank charge me in rupiah.

They said to me, they will shipped out my beauty glam pouch on mid january 2013, maybe will arrival on my home around end of january 2013.

Seems like , I will be the first Indonesian blogger who have a wonderful chance to test their service and items.
I promise to you, once i get my first package from ipsy. I will review it for u. So, if you really want to try their service and think it will be fun. Please join my site and follow my twitter @misskattiey
You will get my update only on my twitter.
Anyway... Have u subscribe a beauty box? Tell me what beauty box do u already subscribe?


XiaoVee said...

gmn caranya subscribe beauty box tp dicharge pake rupiah cie? *O* how about the shipping fee?

Misskattie said...

Untuk shipping fee gratis xiaovee sesama Usa.
Plg dr Usa ke indo baru bayar.
U/ subscribe bisa saja sih cari org atau temen yg bs diminta bantuin.

Dheeta said...

Berapa nih kak kati shipping dari us ke indonyaa?

Misskattie said...

Around 12$ kalo ga salah

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hai kak katie, kak katie subscribe dimana ini kok glambag nya bs nyampe di indo?
Hehhehe^___^ tp kalo shippingnya 12$ jd lebih mahalan di shippingnya yah :p

Unknown said...

Kadang kadang free ship say
Temen saya dia pny patner buka os juga.
Plg bayar jasa dikit aja sesekali hehehe

Unknown said...

Oh... hahahaha ^___^
Ok kak. makasih infonyaaa :)

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