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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Finally... Beauty Gathering will be held

it feels, almost 1month.. maybe more, I didn't write on my blog.
I'm busy with my new job that I started with my fellow bloggers.
we like makeup, we like shopping, we have some hobbies and we decided to make a small Event Organizer for Beauty & Fashion line.

yes.. currently we have team (not only 2 of us) we are sharing our idea each other, we summarized our task, we decided how to make it, it's really fun. this is my dream job.

I have an experience as Public relation officer for five star hotels in jakarta. I made some Press Release, design for invitation. So with my skill as PR, I decided to join with Meganevent.
Meganevent stands for Megane event.
Megane means pearl in french.
So, will hard to  pronounce -> megane event, we combine become Meganevent.

you know.. currently, we have Project for Beauty Gathering & Makeup Class..
we have some "Branded makeup in Indonesia" that support behind us.
sure, I will never Forget with IBB which gives a lot of inspiration introduced me with fellow bloggers.
the talented bloggers will be invited by us for gathering & makeup...

so happy I am :) I can help "a Brand" to introduce their line to us...
please like our Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/Meganevent?ref=ts&fref=ts
I hope IBB keep support us, and sure we will meet in every single event we made together with "beauty brand"

contact for misskattie.com = catherine@misskattie.com
contact for Meganevent     = meganevent@ymail.com


Rita said...

Ini fb nya ya? http://www.facebook.com/Meganevent

Conietta Vyonella Zeyn said...

wua gak sabar, tapi hanya di adakan di jakarta ya?

Misskattie said...

Iya btl.. Dilike ya

Misskattie said...

Iya baru mulai dijakarta ;)

Gita said...

wow pengen T___T

come and see my blog,

Misskattie said...

Yukk meluncur

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