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Saturday 16 March 2013

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil Review (worth or not?)

mostly, I only review Great products and if the product doesn't work on me, I rarely do post for them.
but, today "again" after My half million powder make me upset. I have Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil that doesn't work on me. I don't know.. maybe it works on you. but for me? yay..yay.. big no.. no..

oke Dolly wink from "kay Collections as Distributor in Indonesia" has Eyebrow pencil. they have 3 shades (1 Blonde color, 2 medium chocolate, 3 Dark Chocolate).
I have #3 Dark Chocolate one. 

on Packaging, Dolly wink has eye-catching design, with pink paper with beautiful plastic's shape.
this pencil equipped with a brush, you can use it after use eyebrow pencil for blending color.

why I said it's not good?
I don't have bold eyebrow and I am really need eyebrow than eyeshadow for attending an event. seriously, I can't go out without use eyebrow.
for me, a good eyebrow must be:
+ easy to use
+ easy to blend
+ no painful
+ long lasting
+ waterproof.

and Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil Doesn't have my point
- Hard to use ( OMG I need more effort to make color intense on my brow)
- hard to blend: after I draw with pencil, I shape and blend with their brush, and not really well.
- Painful : Gosh! is it eyebrow pencil or knife? LOL it made my skin a little hurt.(any suggestion to prevent?)
- not Long-lasting : only stay for 3 hours. I have experience, before I meet someone at Cafe last week, I draw my brow with DOLLY WINK from Kay Collections, and after 3.5 hours, I see in mirror, my brow back to bald. T______T really embarrassing.

oke, that's is my opinion regarding Dolly Wink eyebrow  pencil, I was not mean to make Dolly wink looks bad. I just Review what I feel.
maybe, it works and fine on you. but for me. I gave score C-

Price : Rp 138.900,- (expensive for junk makeup that doesn't work well.. wasting my monet T_T) better I Recommend wet n wild or kanebo.

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emilyrooms said...

untuk harganya sih menerut saya memang ga worth it, secara mahal sih :) hahahah aku pakai K-palette yang eyebrownya bisa tahan lbh lama dan untuk harga aku pikir lebih worth it lahhh... :)

Misskattie said...

Iya setuju

Britzie Britzie said...

waduh untung baca review kamu ..hampir mau po lol

Unknown said...


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