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Monday 11 March 2013

Febuary 2013 - IPSY GLAM BAG

Hi there..
I am coming back with February Ipsy Glam bag 2013.
this is my second glam bag.. as you know, I already subscribe their Glam Bag on January 2013 with US$10/month.
I hope you enjoy to read my blog until the end, because I have Good News regarding Beauty box, so.. here we go...

this is what I got from Ipsy Glam. quite interesting for me. I got Full size for eyeliner. Great Deal fo me to pay US$10.
 Ipsy always always wrapped in a pretty pink metallic envelope, as the identity of  ipsy package.

PIXIE Flawless & poreless Primer.
I don't think this is needed for me. I already try it and not yet love it as well I don't have any reason to review it.  so, if you think it works on you. just comment below, I'd love to read that..
texture like BB cream , it has nude shade , I think they created it for all skin tones. easy to absorb, not sticky and make your T-zone oily. it is Oil Free. small size I got, 150ml /0.5 Fl.oz
if you curious you can check their website on www.pixibeauty.com

POP Beauty Mascara
I am so happy if I get Mascara or eyeliner. that's perfect for me. I never mind to have more than 10 mascara and eyeliner than Nail Polish. POP beauty make more volume on my lashes. waterproof? yeah..

MICA BEAUTY eyeliner (gel)
oh my gosh.. I think that is Bobbi Brown long wear liner LOL! but, once I read it clearly.. That is MICA eyeliner. yeah I got it in Fullsize one. wow.. Great deals :) Honestly,  I have not tried this eyeliner. I will test it soon as possible to know whether this is good / not.

Coastal Scent Quad Eyeshadow (sample)
wow.. I got Quad eyeshadow.I think it will great to make smoky silver eyes.
Shade From Top (L-R) : candlelight is pale silver with subtle glitter; Gunmetal is Dark black with subtle red blue glitter.
Bottom (L-R) : Incognito: Dark Grey semi matte; Ashen is silver mix gray with shimmer.

Lash Card
 OMG! I don't think it will be useful for me, even though they said it helps prevent mascara smudging and clumping. I don't have extra time to apply my mascara with this card. not efficient for me.

 I am not really interesting with Feb 2013 pouch, looks like cheaper pouch. like you can buy on "naughty / strawberry /warna ".

overall, for me Feb 2013 Ipsy glam bag quite good. I hope on march they will send me more useful products.

so thank you for reading my blog..
I will write to you soon again regarding my Feb 2013 products, if I already used it a month.



Erna Wijaya said...

Nice share ce ^.^

Leeann Morrissey said...

Looks like a lot of great stuff!

Misskattie said...

Thanks ;)

Misskattie said...

Thanks Erna ;)

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