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Saturday 16 March 2013


Who is the hell does not proud for attending the prestigious event, such as SHU UEMURA?
a weeks ago, misskattie was attending Shu Uemura's event . the event itself was held in Penang Restaurant (if not mistaken).
not only the bloggers , some of the media are invited to this event. 
This time SHU UEMURA invites us to "how to clean your makeup properly and maintain your makeup long lasting with healthy skin."

every guest gets a mirror, headband, makeup tools respectively. This time, Misskattie get a chance to try all series of their facial care until makeup from shu uemura
how come? yes, Misskattie offered by Shu Uemura to be a volunteer models to practice to the audience, how.
(don't be j
ealous pls).

of course, starting with shu uemura Cleansing Oil .its not only cleans the face of dust and dirt, This cleansing oil can remove makeup (even waterproof foundation though).
they have a lot of variants of this cleansing oil, for sensitive skin, oily skin, brightening, anti-radical, etc.

if you're really interested, you should have to go to their counter and asked Shu Uemura Beauty agent to help you analyze your skin and choose the right  cleansing oil that is suitable for your skin. 
 Important ritual before make up,  start from the cleansing oil, make sure your face is free from dirt and residual makeup, then use a toner, serum, face cream.
after that, you can use your daily serum, SHU UEMURA has their new line serum, it calls TSUYA SKIN.
honestly, I think it will works for 28+ not under 28. I use it 1 time. it makes my skin very moist then oily in next morning. so I recommend it for 28+ (you should try it, very usefull).
 and after serum, they gave me Cream, Red Juvenus. it is for vitalizing & retexturizing your skin.
and don't forget use UV Pore makeup eraser base.
When you in 25+ the skin more susceptible to sunburn, which can cause dark-spot on your face. so, you need UV base with High SPF and with anti-UV. 
I choose UV base from SHU UEMURA. it has very very very super duper light texture.
curious? I will do review about it.

I recommend SHU UEMURA PORE ERASER for you. 
Oke.. Thanks for reading my blog. coming up SHU UEMURA PORE ERASER REVIEW.

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