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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Event: Oscar Blandi finally in jakarta


Dear beauties,
I would like announce that OSCAR BLANDI finally in Jakarta.
You don't need do Pre order again to ONLINESHOP for waiting a month to get their dry shampoo.

Oscar Blandi would like to introduce their famous DRY SHAMPOO.What is dry shampoo? Dry shampoo is emergency shampoo for hold your oily hair for your day.

Misskattie again has a chance to be invited by them to their party for celebrating OSCAR BLANDI. Not only, knowledge, I get a beautiful press releases like newspaper and flash disk 8G..

OSCAR BLANDI products are currently available at major retailers in the U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and now Jakarta {Indonesia}.

The line includes a full range of luxe shampoo, conditioner, serum. their hero item is Dry shampoo.

OSCAR BLANDI PRONTO DRY SHAMPOO SPRAY absorbs excess oil and products build up without weighing hair down and without stripping precious oil from the scalp.

• Absorbs excess oil and product
• Increases volume at the roots
• Strengthens hair and nourishes scalp 

Key Ingredients:
• Natural rice and oat starches cleanse the hair
• Vitamins B5 and E strengthen and protect

How To Use

  • Spray product onto the root of each section throughout entire head, holding the can at least 6”-8” from the head
  • Allow to dry before using fingers to shake out excess product
  • Follow by brushing through hair with a natural bristle brush
  • Restyle hair as desired 

Clear the way for the newest innovation in dry shampoo. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible sprays
on clear, which means it’s completely undetectable in the hair and is ideal for all hair color. When applied, it instantly boosts volume and cleanses the hair without water. Ingredients such as gentle starches absorb excess oil and product buildup, while vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen and protect the hair shaft.

• Sprays Clear
• Ideal for all hair color
• Cleanses without water
• Instantly boosts volume

Key Ingredients:
• Gentle starches absorb excess oil and product build-up
• Vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen and protect the hair
• Lemon Verbana provides a fresh, clean fragrance

How To Use
• Hold can 6-8” away from head and spray product onto scalp and hair, especially at roots
• Allow to dry before using fingers to shake out excess product
• Brush out thoroughly
• Style hair as desired

Oscar Blandi Pronto is a dry shampoo designed to revive and refresh hair without the use of water.

 • Perfect for use on the go, in between washings, as a mid-day hair pickme- up or when you overdose on styling product
• It absorbs excess oil and styling aids without weighing hair down.

• Increases volume at the roots
• Pronto’s nozzle makes application directly onto the roots fool proof, just don’t squeeze too hard
Key Ingredients:
• Natural Rice, Oat and Tapioca starches cleanse the hair; Triclosan and Tea Tree Oil help fight dandruff.

How To Use:
 • Step 1: Apply Oscar Blandi Pronto to dry hair on the days you don’t shampoo. Separate sections of the hair using the point of the cap, tilt bottle and lightly squeeze to release product onto the root of each section throughout scalp.
• Step 2: Massage Oscar Blandi Pronto in using fingertips, follow with a natural bristle brush.
• Step 3: Restyle hair as desired.

MISSKATTIE'S SAID : Currently, Oscar Blandi hasn't yet able to buy. You can have it in April 2013.  Don't Miss it!!
 Simple report right?
Don't go anywhere, because I will do report about OSCAR BLANDI DRY SHAMPOO..

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Dea said...

Hi bs ksh info dimana ya counter oscar blandi di jkt? Sdh opening kah skrg late april? Thanks

Unknown said...

Haii mereka belum launching benar...
Comming soon mgkn mei

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