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Sunday 28 April 2013

TIPS : How to choose Great Foundation for Photoshoot with ASTALIFT

I am quite concerned with the problem of acne on my face now. The acne problem makes my look not perfect.
I became frustrated with the small acne popping up in my face.  
I admit that I was suffering from PCOS disease, which makes my hormones are unstable. 
Your biggest mistake when you have acne breakouts is to cover up your skin with Liquid foundation, so your skin cannot breathe properly. So, i skipped this step and change with ASTALIFT two way cake { Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation -powder type-}.

i already heard about astalift products. They have astaxanthin and rose extract  that can help moist and keep my skin healthy. I believe with Japan skincare & makeup for face. I ventured to try ASTALIFT LIGHT ANALYZING MOISTURE FOUNDATION POWDER TYPE. oke... quite long to say ASTALIFT LIGHT ANALYZING MOISTURE FOUNDATION POWDER TYPE, so, I will said it with ASTALIFT Two way cake.

what's the difference this powder with another brand?
This powder is safe and convenient to use on all skin types. I did a little research where I (oily sensitive skin), my mom (dry skin) tried to use this two way cake. It did not make an adverse effect upon the face and suitable for all skin types.  you can use it to replace or mix after your liquid foundation.
I suggest you to use it in any special occasion , why? Because it quite expensive.
I love the texture, comfortable, smooth and moist. Not make my face oily, juts to make my looks so flawless like silk.
Oh ya it has great pigmentation for light analyzing on your face, so your face looked bright and photogenic.
Sometimes if you take your camera pocket and you take shoot of your self indoor,you will get the bluish tone.With astalift light analyzing moisture foundation, you can get balance colour in camera pocket. (That is tips from me).

the Great powder in jakarta should have extra protection, and ASTALIFT has it.
With spf 20,pa++ can fight uv rays which cause of dark-spot. The Great powder in Jakarta should have extra protection, and ASTALIFT has it. darskpot appears on dry skin type, if you have dry skin. 

Because it has medium SPF and moist formula to keep moist on your face.
And if you have oily skin, dont worry... It will not make your skin oily. It has quite good oil control.

Benefits :
  • Long lasting up to 5 hours
  • Good oil control.
  • Moist on face without oily.
  • Smooth like silk effect
  • Light analyzing / light balance effect
  • Sweat proof
  • contains Hydro Solube collagen can help to make skin soft, smooth and healthy glow.
Cons :
  • Quite expensive. 

This is what i am looking for... As a beauty blogger, sometimes i am frustrated to take a self-photo with camera pocket, because my face changes into blue and green tone color. 
With Astalift light analyzing  it can help me to balance my skin tone in camera even in indoor or outdoor.
Recommend for beauty-bloggers who are loving take self-potrait with camera pocket and for any woman who loved perfect skin tone looks. 

 --- Misskattie.com---

Use Astalift Light Analyzing moisture powder Foundation

note: why i said camera pocket? Because camera pocket doesn't have great lens and only small mirror, so sometimes you need extra retouch to get real color.


Where I got it?
ASTALIFT Seibu Grand Indonesia. Follow their Twitter and Facebook

is it comfortable to wear? 
Yes.. don't forget to cleans your face before going to bed.

How much is it?puff : IDR 37,000 powder foundation IDR 400,000

How long of usage will show the results?
once you use it, you will see balance on your skintone.

How  Long it will run out?
depending on the amount of usage, if u use every single day, i think only 2 months.

definitely yes

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for review...
I think it wikk give it to try...

Fiona said...

Cukup detail ya reviewnya...
Sampai foto wajah nya..
Apakah astalift aman untuk ibu hamil?

Jesslyn said...

Dijual terpisah ya? Bagus mana sama kanebo? Apakah pernah mencoba kanebo?

Misskattie said...

Yes :)

Misskattie said...

Untuk bumil bedak saya rasa cukup aman, asalkan tdk sering sering. Kepesta byk bumil yg bermakeup.

Misskattie said...

Wah sayangnya sy nlm cb kanebo. Jd ga bs ksh info neh :(

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